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​Excuse me please!

Cloning for a protégé has been temporarily suspended today for more folderol! I took a small respite from the lab today for a short, but sweet, turtle hunt. I may be old, but I still have it! Yep, # 51 has been nabbed, duly recorded and released. I started going bonkers on my constitutional, so Mom whipped out her camera and videoed my prowess as I shifted left, shifted right, spun around and nailed him!

Let’s face it, there’s more to my nose than just merely bring part of another pretty bully face.

That is all!

CLONING-The scientific recipe!


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To “MOI”, cloning is akin to following a recipe of sorts -only scientific.
At least that’s my theory and this is, after all, my experiment, my story, my blog and MY CLONE. That being said, it’s imperative that I explain, first, what “ingredients” I intend to add to the “recipe” for my protégé. That way, those of you who are following the cloning will have a thorough grasp of some of my most important genetic makeup.
Of course there are clones produced by the DNA from embryos, as well as those produced from an adult cell. The latter is much more difficult than embryonic cell cloning.
The cell will be injected into an unfertilized egg cell which has had the nucleus removed. Then of course WE (I may allow little Sophie Peach to be my lab assistant) will culture it for six or seven days to see if it will divide and develop normally before implanting it into a surrogate mother. Through my studies I have learned that some clones are not entirely identical to the genetic parent. That is because the mitochondria, kept outside the nucleus, can inherit from its egg donor mother. It’s rather complicated, but the Massachusetts Reproduction Institute, from where I am taking my correspondence course, does an excellent job in explanation.

Before I begin the actual cloning work, I thought it would be best to give y’all a peek into what will become my “sanctuary” for the next few weeks.
Thank you again LOYOLA COLLEGE PREP for allowing me to use your laboratory.

image image image  

Primarily, I must add the following:

English Bull Terrier Red- (coat color) After all, a Herring when cooked, becomes red in color and is called a Kipper! That would be “MOI”!


English Bull Terrier White- (coat color) It is imperative that my clone have a white “collar”, like I, so that all of my Classic Kippers bow ties show up properly when modeled.


1. SMELL- Eastern BoxTurtle Olfaction- now we wouldn’t want a clone who couldn’t carry on my prowess hunting turtles would we?


2. SIGHT & HEARING- Fox-Fox Gene- those of you who are personal friends are aware of “Fox-Fox”, but for those who do not see me often I must explain. I have long had an obsession with a certain fox tail which Mom keeps in the vestibule closet. When I hear the words “Fox-Fox” my ears go up and I race to the closet. I elicit the same response when I see the fox tail. Whether I see it at a photo shoot or I hear the words “Fox-Fox” I perk up!
It’s the trick to my awesome photos, so naturally it is imperative that the “Fox-Fox” gene be included.


3. HEARING- see # 2
4. TOUCH- “Pay Forward” Gene- the desire to reach out and “touch” those less fortunate. Isn’t that what Classic Kippers is all about?
5. TASTE- Sense of Southern Style Gene-( good taste) you either have it from birth or you don’t. It’s a plain and simple fact. Basically to a Southerner, good taste is the opposite of “Tacky”.
Southerners understand two very important phrases “It’s tacky” and “Bless his/her/your heart” – both are often associated with taste.

Of course these are just some of the genetic materials which will go into the embryo to produce my protégé!

LABORATORY SECURED! Full speed to cloning!


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The mailman, excuse me – “postal person”, delivered my correspondence course material on cloning yesterday!


I am taking my course, Me, Myself & I -Cloning For Beginners from MRI (Massachusetts Reproductive Institute), in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

I am terribly impressed with the course material. When I signed up, I had to choose between a pig or a sheep to be used as my example. Of course, because we are called “pig dogs”, I chose the pig example. My goodness! MRI even included information from the AKC English Bull Terrier color chart which will help immensely!

