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(Photo comments by Master Kirby FitzKippers)

One of the oldest festivals in the South, Holiday in Dixie, celebrates the beginning of Spring and the Louisiana Purchase. It’s held right here in my hometown of Shreveport. The festival was started 69 years ago and includes a 10-day carnival, parade, treasure hunt, live music, many different sporting tournaments (golf, clay shoot, regatta, 5K run, etc), as well as a barbecue cook off and several balls.

After all, this IS Louisiana! There is something for everyone!

Many people know the incredible rich history of our beautiful Municipal Auditorium, where the Holiday in Dixie Cotillion Ball has been held for decades – The Cotillion ball is a beautiful themed gala, complete with a Royal Court and Court Jesters, but what you don’t know is that it is also where Elvis Presley got his start AND the phrase “Elvis has left the building” was first spoken!  He gave 84 performances in Shreveport!

The Shreveport Municipal Auditorium first opened its doors to the public in 1929. It is a National Historic Site and its lavish architecture is one of the best examples of the Art Deco style in Louisiana. It sits on Elvis Presley Blvd and Elvis’ statue, along with that of his lead guitarist James Burton, stand in a place of honor in front of the auditorium. Check out James Burton!

Last year I had my own Classic Kippers float, it was fantastic! In fact, I also participated in the 2014 Holiday in Dixie parade too, as Grand Marshal of Barkus & Meoux. This year I decided that it was time for Kirby to get his feet wet. And no, I didn’t know it was going to rain (snort, snort, chortle, chortle) Of course he wasn’t going to ride in the parade, but Dad invited him down to check out the Jester’s floats. He got a little dressed up and even got in a few photo ops before the heavy rains. I’m very proud of him because I’m told that he was a pretty good fellow!










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What a week!
Monday and Tuesday my Classic Kippers’ team, which consists of Miss Sophie Peach, Master Kirby FitzKippers and “moi”, of course, launched our first collaborative effort. Our goal was to raise enough money to pay for the gas for Miss Tanya Parker and her Paws 4 Life team to take a van load of dogs from the Caddo Parish Animal Shelter (CPAS) to points north. It was our first combined project and it went swimmingly.
You see, Classic Kippers helps here, there and everywhere!
Naturally, when I found out that they were short on funds, I put out the first “call to arms” so to speak. The Merriam Webster dictionary describes a “call to arms” as something that makes people want to “take action” and get involved in an attempt to deal with a “bad situation”.
I have the most awesome caring followers. I would mention their names, but I forgot to ask if they minded and it would be, well, just plain tacky to do that without permission. I can tell you that every one of them has been there when I needed them! They are people who DO TAKE ACTION and I’m pleased as punch to know them! They are people who make a difference in so many areas of the animal community, among other things. They know that if I’m on it, then it’s for a good cause. (Like the great flood of 2016) I would never trick them! Trickin’ is for Halloween only- well maybe April Fool’s Day too.
The BAD SITUATION was that it’s a real bummer to try to drive a van all the way to Wisconsin on fumes, so I decided it was time for “Classic Kippers to the rescue”. Within the first thirty minutes I had a promise of enough money to get the Paws 4 Life van from Louisiana to Wisconsin and back! Then, by that afternoon we had enough for a second van and by Tuesday evening we had enough money from these special people to RENT a bigger van!
As it turned out, they were able to rent one ginormous van instead of two small ones. Many of these dogs were being held in foster care, but some had to be boarded to keep them from being euthanized before their “FREEDOM RIDE”!
The extra monies received went to help pay the boarding bill.
After I put out the first call, Miss Sophie Peach joined in to “raise the troops”, though she did get a tad emotional. Actually she just fell apart and cried in the middle of her plea. Finally, once our drive was over, Master Kirby FitzKippers gave a mighty cheer to spread the news that we had enough money for the trip and to honor those who donated. I was extremely proud of them both.
Friday morning found a Mom at the CPAS shelter were she gave the checks to Miss Tanya Parker for Paws 4 Life. That’s Mr Kelvin in the middle. He’s the Assistant Director at  CPAS.

Then Mom documented the loading of the van and in the afternoon, she and Dad headed over to where the boarded dogs would be loaded and also the meeting place for people who were fostering dogs in their homes. Mom felt that those who wrote checks should see on what their money was spent! That’s why she went to S Louisiana  when my supplies were trucked down there after the big floods last August. She wants people to always feel comfortable knowing where their money is spent and that all causes are worthwhile! It’s sort of like my stamp of approval- so to speak!

