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This past February 5, 2014, my Classic Kippers Blog heralded the mini historical moment which I have reprinted below:

TEN FLAGS have flown over Louisiana since 1542.
SIX NATIONAL FLAGS have flown over Texas since 1519.
But the FLAGS of 32 COUNTRIES have flown over the Classic Kippers’ bully blog since 2013.

Just as the history books in schools are constantly being updated as statistics change, so must my blog information. Let me be perfectly clear.  <——(But don’t tell Mom that I used that phrase in my blog, it drives her berserk! I kid you not!)

Anyway, we need a DRUM ROLL here because there are now:

FLAGS FROM SIXTY FIVE COUNTRIES flying over my blog- so to speak. 

I am totally bowled over by these new stats!

It was just last week that Macao became the 63rd country to read my blog! Is that awesome or what? I am positively positive that I need to take an accelerated geography course, before this list gets out of hand. It’s the polite thing to do. I certainly need to know more about those who know all about me. It’s just good manners and a Renaissance bully always has impeccable manners.
Macau, also spelled Macao, is one of the two Special Administrative Regions of the People’s Republic of China, the other being Hong Kong. Welcome!


By the way, back in the late sixties the US Air Force sent my dad on an all expense paid trip to Southeast Asia for two years. Wasn’t that nice of them? He had so much “fun” that he signed up to go back for two more years. I think the draw to go back was the “Jolly Green” helicopter! On Tuesday night, Mom and I checked my stats and I have a new reader! The 64th country is VIETNAM!
You don’t suppose that someone recognized him from flying over the jungle all those years ago. It would be positively Kismet!

As I look out through my window into the world, I am once again reminded of my good fortune after a lifetime of neglect and abuse.
You see, yesterday Mom got a call from a young lady in Louisiana who was in need of urgent help. She had put a deposit on a bull terrier who is three years old and had taken him home to make certain that he and her other two pets were compatible. She also took the pitiful beast to the doctor because he was under weight and lethargic. The “breeder” said that the bully was not one to put on weight. PSHAW! I have never seen a skinny, healthy bully! Long story short, you know how I can go on, this sweet bully was diagnosed with heart worms and is malnourished. Big surprise there…NOT! But the young woman is not in a position to pay for the expensive treatment. The “breeder” will no longer take her calls. Mom called her “boss” at Bull Terrier Club of America Rescue and they decided that together BTCA and CLASSIC KIPPERS, would get this sweet boy the help he needs. If it weren’t for you, my patrons, I wouldn’t be able to contribute at all. So please, know I am grateful for each and every one of your tie and tee purchases and for spreading the word of Classic Kippers!


“He wears tan shoes with pink shoelaces
A polka dot vest and man, oh, man
Tan shoes with pink shoelaces
And a big Panama with a purple hat band”

Of course if I dressed like that, I’m not certain that I’d ever sell another Classic Kippers bow tie, but I do think that a Panama hat is a must and with a proper bow tie- Classic Kippers, of course!

Did you know that Panama Hats got their name from the straw in  that country? Who knew? Probably lots of people, but it’s new to this bully! And that my friends brings me to the announcement of the 65th country who has a person reading my blog. Yes indeed, IT’S PANAMA!!!!
I am elated, I am overwhelmed! I actually have people from the SIXTY FIVE countries reading my blog!

I’d raise my glass to all of you with my non alcoholic beverage, if I could figure out how to pick it up! SHEESH! I know it’s bad manners to drink out of a glass without picking it up, but do you think that since this is such a big deal that Emily Post might, just this once, look the other way if I commit a tiny faux pas?
I have made a decision. I have a quorum (me, myself and I) and we vote, YES!
And it’s LIP SMACKING GOOD! (Faux pas DEUX) Oops!




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I am afraid that I failed to post my experience at University Veterinary Hospital, this past August 11th.
It all began when Dr. Ratcliff, my GP veterinarian, checked my teeth when Mom suspected more dental issues.
He recommended that I go see Dr Catherine Foret, at University Veterinary Hospital, to have a full set of dental X-rays taken. Dr. Catherine has done advanced oral training and is able to offer advanced diagnostics, surgical techniques, and comprehensive oral wellness plans.
So, on the appointed day, Mom and Dad took me to UVH for X-rays and possible surgery- if warranted. Of course, I knew the minute we walked in the door that I had been duped again. Another veterinary clinic, different doctor, same smell.

