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And an angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were filled with fear. And the angel said to them, ‘Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people. For unto you is born this day, in the city of David, a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. And this will be a sign for you: you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger.’ And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying,

“Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace, to men of good will.”

Love, licks and Christmas Blessings!
MR. Kippers and The Red Bull Herd!




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Christmas Miracles Come in Many Forms


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Swamp Roy was safely delivered yesterday to Glenna Wright , head of our BTCA National rescue. Glenna tirelessly works rescuing , orchestrating /overseeing and showing top standard bullies, as well as working in their veterinary clinic where her husband is the veterinarian. She keeps a schedule which would wear out most people!

Glenna’s husband, Dr. Tom Wright, bull terrier vet extraordinaire, will take over Swamp Roy’s care. His wounds will continue to be monitored and treated, he will be neutered and he will be evaluated, so that he will end up in the perfect forever home.

This picture was taken several years ago with Glenna. My only regret is that we didn’t take a pic of us with each rescue that we’ve been involved with together.

Yesterday was a quadruple day of dog swapping. Four ladies met at a restaurant in Arkansas where we had lunch together and then used their parking lot for the “swap meet”. 😉😊

Mary Holsen’s own personal bully had a minor surgical procedure and was being returned to her, by Glenna, to take back to a Houston.

From Houston, Mary brought a bully to Glenna for Blue Ridge Bullterrier Rescue. That bully will be picked up from Glenna and then taken to her foster home in Kentucky. Classic Kippers along with others pledged the gas money to get “Athena” from Little Rock, Arkansas to Versailles, Kentucky.

Glenna also brought “Mr. Wilson”, a bully whom Susan Young and I rescued from S. Louisiana some time ago, and who is now ready for his forever home. It was good to see him again and meet his new owner who drove over from Ft. Worth, Texas to pick him up. Mr. Wilson’s new owner was positively beaming.

I had Swamp Roy who eagerly jumped into a Glenna’s van and into a crate, as if he knew he was one step closer to a beautiful new life.

To the untrained eye, we were just four women- possibly appearing crazy to some – taking bull terriers out of cars and putting them in different cars, but what we really were doing was making happy Christmas miracles happen.

I may have been the only one returning with an empty crate, but I had a full heart. Three more lives saved and to those three, what better Christmas Miracle could there be?

Thankful, Grateful, Blessed Beyond Measure.



Dear God,

I prayed for someone who simply would care,
As I lay heartbroken -filled with despair.
My ribs were cracked, my teeth filled with infection,
The rain pouring down, my soul awash with rejection.

I prayed for a family who would see me whole,
Back then I looked ugly, frightened and cold.
I scrounged for morsels that no man would eat,
But to this dying dog, it was truly a feast.

My last owners tied me with wire used to bale,
The pups I produced were for “bait” and for sale.
One day when the “mean man” let down his guard,
I chewed free and escaped his hellish backyard.

A car speeding by, slowed and changed my luck.
Two hands reached out and gently scooped me up.
Then into other hands I was passed in a week,
Little did I know I was theirs for keeps.

I may be infirmed and my muzzle is graying,
But it was for this family You knew I was praying.
My love and devotion I gladly give,
To all of these people who helped me to live!

I want to help those who still hurt and wait,
Those on the street who know not their fate.
Please let “Classic Kippers” help in some way,
To change the life of a hopeless stray.

Please bless my friends who support my cause,
May they always keep heart for those with paws.
Next Thanksgiving I hope that all will see,
I have “paid it forward” with my ties, statements, book and tees.

Please know I am grateful this life without stress,
For all I’ve been given, I feel truly blessed.




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Mr Kippers here. As you are aware, I am in the middle of a new campaign to raise awareness to STOP the chaining, tying of ropes and in my case, baling wire, around the neck of animals. My new campaign also launched my new line of neck adornment.

It is NOT jewelry! They are “STATEMENT” pieces because I am making a stand and “STATEMENT” against this atrocity!

“Please join me, Mr. Kippers, by making certain that the only ropes or chains ever used on one’s neck are those of adornment!
Classic Kippers stands united against all animal abuse!”

