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This morning I received news, via my blog stats, that SEVENTY FIVE countries are now reading my blog. SEVENTY FIVE countries! I was thrilled at 10, jubilant at 20, astounded at 30, amazed at 40, flabbergasted at 50, speechless at 60,
and totally euphoric when 70, 71, 72, 73 and 74 trickled in. But 75? That’s positively, spectacularly, stupendous!
Country number 75 was once featured in one of my MOST FAVORITE movies! Being an old sentimental soul and lover of BLACK & WHITE MOVIES, I am particularly excited to welcome Morocco! I guess now y’all have figured out that the movie is CASABLANCA!!!


After a small celebratory libation, I crawled onto the couch and floated off into a deep sleep and began to dream…dream…the words to La Marseillaise (French national anthem) floating through my head. I awakened to find myself standing outside of what appeared to be the famous Rick’s Café Américain in Casablanca, but the neon sign said, Kippers’ Café Américain.

I walked in, the orchestra had just finished “La Marseillaise” and had rolled into “As Time Goes By” – ya think? 75 countries in two years? I sat down, ordered my usual and then I saw her- right there in Kippers’ Café Américain! She was my soulmate, she was off-limits, but we’ll always have Paris. 





HUMANLY SPEAKING- “LIFE IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES!” Well, that’s what most humans think. Chocolate is definitely a comfort food, though many considerate it an aphrodisiac. However, research has proven that chocolate is NOT a true aphrodisiac, but in that sense, it’s sort of a figment (aphrodisiac-ally speaking) of a human’s imagination and there is just no reasoning with a figment! To humans, boxes of handcrafted chocolate bon-bons, made from cacao beans harvested in an Ecuadorian forest, bowls of Hershey’s Kisses and “chocolate fountains” surrounded by succulent strawberries are simply nirvana! It seems that anything associated with chocolate, to a human, is nirvana! SHEESH!

BULL TERRIER SPEAKING- “LIFE IS LIKE A BOX TURTLE!” That’s what we “turtle terriers” think. Box turtles are definitely a type of “sporting comfort…”- hmmm let’s leave it at that for now.

BANNER TURTLE DAY- This afternoon Mom popped a Classic Kippers’ tie around my neck and that can only mean one of two things-either company is coming or it is time for a photo shoot. I’m totally amenable to both. The first usually involves belly rubs and scratches behind the ears, whereas the second involves treats. Today it was company- especially awesome company. Not only was it someone who simply adores me, but it was someone bearing a gift! It was Miss Candace and she had a gift bag with my name on it! Gift bags can only mean one thing, a turtle for my collection!


She and her husband, Mr. Edwin, were dining at the famed Cajun restaurant Prejean’s, in Lafayette, LA, when they spotted a turtle in the gift shop. Naturally they thought of me, Mr. Kippers’, turtle aficionado extraordinaire! (For those of you who are not from these parts, Prejean’s holds the record for the most medals captured by ANY culinary team in the south, so in my humble opinion, Prejean’s knows how to choose turtles, alligators, frogs, crawfish, shrimp and crabs, as well as various and sundry other Louisiana favorites. A veritable plethora of bayou bliss!) I’ve named my newest turtle “PJ”,after Prejean’s, and have spent the afternoon acclimating him to his new surroundings. We are most definitely “meilleurs amis pour toujours”! (BFF’s)


Some of you are probably wondering why I would write an entire paragraph specifically on chocolate. Of course I have a reason, I always have a reason. I’ve been known to get into hot water over some of my reasoning, but I always have a reason and today was no different. You see, Miss Candace called her friend in England awhile back, her name is Miss Lyn. Miss Candace told her all about me and what a lucky little English Bull Terrier rescue I was and that’s when chocolate came up! Miss Lyn, in her perfectly lovely British accent said, “He fell into chocolate!” Chocolate? Turtles? You say toe-may-toe, I say toe-mah-toe!
BOTTOM LINE: I have fallen into “chocolate”!




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My Irish eyes were smiling tonight!     Seriously!
Last week I called Houston to see if my Texas business associate, and very special friend Izzie, might be coming to town anytime soon. I was elated when she said yes and immediately asked her for a date on St. Patrick’s Day! Two “yeses” in one conversation. Now that’s REAL Irish Luck!
I then called my favorite pub, O’Bannon’s, to make a reservation. After all, it was for St. Paddy’s Day and it IS a very popular place! It’s also very cozy there. Big stuffed leather chairs, beautiful decor, excellent service, traditional Irish music, romantic lighting, UNlimited Guinness…LIMITED DETAILS…but a picture IS worth a thousand words!




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Fifty Shades of Gray? BLARNEY! When we think of Ireland, we think of the Emerald Isle, the shamrock, the “Wearing of the Green” and the 37 other almost proverbial shades of green. But why all the talk about about “FORTY Shades of Green”?