Only animals know what that clinic smell means! Yep, it usually means indelicate probing, needle sticking and in my case, another surgery. I’m an authority on all three of those things!


What I wasn’t prepared for was that Dr. Catherine is not only very pretty, but she has a bubbly personality too, which SOMEWHAT allayed my fears. Don’t get too carried away, I said somewhat. It was necessary however for me to be put under anesthesia, so that I would be perfectly still for my dental X-rays. Once that was done, Dr. Catherine said that she would come out of the operating room and discuss what she found with my parents.

I was whisked to the back by a very nice vet tech for my pre-op preparations, while Mom and Dad settled in the front office to await the results of my dental X-rays and examination.
Once that was complete, Dr. Catherine showed the X-rays to my parents while the surgery team kept an eye on me. Unfortunately, the digitals showed two tumors. One was in the roof of my mouth , an incisor palatal mass, and the second was on my gum, a mandibular lingual mass.



I also had another tooth which needed to be removed-#208 on the diagram of my teeth. Just call me “Snaggle Puss”, thank you very much, as this makes the fourth diseased tooth removed. Dr. Ratcliff had already removed three very obvious problem teeth last fall. By the way, if you see the Tooth Fairy on Skid row (<——not the heavy metal band of the 80’s) please give her a tuppence or two because she’s a hard worker, a bit long in the tooth like me, and I just know that I’ve broken her piggy bank and feel perfectly awful, it being my fault and all.
Dr. Catherine returned to operate on me which took quite a bit of time, due to the location of one mass. However, Mom and Dad were put at ease because this nice man named Thomas, who was sort of an operating room liaison, would come out every 30 minutes or so to give them an update on my condition. Is that a great service or what? Reports were that my vitals stayed steady and perfect throughout the long procedure! This was my seventh surgery in 17 months and my sixth time to be put under anesthesia. (One procedure was done with a local anesthetic.)
Dr. Catherine joined my parents when it was over and said that she thought that the tumors were benign, but we’d know Friday when the pathology came back. Of course we now know that they were. HALLELUJAH and PRAISE BE!! She then asked Mom and Dad if they wanted to go back and be with me in recovery- SHEESH- I could have answered that question! The UVH staff had me set up on the floor with a comfy pad of towels and I was coming around rather well when Mom snapped this pic. Mom was so overjoyed that she had tears in her eyes. Yep, she’s an emotional one when it comes to me, but it’s been a ruffff year!


Of course before I left, I just had to have a pic taken with Dr. Catherine and that sweet vet tech. Yep, they love me!

Since then Dr. Catherine has checked on me herself several times. She calls me “Turtle Man”! I haven’t confimed it yet, but she may have a slight crush on me. Just wait until she sees my Halloween costume!

RATING: I give Dr. Catherine and the UVH STAFF FIVE TURTLES!   image

It doesn’t get any better than that!



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Today is Thursday, some people on Facebook call it “TBT” for Throw Back Thursday. I call it “CSD”- Clean Sheet Day! I mean who doesn’t like clean sheets?



Actually, I’m a dual sheet bully! I love to roll in the dirty ones and adore sleeping on the clean ones, especially if I get to be the first one to “break the starch” -so to speak! It’s a ritual at my house. This morning I surrounded myself in the luxury of discarded sheets and this evening I beat Dad to the clean ones.









LONG BEFORE THE TARGET DOG or to bull or NOT to bull?


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And that’s NO BULL!image

It’s true, I am positively bullish on bull terriers.


In my studies of WWII, I read all about General George S. Patton during his command of the US Seventh Army and then the US Third Army. I came to realize that he was somewhat difficult and certainly audacious and profane, but he was a brilliant military strategist and he continually strove to train his troops to the highest standard of excellence.
Most think it was because of his West Point training and studies of military strategies, but I think much of his tactical success was due to his “second in command “, as Patton himself called his beloved (and last of a long line of many) English Bull Terrier, William the Conqueror AKA Willie. Need I say more?



Then the 80’s rolled around and, since the world was somewhat at peace, it was time to party! Who would best represent the ultimate party animal? An English Bull Terrier of course!



Bud Light quickly got on board with “Spuds MacKenzie”, dubbed him “The original party Animal” and the rest is history!