Soon my everyday “STATEMENT” pieces will soon be available for purchase at my online store, but my “collegiate” pieces are already divided into Pop Up Shops  and can be found on my Classic Kippers Facebook page. FRIEND ME!

PLEASE purchase a ‘’STATEMENT’’ piece for yourself or a gift and let’s save the animals!

Remember all net profit goes to helping abused and abandoned animals.

I can also be emailed at:

Because of the incredible response to our ladies collection, we were able to make our first donation to a poor dog who fell victim to this insidious practice just this week.

I am including pictures within this post, but WARNING that they are GRAPHIC. I am not one to hide from these things, because I know the pain of abuse.  IT IS REAL!         I think EVERYONE should just take a look and I think you will see why our new line is so important. Buy a “STATEMENT” piece and help us to help abused and abandoned animals.

No animals were injured in the public relation photos which were taken of Miss Sophie Peach and me, but sadly the other photos are real.





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  1. Mr. Kippers here and I realize that I have been terribly remiss in getting a blog post out on our second, VERY SUCCESSFUL, 2017 Hurricane Harvey Flood Relief effort.

Between the death of my dear friend, K-9 German Shepherd Veteran “FEBE”, and the launch of my fall ladies collection coming up On Oct 10, there have not been enough hours in the day!
But as always, I want my loyal followers, as well as those new to my Kippers’ Flood Relief program, to know where your donations of money, food and supplies have gone. I truly believe that the reason we have been so successful is due to our hard work and letting you know on this blog, through words and photos, just how much your generous hearts have meant to those in need.
The need for our help in SW Louisiana began when mom’s friend, Miss Tanya Parker with Paws 4 Life, did what she does best in getting dogs out of shelters and up north where they can find forever homes.

Miss Tanya and Mom

There was a slight twist this time because the shelters down there needed their adoptees (dogs and cats already up for adoption) to catch transports up North as soon as possible, so that they could not only find forever homes but  in turn their departure would make room for dogs and cats displaced from the flood. That way the flood victims could hopefully be reunited with their families.
Miss Tanya has saved hundreds of dogs and cats and these trips thankfully, added to her tally.  Naturally the first monies I received went straight to the Paws 4 Life gas fund to help evacuate! As Miss Tanya readied for her trip out of South Louisiana,  loaded with 15 cats, 16 dogs and one rather ornery pot-bellied pig named Lucy,


Dogs, Cats and Lucy the pig, headed out of South Louisiana

we readied ourselves to head down there with a truckload of crates, food, puppy and kitten milk replacer, cat litter and First Aid supplies, as well as supplies with which to clean.


The people came! They brought food and supplies- thousands of pounds! Mom and her friend Susan, organized while Dad, Tommy Hollis and Tommy’s son Nick unloaded donors cars and trucks! I cannot thank them enough! Private citizens came, radio station 102.1 hosted a drive at their station and delivered to Mr. Kippers…thank you Laura Schlidt! And our thanks to Nicole Ferlito and her dad for filling up the Shane’s delivery truck with food and supplies! Miss Nicole loves me!!! My friend, bull terrier “Tater”,  arrived with his  dad, Jack Bailey. Boy did they have their SUV stuffed to the brim!  A number of people brought their children like Drs. Cat & Adam Foret. What better way to start children  on the path of philanthropy, than to help animals?

I would like to add, that once Miss Tanya delivered the animals north to Illinois, the wonderful people at Friends Forever Humane Society and Safe Haven Humane Society, loaded The Paws 4 Life van with supplies for me to take south on the big flood relief truck. Humane Society of Northwest LA also donated lots of crates too! It was a grand act of humanity!

Much of this would not have happened had KSLA, Channel 12’s seasoned news veteran, Jeff Ferrell, not been aware of my mission.  Mr. Jeff and KSLA’s awesome cameraman, Semmie Buffin, did several live spots at Kippers’ Flood Relief headquarters to champion my cause!  This is the second year that Jeff Ferrell has gotten the word out on my behalf. THANK YOU BOTH!