This would be Paws 4 Life’s EIGHTEENTH trip up North -crates brimming with dogs who would have been euthanized had Tanya Parker and her Paws 4 Life team not pulled them. They average about 34 dogs per trip which equates to about 612 dogs’ LIVES saved in the last 16 or so months. Mom said she was humbled by these volunteers.




Mom and Dad watched the Paws 4 Life team organizing the copious amount of paper work required for the dogs’ relocation, they then loaded a plethora of crates that had to not only be fitted into the van like a jigsaw puzzle, but then lashed in with bungee cords for stabilization.

After all, crates were stacked three high. Each dog was fitted with more than one piece of identification and the crates were labeled too! It’s a process! And those papers. Those are the required veterinary records that must go with the dogs. They are like gold!!!!

And then it was time to load. Meet some of the dogs who last week were headed to the gas chamber on death row and this week climbed aboard their “FREEDOM RIDE”! It’s hard to watch the people who have fostered say “goodbye”, even though they know that beautiful lives lie ahead for these precious souls.

Look into their eyes- hope? despair? Mostly confusion, but in short order they will be adopted at the shelters to which they were relocated in Illinois and Wisconsin. In fact, the Wisconsin shelter wants an entire van of dogs just for their shelter-ASAP!!



These two ladies, the PAWS 4 LIFE volunteers,  will unload everyone of those dogs, EVERY FOUR HOURS for a potty break. Remember they are stacked up higher than the ladies heads and six crates will have to be unloaded completely, at each stop, to get to the other dog crates. From Louisiana to Wisconsin and back by Sunday.

It’s truly a mission of mercy!
Their hearts are filled with compassion, love and selflessness.

After about a five hour process, it was time…..

As Mom and Dad stood their watching their departure, Mom cried. She knows the pain and heartbreak of Rescue’s successes and failures. This was a success. She also knows that my mission is to PAY FORWARD my good fortune, to help others who are abused and abandoned, has once again come to fruition by helping with this mission.

My heart is full and as I think about more lives being saved, the old adage of rescue runs through my mind.

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely to that one dog the world will change forever.” The faces above have been saved, more to follow… God bless these volunteers and all who rescue. Every life counts.





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Mr. Kippers here-

I’m certain that all of you, like I, were waiting for “Shock and Awe” to happen today when “Kirby the Terrible” went to his first Mardi Gras parade.
It is with great pride that I relay the news that Master Kirby represented Classic Kippers with great aplomb!

The SHOCK & AWE is happening to my parents and their friends who have only seen Master Kirby’s “out of control, no excuse” behavior in public, but today saw something else!

A little background:
The Highland parade is held during the day and is touted as “The Family Parade”. It’s NOT one of the big night parades! Mom and Dad went to a friend’s son’s home which is at the beginning of the parade route. That’s a plus!
People are everywhere! Some are set up on their lawns for family gatherings and some more like frat parties. It is definitely a smorgasbord of venues up and down the streets.

Every weekend they take Kirby to Lowe’s, Pet Smart, a coffee shop, etc. to work on his socialization. And every time they come home looking bewildered and bemused. First I thought it was the dementia on their part, (they are getting long in tooth)  but upon retrospect, I have decided that it’s “Kirbyitus”.
That being said, I heard Mom talking to Dad about immersion courses. You know, when a parent sends a child to a foreign country to learn the language? Surely they didn’t think it was necessary for Kirby to learn Russian Wolfhound, French Poodle or German Shepherd, because his English, being an English Bull Terrier, is still lacking!
As it turned out, Mom felt that he was still too wild on his weekend outings, so she thought that a Mardi Gras immersion -with lots of people, children, bands, loud music – you know, you’re basic bedlam , might just be the ticket! Evidently it was the right call because a good time was had by ALL- not just Kirby. Even Auntie Susan was there to validate!

So was it immersion or the MAGIC of Mardi Gras?

You decide!
Love, licks and woofs!
Mr Kippers






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Tomorrow a training exercise will take place which will allow my adopted son, Master Kirby, to work toward his ultimate goal of taking the helm of Classic Kippers at some point.
Most of you know that it’s MARDI GRAS time, and in Louisiana, that means party time! Mardi Gras, also called Shrove Tuesday, or Fat Tuesday, in English, refers to events of Carnival celebrations, beginning on or after the Christian feasts of the Epiphany (Three Kings Day) and culminating on the day before Ash Wednesday- the beginning of the Christian Lenten season.
In fact, the French phrase synonymous with Mardi Gras is “Laissez les bon temps rouler”- Let the good times roll!
Most of you are aware that my Mardi Gras roots run quite deep. In 2014 I reigned as the very first four-legged Grand Marshal of The Krewe of Barkus & Meoux! That year I rolled, in not only in the Mardi Gras parade, but that April, also in Shreveport’s Spring festival called Holiday in Dixie!

img_6112 img_6113img_3938img_6118img_6121
In 2016, I once again stepped into the spotlight as The King of the Krewe of Barkus and Meoux with Miss Sophie Peach as my Duchess.