And that brings me to the point of my blog post today. I had the most amazing, totally bullicious, field trip yesterday to the The Walker House Spuds Mackenzie Museum. I was in awe, I was humbled, I was in the presence of greatness. To a bully, having the opportunity to visit this private museum is like going to the epicenter of a bull terrier’s greatest dream! I will say that the three flights of stairs, to get up to the museum, were somewhat of a nightmare with these short legs and all, but once I walked into the shrine (museum) to see my hero, I was totally rejuvenated. Of course I took along one of my personal photographers to capture the moments of my visit for posterity.
The docent told me that there were over two hundred fifty pieces in the museum’s collection! Certainly not the biggest Spuds collection in the world, but there are so many pieces that much of it is stored, rather like Shreveport’s R. W. Norton Art Gallery, though I have a sneaky feeling Norton’s changes out their pieces more frequently than does the Walker House Spud’s Museum. It really didn’t matter though, because I could barely take in all that was displayed. There are neon signs, steins, mugs, pilsners, pins, pitchers, posters, aprons, clocks, watches, clothing, belt buckles, shoes image

and THE SPUD’S HOT LINE! Yep, “back in the day” Spud’s had a direct line to Party Central! Is that the coolest or what?

There was even one HUGE four-foot, eighth of an inch thick, display of Spud’s himself, which hung on the wall!
Check out the resemblance! Head and mouth shape, ear placement, etc. I guess you could say that I am the “heir” of the confidence Spuds exuded! Talk about strong genes! No doubt about it!
I was in my element!

I hope you will enjoy these pictures!





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Today began as just an ordinary day.

At 6:30 AM I was, as usual, unceremoniously hustled from my bed and lead out the door for a walk. Did I mention that I don’t do mornings? Did I mention that I am not allowed to run freely in the yard during turtle season? Anyway, I did the “obligatory emission” (boy what we dogs have to do to please our people) and then raced back up the stairs to get in bed with Mom. The next thing I knew she was up an at ‘em and I just said “Sheesh” and rolled over to catch a few more Zzzzzzzzz. image

I was napping and happier than a clam at high tide, until I once again was unceremoniously removed from the bed for “Sheet Day”. I tried to continue my nap on the floor on top of the old sheets, imagebut once the fresh sheets were put on the bed, I thought it best to move on, for fear of ending up in the washer! It seems that the scuttlebutt is that all of the rushing around was because everyone was getting ready for the long holiday weekend. It may be the beginning of a holiday for some, but I have work to do! I always check my Classic Kippers account first, well once I am fully awake- about noon- then process necessary orders, after that, I respond to my fan mail and then check my blog stats. Some days are busier than others and some days are record setting – like today! My blog stats show that I have a new readers from three new countries!

Slovakia is 59th,image

The Republic of Korea is the 60thimage


and Oman is the 61st country from where my blog is being read!

Truthfully, if you include our great country, the good ol’ USA, from where most of my readers hail, that makes 62! That’s right, people from- SIXTY TWO countries are reading Classic Kippers!


Below is a map which shows my reader coverage and a list of countries.


But, the highlight of my day was a successful day of turtling. The pièce de résistance was nabbing box turtle number THIRTY THREE,

imagewho also broke the record as the largest of my collection thus far

imageAND I was on the end of a leash and Dad was on the other end. There is just no stopping a pro and when it comes to “TURTLING ON FAIRFIELD”









I AM turtleman!

Happy Labor Day all and be safe!

Love, licks and woof, woof AROOS!!!!


BARKUS AND MEOUX announces 2015 COURT!


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It has been one year since Mom and Dad told me that I was going to be given the opportunity to experience THE AMERICAN DREAM. Yes siree, MY dream of PAYING FORWARD my good fortune was hatched ONE YEAR AGO-August 2013! Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since Mom and I shook on it!

And, if celebrating the that little milestone wasn’t enough, this was also the weekend that the Krewe of Barkus and Meoux held their coronation for the 2015 court.
The theme this year is “BONE APPETITE” C’est bon, n’est ce pas?

I even got to sit at the table!
And there were presents! 2014 Queen Ginger gave Mom and Dad these very royal hand towels and I got a stuffed turtle- Yep, she loves me! Nothing new there!

The Captain, Co Captain, King, Queen, Duke and Duchess, Princes and Princesses, as well as the honored guests, sat at tables decorated with all things to do with France, cooking, and of course, animals! Our table, which was decorated by Mom and Auntie Susan, was splendid! Auntie Susan even made “dog” bones for people!