We also had more than fifty Amazon boxes drop shipped by my supporters from across the country, as well as money, which we used to purchase huge bags of food and more kennels! Money from as far away as Germany and Canada came to us. I am humbled by everyone’s generosity.

The small shelters in south Louisiana we’re going to be somewhat like triage centers.
Refugee animals would be coming in by the numbers.
They needed crates because none had enough runs to house all of the four-legged flood victims. They needed food and lots of it because there were so many more mouths to feed than normal. They needed litter, cleaning supplies, masks, gloves and milk replacer for the unexpected babies. One woman had picked up a very pregnant canine flood victim to get her to safety and on the road trip out of the flood zone, the mama dog managed to deliver 13 pups on the back seat! Remember these wise words. “A pregnant female, of any species, waits for no one- not even Mother Nature!”
Miss Tanya also connected Mom with Michele’ Brignac. This dynamite lady is the heart and soul, oops I mean the Director, of St. Martin Animal Services in St. Martin Parish.

Miss Michele’ realized that Mom wanted to help the small shelters because Mom knows how hard they work and how much they need supplies, but Miss Michele’ also knew how hard it would be to get the big truck into some areas, load and off load. That’s when Miss Michele’ had a scathingly brilliant idea! She invited the small shelters to come to the Saint Martin Parish shelter to pickup their supplies. It was the perfect way to distribute. Unfortunately, due to construction, we were 30 minutes late, though we still arrived to many happy faces!  These S. Louisiana rescuers were thrilled to see Mom and Auntie Susan’s car pulling in, followed by Liz and Earl Ferguson’s big Chinaberry truck, which they so graciously have lent us, with a driver and crew, for every flood relief effort! This was our fourth flood relief effort in twelve months and none would’ve been possible without the generosity of the Ferguson’s! They donate not only their truck, crew and driver, to get Mr Kippers’ thousands of pounds of food and supplies to where they are needed, but their crew loads the precious cargo and the Ferguson’s pay for the gas as well. These are definitely unsung heros! Since August of 2016 we have transported just over 50 thousand pounds of food and supplies to help four-legged flood victims.

It’s a mighty proud Bull Terrier I am to know that my mission to pay forward my good fortune continues to exceed my expectations!
Not only were the shelter volunteers on hand to receive our supplies, but Miss Michele’ had told me that she had alerted the newspaper, the Teche News, who was going to do an article prior to our arrival. She also invited Acadiana’s News Channel, KATC 3 to be there to cover the story once Kippers’ Flood Relief arrived.

It is so important to me that all of you who donated are confident and comfortable in the knowledge that your donations ended up where the need was great!

I believe that the pictures below will give you the warm fuzzies. They came, these small shelters of South Louisiana. They came in vans, pickups and cars. They came to receive the precious cargo delivered to them by Classic Kippers, but donated by you, my cherished followers.

A special and most heartfelt thank you to my mom’s friend, my  “Auntie” Susan. She is always there for projects and rescue road trips! She works tirelessly for my cause  and will not accept even ONE dog biscuit for her trouble. I worry about that, I mean who doesn’t want at least ONE treat? Regardless, she is the cats pajamas!


“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”
Because of all of you, we helped to save many dogs and cats! I am humbled, and most grateful, that you have helped me to continue my mission- to pay forward my good fortune.
“That is all!”

My online store ——–>

It is through the sale of my bow ties, organic tees, autobiography (yes I wrote a book!) and soon my ladies collection, that we raise funds to help abused and abandoned animals. Please keep us in mind this Christmas! A Classic Kippers’ gift is two gifts in one. First, the actual purchase for yourself or a friend and secondly, the net profit from the sale of my products goes to help bona fide animal rescue during the year.