My Mom has told me stories about Ireland and riding over its rocky, verdant soil. She’s says that there is nothing more beautiful than Ireland seen from the back of a horse. Not happening to this guy! I mean an Irish jaunting cart- maybe! Mom said between the seasons, shadows and sunshine, that there really ARE many shades of green! Actually, it was Johnny Cash who is responsible for Ireland’s multi green moniker. He was so enamored of the Emerald Isle that he wrote a song to honor her. Yep, The Man in a Black singing about the The Forty Shades of Green! Woof!


Probably the thing that is most synonymous with Ireland is the Blarney Stone. Many myths surround this much loved stone, which one can ONLY access, for a smooch, by hanging upside down from the battlements of Blarney Castle which is near Cork. One myth is that the stone was originally a part of The Stone of Scone, on which the first King of Scots was seated during his coronation in 847. There are many myths and each more colorful than the next. However, two things are most definitely true about the Blarney Stone.
Unequivocally true!
ONE is that my Mom kissed it ( I have photographic proof) and TWO is that it bestows the gift of gab- I mean you have read this blog- have you not?
By now you are thinking that it is not Mom, but rather I, who pens this blog and that I have never been to Ireland and most assuredly would NEVER hang upside down to kiss a rock. If you think those things, then you would be perfectly correct!
It is through “transdermal osculation” that I have been bestowed the gift of eloquence and persuasiveness.
BLARNEY? You decide!

Love, licks and woofs!


May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.




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(To the tune of Frosty the Snowman)

Kippers the snowdog was a jolly happy soul,
With a Kipper tie and a bully nose
And two ears of made out of snow…
There must have been some magic in
The old bow tie they found,
For when they placed it on his neck
He “hucklebutted”* all around.


A movement unique to the English Bull Terrier. When at play, they will run and dance from side to side with their rear end tucked under them.

Front page of The Shreveport Times, February 25, 2015


Grateful acknowledgement to Finnish bull terrier friends, Tuijo Heino and Jari Valtonen, for sharing their talent and the beautiful photos of their homeland -Finland! I am certain that Tuijo’s bull terrier Nemi, and Mr. Kippers, would love to frolic in the snow together had they the opportunity to meet.




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I came in from my nightly constitutional very sad. My heart hurt! I know I am going to have nightmares about my time on the street and the abuse I encountered before I was rescued. It all came back tonight while I was walking. I could hear dogs howling. I had a sick feeling that wherever they were, they were not going to have a warm place to sleep tonight. This will be a repeat message for many of you, but thank you for understanding the repetitiveness of this post. Since I last published this message, we’ve gained many new readers!
One cannot repeat this message too often because there are those who just need a gentle reminder and yet others need a stiff boot to the bum!

We cannot imagine how many dogs are still out there- all over the country. Winter is HERE and it is more brutal than usual. Some animals will freeze to death and some will just wish they were dead.

PLEASE if you have a crate, a shed to leave open, a box you can cut a hole into for a door, please, please PLEASE do it. Do it now! Please! You may not like feral cats and dogs, but no living being deserves to freeze to death or suffer in such a horrible way.

Yes, it’s cold, but you don’t really want to get into your warm bed tonight knowing that you could have made a difference with a box or crate and some crummy old towels- though monogrammed are nice too-

SERIOUSLY, they are the voiceless, who need our help.

It’s cold, plain and simple! It’s cold almost from coast to coast!
Niagara Falls is all but totally frozen. Lake Erie is 98% frozen and the Hudson River, above the brackish waters, is frozen 18″ thick. They are using Coast Guard Cutters to keep the shipping lanes open so barges carrying heating oil, to our Northern friends, can get through. Those in Boston are nearing 100″ of snow! And here in Shreveport, it’s a major crisis! The bird bath is frozen solid!




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It’s been described as treacherous, as “snowmageddon”, hazardous, deadly and formidable.

If you are thinking New England’s two weeks of record temps and snows, then you would be perfectly wrong! It’s Shreveport and it has brought the city to a stand still. Schools are closed and even some businesses. Now in fairness, we just aren’t accustomed to inclement weather of the frozen precipitation variety. It looked like snow and it smelled like snow, but when I applied the old adage : “If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck …” it must be a duck (snow)! I was WRONG! There really is an “ice cap” over everything. Two inches on our outdoor tables! And yes, it is treacherous. Our house has a front terrace and a back terrace. Having had three other bull terriers before me, my family has what is called “Bully Park” in the back yard, though these days it is enjoyed only by Henry St. James and Miss Biscuit. Naturally, I think that the name should be changed to “Hound Park” because I am not allowed to play in there. ( It’s that ridiculous turtle hunting issue) but I digress… Dad has to walk out across the back terrace to let the dogs into Bully Park, so he had already put out sand/salt to make a path. Mom, on the other paw, got this idea that because I prefer the front lawn, that she should scrape a path through the ice cap on the tile terrace, down the two front limestone steps and across the cement driveway to the grass. (INFORMATIONAL TIDBIT: The limestone was the slickest.) I’m embarrassed to say, but she worked out there with a non shovel implement. (I mean who clears ice with a Swifter?? A Swifter??? SHEESH, we won’t go there! And yes, we DO have a shovel!) But, Mom did it the hard way because she didn’t want to go to the basement.
She first put out a bit of salt -to start the melt down – and then scraped her way out to the grass. All in all it took only about 30 minutes, though it would have taken less time if Dad had done it, but Mom wanted to do it herself- and they call ME bullheaded???