It was almost like being at La Fontaine de Mars, except the table clothes there are All red and white check. Some of these were, but ours was solid red….It did have that same comfortable feel. Mais, bien sûr, notre table avait la Tour Eiffel au-dessus d’un bol de chien rempli d’os de chien! c’était parfait! I kid you not! Just see for yourself! (Forgive my rusty French, after all, I am British- a “Frog” I’m not!) The guests, sans moi, dined on a veritable plethora of Southern delicacies- succulent fried catfish, jalapeño poppers, deviled eggs, sliders, fried chicken, assorted salads and good old-fashioned cookies. Not French Cuisine you say? Honey, this function was down at the old Taylortown Store on Waterloo Plantation and things done down there just scream to be Southern! But it was, simply, absolument délicieux!

Half of the court had been announced when I heard my name called.

It was time. 

Time for me to walk out with my Mom to center stage while my story, updated with my latest surgeries, was read.
There weren’t many dry eyes in the place, including mine, I was humbled because these are wonderful people with great heart!


And then-DRUM ROLL PLEASE- Dad joined us and we walked the length of the hall to give another CLASSIC KIPPERS’ CHECK, in the amount of $1,500.00, to Barkus and Meoux. Those funds, which are proceeds from the sale of my Classic Kippers’ ties and tees, will then find their way from the coffers of Barkus and Meoux into the hands of deserving rescues who aid the abused and abandoned. And with that, my dream to “pay it forward” has once again come full circle! Dear Patrons, it is because of your Classic Kippers’ purchases that all of this is possible! Thank you!

Following my check presentation, I had the great honor to pass the torch, as Barkus and Meoux’s FIRST ANIMAL Grand Marshal, on to a most affable pit bull named Braveheart! This delightful youngster will reign as the Barkus and Meoux’s 2015 Grand Marshal!


I know that he will serve the Krewe of Barkus and Meoux well.

PLEASE give him the same grand support that y’all have given me!

Both of us have grim, though very different stories, but the sad truth is that we are only two of hundreds of thousands like us. We have both been deemed walking miracles and, with your continued support of Barkus and Meoux, more miracles can and will happen!

Classic Kippers’ ties and tees will continue to be sold at John Pickens Clothier, where the proceeds will go  to help the abused and abandoned. And together, Braveheart and I will unite our “woofs” and speak for those who cannot!

Love, licks and woof, woof AROOS!




We prayed for someone who simply would care,
As we lay broken -filled with despair.
My ribs were cracked, my teeth filled with infection,
A wire on my neck had caused serious complications.
Braveheart was abandoned, starved- dehydrated,
Chained in storage -close do death – frightened -isolated.

We both prayed to be saved, to live out our lives.
To find families to love us, we’d been horribly deprived.
In the Spring of his years “Brave” has much life left.
He’ll show the world that RESCUE IS BEST!

In my case, it’s Winter and I’ve fought a good fight,
To get help to others who’ve had the same plight.
I may be infirmed and my muzzle is graying,
But I’ve got work to do, so I just keep praying.

Our love and devotion Braveheart and I give,
To all of the people who have helped us to live!
Please know we are grateful -this life without stress,
For all we’ve been given, we feel truly blessed.

To our new Grand Marshal, hip, hip, hooray!
May our stories of abuse help many a stray.



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Felix Peach!!!!!!

Listen up!

I said my oral tumors are BENIGN!!!


To celebrate this good news, we’ll be partying this weekend with

UPDATE: Mr Kippers


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imageJust a brief note to let all of you know that Mr Kippers had two tumors removed from his mouth and a tooth extracted today. It is very comforting to have people around the globe checking on him. A special thanks to our dear friends in the US who have walked each step of this precious boy’s journey with us.
He did beautifully during the very long surgery. His vitals remained strong and steady. He is going to be uncomfortable for quite awhile. More detail tomorrow, but I am too tired to type and it’s going to be a long night.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all who prayed for him. We need a good pathology report, so please keep them coming.
Gratefully yours,
Mr. Kippers Mom