There were also other functions- luncheons, visits to nursing homes, schools and interviews on live TV which required my being at the TV station prior to 5 AM! And of course a CLASSIC KIPPERS check presentation at one of the functions!



Yep, the 2016 Mardi Gras Season kept us mighty busy as we rolled in the Barkus & Meoux Parade, as well as the Highland Parade and The Holiday in Dixie’s parade!
The best part was that my book,”Rags to Renaissance- The Southern Education of an Abused English Bull Terrier” had just been published, so my Dad and human brother, William, made me my very own float- complete with a totally comfy couch. None of this standing up to throw beads for me!

img_6104 img_6105
(By the way, I had awesome signature beads  and cups to throw!)

There was also a replica of my book which made up the entire end of the float! It was 72 times bigger than my actual book! And, because I love to sit in our family library by the fire and read, a faux fireplace was incorporated into the float.

Very cool! V E R Y, V E R Y COOL!

Despite all of these wonderful touches, a four hour float ride is rather grueling and that’s just ONE parade!

img_6128 img_6131 img_3941 img_3944

And then there’s the fact that I’ve turned thirteen.
It’s time! It’s time for Master Kirby to BEGIN to represent Classic Kippers. Actually, because many people “over party” anyway, it won’t look so bad for Master Kirby to be in the midst of revelers! In some cases, it might even make him look well mannered! {{{snort, snort, chortle, chortle}}}

The jury is still out on that one! You don’t think I would actually allow him to represent our company at say, well, the Christmas party at John Pickens Fine Clothier? Not happening just yet!
Of course Kirby will not be a Grand Marshal nor a King. Those are basically earned positions. He needs to work his way up starting as a reveler, on the street. That includes collecting beads in the air and the street gutters.

Revelers shout out, “Hey Mister! Throw me some beads!”
This afternoon we practiced.

By George, I think he’s got it!

Hang on Shreveport!
Mardi Gras and Master Kirby will meet on the streets tomorrow for the Highland Parade!




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We are sending love and Valentines to all!

Thanks you for buying our TIES, TEES and BOOKS!


Mr Kippers, Miss Sophie Peach and Master Kirby!






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Four years ago, Gordon and I drove to Lake Charles to pick up an old bully who had been rescued out of the middle of a highway. One of my special rescue friends had called to tell me about him. She also said she’d foster him.
However, several days later, I received a call from a volunteer at a kill shelter in a South Louisiana Parish. They had a young male, tricolor bullterrier, who desperately needed to have a breed-specific rescue pull him. I put a stop on him and faxed the shelter my 501c3 papers. I called Tammie back and explained the dire need for him to be rescued. She then told me that she couldn’t foster them both, but if I’d take the old one, she’d take the young fellow. By the way, all vets who have seen the old warrior, estimated his age -then- as nine and the tricolor was 18 months- two years. (As it turned out the tricolor was completely deaf, we placed him a few months later, but it was not a good fit. Fortunately, a wonderful young couple, took the time to go and learn how to work with a deaf dog, put in an application. To this day, they are the proud adoptive parents of a very wonderful, totally deaf English bullterrier, who not only understands sign language, but gets along with all other dogs-thanks to this young couple whose time and dedication paid off.)
But I digress.
On February 13, 2013, we found ourselves heading to Lake Charles to pick up a scrawny, pitiful bullterrier who has literally changed our lives, but most importantly, he’s changed the lives of many animals in his four short years with us, as well as changed the minds of many humans not only about rescue, but breed specific rescue.
As we turned into the driveway at Tammie’s, we saw the two of them headed down the street toward us. At this point, I thought that this boy was a mini, albeit one on the tall side. In reality, backyard breeders and puppy mills often produce animals which do not conform to the breed standard. I had not been around minis very much, but was fairly certain this pitiful bag of bones (27 pounds) was just that. After all, the male bullterriers which we have owned were taller and topped the scales at 80+ pounds. Time proved me wrong, as this 27 pound bully was not a mini, but rather a small standard.
After a visit, we headed back to Shreveport with this skinny boy, whose eyes held no emotion one way or the other. By Alexandria, he stopped looking out the window and settled into my arms, by Shreveport he belonged to us.
(Most of you already know what has transpired these last four years, but if you don’t and would like to know more, just read his story on his blog, on his FB page or his website :
Now at 50 pounds, four years later and a new life time of experiences, we celebrate the anniversary of his arrival into our lives, as well as his 13th birthday.
We know we are on borrowed time, and each day with him is indeed a miracle.
He still loves to put on his Classic Kippers’ bow ties and hear the word “showtime” as well as the click of the camera as his journey is documented. He has remained humble, yet the newspapers, radio, television and Internet applaud his success.
In his comical, loving way, he has shown everyone that bull breeds can be wonderful, and that ALL rescues need our help.
This weekend, Mr Kippers chose to celebrate his 13th birthday with a couple of turtle friends, Miss Sophie Peach and his protégé, Master Kirby. Gordon and I chose to celebrate this life who has, unequivocally, changed ours forever!
Happy Birthday Kippers, you may not have been loved the first nine years of your life, but you are loved now by us and those who follow you throughout the world!