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“The Master said, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant…”


He did not choose a life of service, this noble black German Shepherd, but he stepped up and gave it his all when he was selected. “FEBE”, which stands for Federal Bomb Expert, spent a decade patrolling Barksdale Air Force Base, as well as some of their airshows. He showed his mettle when used in K-9 demonstrations for different groups. He “swept” areas to prepare for the arrival of many dignitaries- among them a US President, a US Vice President, Foreign Dignitaries and high ranking Military Officers. He even searched polling sites in Iraq during their election. But his most important job, was protecting the lives of US soldiers at Camp Victory in Iraq and in doing so, he also safely brought home Amy Hollis’ husband, father of Hunter, Jullian and Nicholas Hollis.

TSgt. Thomas David Hollis- Febe’s handler.

To many, a K-9 is “just a dog”, but to the soldier who handles him, and the many soldiers who depend on his keen nose to help keep them safe, he is a brother in arms. He IS one of them.

Tommy retired from the USAF in 2014, but not before he and Febe had been awarded the Army Commendation Medal and the Iraq Freedom Medal.

Then, when Febe retired in 2015, Tommy was there -ready to adopt him. For the last two years, Febe has been an integral part of the Hollis family.


He served as the Grand Marshal of The Krewe of Barkus and Meoux in 2016.





Febe was honored by the Parkway Jr. ROTC on Veteran’s Day of that same year. Febe and Tommy brought much happiness to the residents of the nursing homes and assisted living facilities they visited, but it appeared that his greatest joy was being with the Hollis family.

Despite his tough job, at heart, Febe was a sweetheart. Sadly, his retirement was not to be a long one, for Febe was diagnosed with advanced, inoperable bladder and pancreatic cancer this past week.
It was a devastating blow to those who loved him.
And today, Febe and Tommy’s brothers in arms came to the Barksdale AFB Kennels, the place Febe called home when he was on active duty.
They came to say “goodbye”. They came to thank him.

You see, Last Call came today for this old warrior. All radio traffic on the Security Forces channel was silenced for Military Working Dog Febe, Tag # LIMA 066. He was thanked for his devotion to duty, his service to our country and the United States Air Force and was cleared and secured for the last and final time on 19th September 2017, 0913 hours.

And so, the solemn procession began. The motorcade, escorting Febe’s casket, was lead by members of the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Department on motorcycles and the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Posse. A Louisiana State Trooper K-9 unit, joined the cortège. With lights flashing, the motorcade wound its way through Bossier Parish for  the 30 minute ride to the cemetery. Once off the Clyde Fant Parkway, we passed car after car on the shoulder of the road showing their respect. And as we traveled Hwy 154, just before the cemetery, two ladies, stood by the roadside waving big American flags in FEBE’s honor. Tommy went back to thank them after the service.


Members of Parkway’s Junior ROTC and the USAF K-9 handlers had borne his casket to this point, now it was going to be carried the final leg by two handlers, one of which was Tommy and the other, Military Working Dog Trainer, SSgt. Lammers, along with two of Tommy’s sons, Jullian and Nick Hollis, family friend David Dinger and Mr. Kippers’ “Dad”, USAF Veteran, Gordon Clingan.

Winston Hall beautifully performed, “Go Rest High on That Mountain.”


Retired  MWD “FEBE” will be cremated and his ashes returned to the Hollis family.

To this noble German Shepherd, a United States Air Force war hero, we bid you Godspeed. And with apologies to Shakespeare…

“Good night noble Febe, may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest, high on that mountain.”



The honors have continued.

This morning, The Shreveport Times cover story was all about Febe and Tommy and as it was being read by the citizens of the Shreveport-Bossier area, Tommy Hollis and his son, Nick were in the Global Strike Command office of Brigadier General Skomers at Barksdale Air Force Base.

General Skomers presented a commemorative “coin” to Tommy, on behalf of Febe’s service to the USAF and the United States of America. He also presented one to Nick for taking such good care of Febe during his retirement.







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The first truck of my “Mr. Kippers’ Flood Relief ” loaded up Wednesday and headed out to South East Texas yesterday. Mom and I supervised.