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Can we talk?
I was ready for this chat like 5 days ago, but Mom thought it best to keep it under wraps until tonight.
I was just wondering if y’all would be ever so kind as to include me in your prayers once again.
As my friends are aware, I have terrible teeth due to my unfortunate life on the street. Dental hygiene is absolutely a must in one’s formative years! Despite having my teeth cleaned in March of 2013 and a triple tooth extraction in the fall of 2013-not to mention consistent weekly brushing and rinsing by my mom, I am still suffering from chronic dental issues that require I have a dental X-ray tomorrow. The down side is that it involves anesthesia and that will mark the sixth time in 17 months I have had to be “put under”. Needless to say, Mom and Dad are worried. If the X-rays show problems, the nice lady doctor will hopefully be able to help me. I can no longer chew hard foods, so I just lie down and stare at my bowl.
image Chicken tenders aren’t even a drawing card, but tonight I got a venison, scrambled egg sandwich. Wheat makes my tummy break out, but I DO have to eat- thank you very much!
I’ve been on an antibiotic for a few days and handling it well, plus I take Probiotics.
The really GOOD medical news is that my 6 month post surgical blood work, last week, was NORMAL.
I have been on a turtle hunt today (no luck), produced perfect poop twice (that’s a big deal), had an oatmeal bath (ooh la la) , my ears cleaned (no comment), teeth cleaned (no biggie) AND a pawsicure (proper grooming IS a must for the CEO of Classic Kippers)!

Now I am chilling on my turtle and getting ready to head up to bed.
Please know in advance that a sincerely appreciate your prayers as do my parents.
I know that they will keep you posted.
Love, licks and deepest thanks.
Mr. K



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My massage was scheduled for 3:30. At 3:15 I decided to head to the room for the appointment. It was terribly accommodating of the concierge to suggest an “in room” massage, certainly much less stressful for a first time client! After all, I had “Turtle” and “Aqua Dog” there to make me feel secure.
When I entered, the room was almost completely dark-the lights were very low and the massage table was set up. Crisp white sheets and a towel. The masseuse told me to take off my collar, bow tie and lie down under the towel and then she left the room. She had kind of a low voice. It reminded me of someone, but I couldn’t put a paw on it. I’ve met so many lovely people at the ZAZA. Anyway, I removed my collar and Classic Kippers’ tie. A few minutes later I could hear footfalls coming back toward the room – UH OH- should I be belly up or belly down on the table ? Definitely belly down I decided. Unfortunately, I’d run out of time! The masseuse was coming and there I was-naked as a bully without a bow tie! And my dear friends, in some parts of the “Garden and a Gun” South, that is definitely “NEKKED”! I literally hurled my piggy self up and onto the table (which was no easy feat for a short legged bully)!  I just hoped for the best!

The massage menu sounded pretty special- I hope I still think so when it’s over.
I drank some of the FIGI water and stretched out under the towel. 

Some of you know that I have a bad back – I also have damaged vertebrae in my neck. But it could be worse! I attribute ALL OF THE ABOVE to OUAA Syndrome (Overuse And Abuse) which I achieved by being a dog on the street– pounding the pavement. I had read the ZAZA SPA menu and knew that I probably couldn’t stand a deep tissue massage. A hot stone massage was out too. Let’s face it, if you’ve ever spent time eating on the street and out of trash cans, then you’ve had sticks and stones thrown at your body- among other assorted objects. You should see me flinch when I hear gun fire–even on TV! Because of this, I’m certainly not going to use my allowance for a hot stone massage!  It would probably give me flashbacks! So I decided on the Swedish and it was time.
The masseuse opened the door, came in and immediately went to work on my neck and shoulders. image She spoke not a word. At first I was a bit tense, but within about five minutes, I was in the groove and feeling like I needed to win the lottery because I definitely could see a daily massage in my future. I know, I know, “in my dreams”!
When my sixty minutes was up, the masseuse left me to just relax. As the door closed, I had to giggle–she really thought she had pulled it off– but I already knew that the ZAZA, though they do cater to pets, doesn’t allow pets to use the spa facilities. It was my mom and she had set all of this up so I’d feel special! Yep, she loves me!!!







imageAfter a little siesta, I hopped up, showered, popped on the perfect Classic Kippers’ bow  and headed to the lobby where the ZAZA Mobile was waiting to whisk me off to my friend Slash’s house for dinner! His parents and my parents, long time friends,  had  already gone to see the English Bull Terriers at the Dog Show.

Slash and I had a great visit over a lovely 2007 Saxum -Syrah- an amazing wine! Dense, rich and layered! Then we feasted on venison pate*. Ah, while the cats are away the bullies play – in a well stocked wine cellar!

*Our parents dined on hot dogs and greasy chicken sandwiches at the show.  Life is all about choices-image


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