I had spoken to MRI earlier and explained my situation. I told them that I was not trying to get a degree in biochemistry/cloning per se, but that it’s imperative that I find a protégé in short order.
After all, my “mini me” will have to grow and develop.

image image image image

Now for the super exciting news! I have finally secured a laboratory for my personal use!
I will now, very shortly, be able to put to work those things which I am learning.
Now, I’ll bet y’all are itching to know which lab.
You see, the LSU Med School laboratory is in use daily, so naturally I needed a place where I can work, undisturbed of course. LOYOLA COLLEGE PREP graciously responded to my request to use their facility. Since their students are out of school for the summer, it will be ideal!

image image
I’m going to be finishing up with my book work by tomorrow evening and will then begin my lab work.
Two points of importance:
First, clones do not always look identical. Although clones share the same genetic material, the environment also plays a big role in how an organism turns out.
Secondly, in reproductive cloning, researchers remove a mature somatic cell, such as a skin cell, from an animal that they wish to copy. They then transfer the DNA of the donor animal’s somatic cell into an egg cell, or oocyte, that has had its own DNA-containing nucleus removed.


Back to my books!


ME, MYSELF & I- Cloning For Beginners


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img_3173Bless my genes and DNA! I am finding my cloning course to be rather intense, but I’m certainly up for the challenge, as I am hell-bent on cloning “MOI”. Unfortunately, I’ve run into a couple of stumbling blocks. The first was obtaining a library card. Are you aware that only service dogs are allowed in the library? How terribly insensitive to those of us who are trying to further our education. I wasted my first night brooding over how I would ever be able to do research without admittance to a library, but mom reminded me that we have a well stocked library in our home an Internet capabilities. She also gave me permission to use her home office and computer and said that I could take cloning courses online.

Despite having wasted the first 24 hours of my mission, trying to get into the public library, I signed up for my first Internet course on cloning yesterday. It’s called “ME, MYSELF AND I – CLONING FOR BEGINNERS”. Simply fascinating! I spent last night delving into the depths of therapeutic cloning, reproductive cloning, general cloning, embryos, in vitro, genetic defects and fertilization. It boggles one’s mind!

My second stumbling block has been to secure a laboratory. Fortunately, Mom has a friend, who has a friend, who is in charge of a fabulous laboratory in Shreveport. It’s an older laboratory, but one where some of the finest minds in Shreveport have been educated. We are working out the logistics, but I am in hopes that I will soon be able to share good news that I have the use of a laboratory in which to begin my cloning process.

Now, back to my studies.

A NEW JOURNEY BEGINS! The quest for a protégé .


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Of late I have been pondering the future of my company, Classic Kippers.
Of course I plan on staying at the helm for sometime, but let’s face it, I am long in the tooth and my muzzle is gray.  Bottom line –  I need a protégé. Truthfully, the duties are so vast as CEO, that having someone on board to learn the ropes from me would be ideal. I’m quite frustrated if the truth be known. Sophie Peach tried to step into my paw prints, and does certainly help in many ways, but the FACE of Classic Kippers cannot wear pearls. I mean after all, we are known for our signature bow ties  are we not?
Mom has brought home  potential prospects, four in fact,  which she rescued from surrounding parishes and counties. A couple were entirely too bullish! They were big males who thought they were going to run the show- NOT HAPPENING!  My company, my show.  Despite the fact that we were neutered, it was some what of a  testosterone nightmare. Let’s face it, a gonadectomy does not have total control over sexually dimorphic behaviors. SHEESH! The two who appeared to have potential, we’re just too strong for my mom to handle on a lead. (Her knees are titanium you know.) Side note: before I was rescued, all of my parent’s English bull terriers were 65-90 pounds.  I arrived tipping the scales at 27 pounds. Granted I was a tad scrawny, but after proper care, I now weigh 50 pounds.  Mom has decided that English bull terriers, 50 pounds or under, are a much better size for public appearances and of course, for her to walk.  It’s not to say that we don’t think those big fellas are magnificent, because we do, but we also realize that good things come in small packages – like “MOI”!
Unfortunately, at twelve, I do not have unlimited time to find a protégé. Especially as I would like to train him myself. Although mom is continuing to look for a  protégé through her rescue position, it’s apparent that there is only one thing for me to do and that is to clone myself. Most of you aware that I am quite the student and always enjoyed learning new things. So I shall endeavor to learn the finer points of cloning. Mom and dad find my idea a bit dubious, but my mind is made up and being a hardheaded bull terrier, I’m going for it! Mom and I had quite the tête-à-tête over it,  because she worries about my clone having my genetic abnormalities, but in the end I claimed victory!  I’m just certain that I will be able to pick and choose the DNA make up of my protégé.