  1. My Mom, Amanda, is always apprehensive when she heads out because she feels very responsible for the thousands of dollars of precious cargo, in her care, donated by my followers. But she came home last night and although looking like she was in need of rescue herself, she had a big smile on her face. Sometimes I think she’s getting too “long in the tooth” for this, but then I realize she just has big teeth- SHEESH!
    I would like to have been there to oversee the situation myself, but someone has to stay here to oversee headquarters and if the truth be known, I’ve had so many surgeries and other issues that Mom worries about my immune system.
    You should hear the stories coming out of all the flooded areas of Texas. According to infectious disease centers checking the water, there is all kinds of bacteria in the standing water left by the flooding. Not to mention sewage. Since I refuse to wear my little rubber boots, Mom said I couldn’t go!
    According to Mom it was a couple of days of “gifts”. You know, gifts really do come in all shapes and sizes. First, Mr. Earl Ferguson brought his Chinaberry’s truck over so that his crew, Mr Frank and Billy could get it loaded. They loaded us last year, so naturally we consider them part of Mr. Kippers’ Flood Relief! Dad loaded as well as our friend, Veteran Tommy Hollis join us in the loading. Tommy, as I’m sure you’ll remember, helped to unload people’s supplies as they came to Classic Kippers’ Headquarters to donate both this year and last. And then, MR . David Ogwyn appeared carrying the best HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES, made by his ever so thoughtful, fabulously talented, Chicago Cubs loving wife, Miss Mary. She made them last year too. I truly don’t think Mom et al could make the trip without them. Thank you Miss Mary!

  2. As most rescuers know, networking can be and usually is, the key to success and this emergency effort was no different. One of the reasons I believe that Mr Kippers’ followers give so generously, is that they trust that their donations will unequivocally end up in the paws of those who are truly in need.
    Mom already had Beaumont, Vidor, and Orange as the recipients of a truck load of supplies, but between the first wave of Hurricane Harvey and the second wave of flooding, she lost communications with the shelters. Not surprising since the city of Beaumont also shut off the water supply because it had been compromised. Even the hospital in Beaumont had to be evacuated and the NICU babies were airlifted to Shreveport along with other medical patients.
    Mom was watching the donations increase two fold, but was anxious – she needed a contact down there and she needed it fast, as time was running out. “Ask and it shall be given…” It just so happened, that Mom’s friend, Miss Tanya of Paws 4 Life, in Shreveport, has an incredible list of contacts. Through that list, Miss Tanya contacted John Getter from Best Friends Animal Society in Houston. She told him that Mom needed contacts for Beaumont, Vidor and/or Orange, Texas. Within a short period of time Miss Tanya had the number of Texas DPS officer, Sgt. Tamela Snider. Sgt Snider told Mom that the place to deliver was the Cowboy Church in Orange, Texas! It is located next to the EOC (Emergency Operations Center) for that area. She kindly gave Mom the directions and said that if Mom would call when she was on the way that she would meet her in Orange. You could almost see a peace come over my Mom.

  3. On September 7th, 2017 as many of you already know, my Kippers’ Flood Relief Team pulled out. Mr. Frank and Billy were in the Chinaberry’s truck (graciously donated by Liz and Earl Ferguson) with Mom and Tommy Hollis in the Classic Kipper Mobile!

  4. Once they were underway, Mom who was driving, handed her cell phone to Tommy and asked him to call the contact for Sergeant Snider. Tommy had an incredulous look on his face and it turned out that he and Sgt. Snider were stationed at Barksdale Air Force base and were deployed at the same time to Kuwait. I will refrain from saying it’s a small world, but you get the drift.
    As Team Kippers got closer to Orange they began to see devastation. Piles and piles of sheet rock, flooring, carpet and furniture stacked on the street in front of homes and businesses. We also began to see how high the water had been in that area.