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There are Super Bowl Ads and then there are Classic Kippers’ Ads.

Needless to say, Classic Kippers does NOT have a spare 5 million for a 30 second TV spot. We actually have no budget at all for advertising, but Mom works hard to keep me out there through clever photography. I wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings, but I really think it’s my debonair, classic style that keeps interest up. But to her credit, the sets she pulls together, on a shoestring, certainly make things more fun! Until today anyway, but it wasn’t her fault, it was Kirby.

You see, I am doing all of the PR for the awesome dog and cat bowls which have been made by the talented artists at Evergreen’s Matters of the Art, while locally owned Cuban Gift Shoppe is selling these awesome pieces for the artists, with proceeds going to Robinson’s Rescue. These artists are developmentally challenged, but they work very hard at their craft, take great pride in their work and are thrilled when their pieces sell! We are definitely a WIN-WIN team!

Since it’s Super Bowl weekend, why not plan to spend it with your best friend- man’s best friend that is- your dog- or cat – whatever your fancy. You can buy an awesome doggie dinner dish and fill it with some of Cuban’s snack mix for you, but don’t forget to throw in a few choice “Barkery Bites” for Fido from a pet shop. Oh and Cuban’s cheeses- they definitely have the best “paws up” selection in town! Grab a six-pack or two of your favorite brew, wine if you prefer, or one of Cuban’s really smoooooooooth single malt Scotches. Don’t forget a bottle of water for Fido! After all, someone needs to be the designated walker during half time!

I had a scathingly brilliant idea! Our Classic Kippers’ Super Bowl ad needed to showcase the dog and cat bowls by Matters of the Art along with Cuban’s incredible snacks and delicious libations!

Mom created a fun set for us. One side would be the colors of the New England Patriots and the other the Atlanta Falcons. I chose the New England Patriots because two of my foster brothers live just outside of Boston and then there’s that bonnie “Irish” lass who lives in Maine….

The idea was that surrounding the photo would be the two palm trees synonymous with the Cuban Gourmet Shoppe, as well as the Super Bowl LI team’s logos. On set would also be the dog bowls filled with all the accoutrement necessary for a fun evening  while watching the Super Bowl! And of course, Kirby and I would be seated on our designated sides supposedly watching the game on television. That WAS the plan…

May I say that this was the absolute WORST photo shoot on record?!

At one point I tried to hide my head in a “deflated” football and when that didn’t work  I just closed my eyes!



If it had been the game itself, Kirby would have put himself right out of the game due to penalties.

He was dancing in the end zone, he was face masking the bags of treats and he even tried a quarterback sneak although, he’s more of a sneaky quarterback.


Dancing in the end zone 


Face masking the treats


Quarterback sneak!

Call them penalties, call them bloopers- you decide!

Needless to say, where we were once looking forward to watching the game together in harmony, we are now a house divided! Things got so bad on the set that I just turned my back and looked the other way! It was humiliating.


But don’t let our discourse ruin your Super Bowl! PLEASE consider running to the Cuban Gourmet Shoppe for your Super Bowl snacks this afternoon and while your there, buy Fido or Felix a bowl and make a difference in the life of a person with disabilities, as well as the life of an abused and abandoned animal.

No matter who wins the Super Bowl, a purchase from Matters of the Art will help the artists and the animals be the TRUE winners!


and Face Book Classic Kippers!!