I think she has said she had something called “cabin fever”. I will give her credit, as she did a pretty good job considering her choice of tools. All of this falderal surfaced because Mom’s friends were telling her that their dogs wouldn’t venture out. SHEESH! When have I NOT been the exception to the proverbial rule?? After the path clearing and re-salting, I was stuffed into my Martha Stewart bone patterned jacket, which Mom says emphasizes my rakish good looks.My English lead was slipped over my head, secured, and we were off to brave the elements. The double door opened and voila! It looked and felt like it did under our Christmas tree during my holiday photo shoot with the faux snow-just colder! I was in my element! I avoided the cleared path (Mom stayed on it by the Grace of God) and charged out to the sleet covered grass.

I stretched,
I snorted, I spun and then I made a yellow ice masterpiece- it was genius! However, for some reason, Mom refused to photograph my urinary work of art. SHEESH!

Suddenly it started to rain, which is my Achilles heel. I turned around and put it in four paw drive and headed to the door. Did you know that Mom can slalom?

Now it’s sleeting again, very hard, but I’m lying on the sofa in the library, in front of a fire.
Can you spell “MUNCHIES”?



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imageimage Let’s face it, the reason most dogs are euthanized is because of overcrowding in shelters! And why are they over crowded? They are overcrowded because too many pups are being born either on the streets or dumped because the owner didn’t want them and so the vicious cycle continues.

Let’s be honest here- these are the facts, just the facts!

image In NW Louisiana alone, 10,000 unwanted animals are euthanized every year. Even more are on the street starving or in unwanted situations. I know this is true because Robinson’s Rescue’s very own veterinarian, Dr. Andrea, said so! I WAS one of those on the street and life wasn’t worth living. I got lucky, which is why I want to spread the word about Robinson’s Rescue! IMPORTANT TIDBIT OF INFORMATION: Now, none of that snipping and clipping is free, but Robinson’s Rescue, in Shreveport Louisiana, is LOW COST. And, in order to keep it LOW COST, ROBINSON’S RESCUE has the most AWESOME fund raiser called BEST IN SHEAUX ! HERE’S THE SCOOP: The 6th annual Best in Sheaux will be held on Saturday, March 7, 2015 at Riverview Hall. Best in Sheaux will offer an interactive, entertaining event which will include a fun, competitive dog show, signature food and wine, live entertainment and coveted silent auction items. All proceeds from Best in Sheaux directly benefit the spay/neuter mission of Robinson’s Rescue, which is a nonprofit organization working to reduce dog and cat overpopulation. Their goal to eliminate euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals in our region. If one isn’t fortunate enough to already know about Robinson’s Rescue, then please, check out this YouTube NEWS ALERT! PLEASE NOTE: FOR THOSE  WHO FOLLOW MY BLOG FROM ACROSS AMERICA AND AROUND THE WORLD, YOU CAN VOTE TOO AND YOU DONT EVEN HAVE TO COME TO SHREVEPORT! image PRE-EVENT ONLINE VOTING, FOR BEST IN SHEAUX, WILL BEGIN THE LAST WEEK IN FEBRUARY. PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR UPCOMING DETAILS, RIGHT HERE ON CLASSIC KIPPERS!


Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I love gifts from Fed Ex,
And UPS too.


The mailman brought cards,
Which is his solemn duty,
Filled with hearts and love,
Addressed to yours truly.


Miss Nancy sent turtles,
Oh not the real kind,
They’re really dog biscuits,
Low fat and all mine!


From Miss Sue and pal Guinness,
More special treats flowed,
from up in Connecticut,
Where it has snowed, snowed, snowed.


There were cards from sweet Belle,
As well as two others,
I’d like to know from whom,
If I had my druthers.


They said “guess who”,
but I haven’t a clue,
Secret admirers they said,
SHEESH if only I knew!

From Felix the cat, a funny card came,
He’s such a stitch, but his humor is lame.
The table so festive, with love in the air,
I want to thank all, for their kindness and care.

The treats are just yummy, I appreciate it all,
My tummy’s been stuffed since UPS called!


Love, licks and woofs !


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