  5. What they did not expect was what they saw at the Cowboy Church. Often, supplies are just dumped off at different places which is what Mom tries to avoid. She knows that people have spent hard earned money on a lot of donations and both the people receiving and the people who donated, deserve that the items are taken care of from the time they arrive with Mom to the time they are in the paws of those in need.
    As we approached the church there was a man in a cowboy hat with a clipboard. He wore a 4 H shirt and a smile. Mom told him that they were Kippers’ Flood Relief from Shreveport and he told us where to go first.
    The parishioners of that church, many of whom are probably involved in 4H, as well as the 4H club itself where there handling every aspect of the donation process. There is nothing that donors want to see more than an organized situation!
    Once inside the staging area, we found Sgt. Tamela Snider waiting for us. I was glad to meet her and she and Tommy were glad to see one another after 13 years. As a military friend told me last night, “Military friendships are long-lasting.”
    First Team Kippers dropped our crates off at the “crate drop”, then they circled around by the big tent in the middle where cleaning supplies were unloaded by both Billy, Frank and Tommy, as well as inmates from that county prison, who were helping to unload donations. The church and 4-H ladies had everything under control and in perfect order. Next the cases of water were dropped off at their location.

  7. While Mom was watching Tommy, Frank and Billy unload, she saw a very disheveled woman picking up a bag of dog food. A woman walked over, clipboard in hand, and very kindly with asked, “May I help you?” The disheveled woman replied that she needed food for her dog and water. The lady smiled and said, “Let me get your name, address, how many dogs you have and what your needs are?” The disheveled lady smiled- tears in her eyes. A far cry from some of the horror stories we have read about online concerning the treatment of those in need.
    Then our truck went to the location where the pallets of dog food, cat food, and litter would be unloaded. Team Kippers crew was very excited when a man told them that our pallets would be unloaded by a tractor.
  8. Those are all our pallets
  9. Soon another woman walked up who had delivered a load of hay. (Not this load)
  10. Oh yes, this wonderful staging area was feeding every kind of animal under the sun from farm animals to domestic pets. The 4-H /church ladies profusely thanked her for the hay to which she replied that it was her pleasure and then said, “I’m going to wait here for a while to see if I need to deliver anything to people who are not able to get here.” I was told that there were a lot of people with big, high water trucks who came to take food and supplies to people who were housebound with their pets or in need of help with livestock.
    For those living in Orange County Texas and it’s environs, you have wonderful neighbors who have organized and worked long hours to make sure that you get what you need in the way of taking care of your animals.
    And to those of you across the county, Canada and even Germany, I want you to know that the items and money you gave are most appreciated. You can rest assured knowing that every single item was needed and received by those desperately in need.
  11. Team Kippers saw humanity today or in this case “fur-manity” – actually both. It’s something not seen often enough, but today, at the Cowboy Church of Orange, Texas- humanity was alive and well!
    We also know what it’s like to send a check to help, but there’s always that little nagging feeling of whether your donation actually made it to those in need. That’s why my Mom goes with the donations and takes pictures. It is my hope that this blog and these pictures will make your hearts feel good because if there’s one thing we know, Mr. Kippers has the best friends and followers in the whole wide world!
    So many dear friends, and people whom we did not even know before last week, have given so much and I do not know which ones would prefer to remain anonymous, so for now, just know that I am humbled by your generosity, blessed by the faith you have in me and grateful that there are still people in this world with heart. Some gave “all they could” others wrote big checks, but in my piggy little eyes, I only saw generosity, love and the beauty of their “just wanting to help”.
    Despite the fact that Classic Kippers is supporting the rescue of ALL dogs and cats, no matter their “lineage”, I would like to say a special thank you to two organizations who are very near to my little Bull Terrier heart.
    The Rescue Welfare Trust Fund of Bull Terrier Club of America and the
    Mini Bull Terrier Club of America who both stepped up to the plate in a big way to support my mission to “pay forward” my good fortune by helping others.
    Our mission is not finished. We load next Tuesday and head to South Louisiana on Wednesday.
    Please, continued prayers for those devastated by Hurricane Harvey and those in the path of Hurricane Irma.
    Thank you,
    That is all.
  12. IMG_8429

Here are some photos given to us by Sgt. Snider of the county:

TOM CRUISE- move waaaaaay over!


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Miss Sophie Peach and I are taking a break from working on my


Excitement is building, energy is at a pinnacle and adrenaline is flowing!!!

So join us in shaking a leg…