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MR.KIPPERS here and I am thrilled to be collaborating with CUBAN GOURMET SHOPPES to PAY FORWARD my good fortune of having been rescued, by presenting the beautiful works of EVERGREEN’S, MATTERS OF THE ARTS, talented artists!

Just  this week I donned my hospital gown, dashing Classic Kippers’ EKG bow tie and met the artists at Robinson’s Rescue. There we posed with their awesome dog and cat bowls which are themselves,  works of art!
These wonderfully dedicated artists, who are developmentally challenged, have created one of a kind dog and cat bowls for your most deserving canine or feline.

Your purchase of one of these masterpieces is actually THREE GIFTS IN ONE!

FIRST, a gift for a special dog or cat                                                          (guaranteed to make eating even more of a  pleasure!)
SECOND, a gift of joy, as your purchase will delight the artist who crafted your piece. (On the back of each work of art is the artist’s story)
THIRD, a gift of the net profit, from your purchase, will go to ROBINSON’S RESCUE, Shreveport’s low-cost, high quality spay/neuter facility. By doing this, you are helping ROBINSON’S RESCUE to “save lives through prevention”. Preventing unwanted litters from being born, through spay/neutering, helps ROBINSON’S RESCUE’s mission of reducing animal overpopulation and euthanasia in our community.

When we all work together in our community, GREAT things happen. That is why CUBAN GOURMET SHOPPES and CLASSIC KIPPERS support the works of EVERGREEN’S MATTERS OF THE ART and ROBINSON’S RESCUE!



CUBAN Gourmet Shoppes , 928 Pierremont Rd, Shreveport, LA




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❤Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Classic Kippers has gifts,

especially for you.

Rags to Renaissance, my beautiful book,

And bow ties to give you a savior faire look!

The day of hearts is two weeks away,

Please change the fate of a heartbroken stray.

We need to sell books and my “Classic” bow ties,

To raise funds for animals , we can’t let them die.


❤February 14, Valentine’s Day, is a time for hearts and expressions of love. This year our family shares a first Valentines’ Day with a very special heart, my protégé, Master Kirby.


❤Many of you are aware that I really didn’t create Master Kirby in a laboratory as my clone (for those of you who fell for my ruse I say -“GOTCHA!”).

❤Master Kirby was a gift, actually two gifts, just like my books, ties and tees!! When you purchase one of our gifts you’re buying something made in America that will bring happiness to the recipient. But it’s also a second gift, in that you are helping save the life of an abused and abandoned animal.

❤Master Kirby was born after our beloved Annie took her last breath and as you will see, he also has been two gifts in one.

❤Annie, for those of you who aren’t aware, was our precious red and white bullterrier who had lived 8 1/2 years of her life in a cage, as a breeding female for a back yard breeder. When her horrible owners moved, knowing that they no longer had use for this spent old girl, they just left her in the cage- no food, no water. A neighbor heard her crying. Mom and Auntie Susan did not know if she would even make it home from Houston when they picked her up. Thankfully, rescue vet extraordinaire, Dr. Keith Ratcliff, worked tirelessly to save her.


❤For 10 1/2 months this precious bully girl knew love from people across the world who followed her journey! She also knew exceptional veterinary care. Her hair grew back and  her tail was ALWAYS wagging. Despite that abuse, she loved everyone. Annie even walked the runway at Best in Sheaux, in the name of all who have suffered by the had of man. She didn’t just walk that runway, she rocked it! People clapped and cried! Her life had purpose!!


❤Sadly, her lungs were so damaged that they were never able to heal and on a beautiful blue sky day in June, “OUR ANNIE” the people’s Annie, took her last breath in my Mom’s arms.

❤What we didn’t know, was that when Annie took her last breath, a life elsewhere took his first. You see, there was a baby boy bully born to some of Mom’s friends in Texas. After all, when God closes a door he opens a window.img_5025

❤The first puppy, out of an almost all brindle and white litter, had arrived. He was big, red and white and had Annie’s paw of approval stamped right on his back. I kid you not. Annie’s signature was her heart and right there, in the middle of the puppy’s back, was a little white heart!


❤The friends knew that this puppy was meant to become a part of the Classic Kippers’ Team. They knew that I would need a protégé and what better one than a red and white pup, who looks a lot like me AND with Annie’s paw of approval on his back! TWO gifts in one!

❤Even though it took two photo shoots and 246 pictures to get a few, I have to say that Master Kirby is getting better every day! If only he would stop trying to taste test the props! Those little red “petal” hearts scattered about the set were his Achilles heel!


❤Master Kirby is only seven months old and where other dogs are beautifully trained at seven months, one must remember we are English bullterriers! I give Master Kirby a “B” for Photo shoot behavior (there is always room for improvement), but unfortunately he is still a “D-” the rest of the time.


❤As we say in the South, he’s just a “HOT MESS”!

❤I will, however, give him an “A +” for his exuberant and affectionate attitude toward people who are brave enough to get near his whirling dervish self, as Mom and Dad walk the halls of Lowe’s trying to socialize him.


❤By the time he’s three years old he will come into his own. And, as of the writing of this blog, we only have two years, eight months, two weeks, six days, 24 minutes and 10 seconds until he will hit that magic GOLDEN age of three!


❤Our gifts maybe purchased at John Pickens Men’s Clothier in Shreveport, LA, Olivine, Rice Village in Houston, TX and on our website,
Show your heart and please think of us this Valentine’s Day!

HAPPY 2017 and Baby New Year has arrived!


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It all began when my baby sister, Miss Sophie Peach, was complaining about having to play nursemaid to  Master Kirby. I felt rather sorry for the little waif, but I have been busy with Classic Kippers, this IS the holiday season you know! That left entertaining Master Kirby to Miss Sophie Peach. She has been trying to tell him that he could NOT be the 2017 Baby New Year, true he is a baby, but NOT Baby New Year! Despite being told that repetitively, he insisted on being Bully Baby New Year! SHEESH! Even making his costume fell to poor Sophie Peach.  Granted it was just a diaper and a hat, but putting a Tasmanian Devil, named Kirby, in a diaper is not an activity which I would relish. Naturally, all of this made me feel particularly sorry for Sophie Peach. So, like a good it brother, I bit the proverbial bullet and ask her if she would like for me to take her out to dinner on New Year’s Eve. She was so excited! So much so that I knew I had made the right decision. Sometimes one must give up one’ s personal enjoyment for the benefit of another.
I made a reservation for two at Bullitoires. A fabulous new restaurant with ambience that just screams, NEW ORLEANS! I must admit that I ask for a corner table because part of me hated the thought of being out on a “date” with my baby sister. Being magnanimous only goes so far. After all, I had no idea how she would behave. In the almost two years she’s lived with us I have seen her go from SOUTHERN BELLE to A RED HAIRED HELLCAT in a matter of moments. It’s NOT pretty!

I told her that we would leave the house at about 7 o’clock, I was definitely going to make it an early evening, so that I might later meet up with some of my friends.
I waited for Sophie in the entrance hall when lo and behold she descended the stairs looking like Alice in Wonderland gone amok. Either that, or she was trying to pick up another galaxy with her new “radar” headgear. She was so proud of the way she looked that I didn’t have the heart to say anything to her.
It was obvious that I would just have to tough it out, knowing that Sophie Peach thought she looked beautiful and wanted me to be proud of her. Which basically I was… but I do have my limits.
We arrived at Bullitoires and were escorted to a beautifully appointed table for two.

I immediately ordered a nonalcoholic bottle of champagne in hopes of, well, you know.
Since dogs don’t drink, or shouldn’t, and because our champagne was nonalcoholic, it was permissible for Sophie Peach to have some. But, I think the bubbles went straight to her head! Jumping Jehoshaphat! The next thing I knew she was IN the champagne bucket! How does one spell E M B A R R A S S I N G?

I wondered if there was enough champagne in the restaurant to get me through the dinner. I ordered another bottle and had them put the bucket by me so I could keep an eye on it!


Sophie Peach did get up to go to the ladies room which gave me a moment to compose myself.


Interestingly, when she came out, she had traded her ridiculously big bow, with someone else, for an adorable fascinator.

The evening was looking up.

img_9641 img_9655 img_1747

Well, at least until she started singing “Auld Lang Syne” and it was only 8:30!

Unfortunately for me, the kitchen was very slow which made our dinner terribly delayed.  And if matters could get much worse, Miss Sophie Peach’s cell phone started dinging. Instead of unasumingly turning it off , she committed a terrible faux pas- she actually pulled it out of her purse and put it on the table! And, just as I was getting ready to admonish her for this social blunder, the clock struck midnight.  I looked down to see pictures  of ” Bully Baby New Year” popping up one after another on her screen.



enlight1 enlight1

It seems that Master Kirby got his wish and is the 2017 Baby New Year after all- and I……

well, I have a sick headache.


Happy 2017!