I do hope that you will follow me on my journey, as I try to find the perfect protégé whether he be cloned or rescued.

1. Hit the library
2. Ferret out books on cloning
3. Secure a private lab
for cloning purposes.

RED, WHITE & BLUE – #50- Woo Hoo


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When Mr. Kippers caught turtle # 49 he simply stated:
” And are we not all in agreement that their should be some serious falderal to commemorate number 50 when the time comes?
Let’s hear it for FALDERAL!!!!”

I need a DRUM ROLL PLEASE for this auspicious occasion. It’s true, I have caught number 50 and in fine form I might add!
Not only will it be documented here for posterity, but Mom even got it on video!
I know it isn’t polite to brag, but this IS turtle 50 and I AM 12, so please allow “moi” a tad of latitude.
This morning was a rather normal, hot sultry day. Dad and I went for our early morning constitutional when I began to alert. Knowing that my behavior was more “turtle alert” rather than “feral cat/ squirrel alert”, Dad brought me into the house to get Mom and the camera. After all, everyone has been on pins and needles waiting me to strike on number 50, but I’ve been drawing blank since Memorial Day!
I kid you not! I haven’t caught even one iota of the essence of tortoise in all that time. But today was different. Mom got her camera, set it to video and we headed out. There was a slight breeze and I caught it, not the breeze- the odor of tortoise!

I pranced, I trotted, I pulled , I caught him and then something that has never happened before happened!





I slung my head to the left and #50 flew out of my mouth and right at my mom!image


Of course she immediately took him inside to be indelibly marked as number 50, complete with a little touch of the RED, WHITE and BLUE and a big old gaudy bow to begin our FALDERAL celebration. 


imageimage image

We posed for pics, partied, I got lots of treats and then it happened- I was told it was time for #50 to be released. I stomped my feet a bit, but then I just pranced around. After all, today was a momentous occasion!
Number 50 has now gone into the record books and I am, most unabashedly, the Turtle King of Walker House!


It is with a heavy heart, once again, that I must deliver heartbreaking news. My old friend Guinness, from Connecticut, who honored the Shell Shakers Turtle Tag Team by donating a statue of our mascot, has unexpectedly lost his life. I am deeply grieved because this titan of Celtic charisma was one of my earliest and most ardent supporters, as well as my dear friend.

Guinness was born on November 6, 2005. In his eleven years he never met a stranger and was a blessing to not only the family who loved him, but to those whose lives he touched.

Guinness collapsed last night and was rushed to the ER. Sadly, the diagnosis was grim and though Guinness lived large every day of his life, at the end, last night on June 27, 2016, he was where he wanted to be as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge-in the arms of the one who loved him most and best- Miss Sue.

Please join me in raising a pint to my Irish friend Guinness.

Godspeed gentle soul. We shall miss you with all of our hearts, especially Izzie, her mom Helen, my mom and me, but we shall never forget you!

PS dear Guinness-

Once you are settled and have gotten to visit with all those who were there to welcome you to heaven, please find a pup who needs a life of love and care- mark him with your gentleness, add a bit of mischievousness, a double dash of Irish humor, your incredible good looks and an affinity for popcorn and your humbleness. Package up this pup of perfection and send him to Miss Sue. Her heart is shattered and she misses you terribly, but she knows deep down that you would want her to love another wee one, BUT he must be of YOUR choosing.



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  • image

King Lear said:
Nothing comes from nothing.
Moi says:
No hunt, no turtles which is basically the same thing.

Miss Sophie Peach and I decided, on this fine Memorial Day that we’ve had enough of the “turtle moratorium” going on at Walker House! After a bit of negotiating, we have been allowed to resume our hunting and it was a banner day indeed.
I am so proud of little sister Sophie Peach, who claimed her first prize of this season, and brought her career total to SEVEN!
Miss Sophie did sustain a small injury from a stick, while diving into the ground cover for her prize , but then again- “No pain no gain”!
Yep! She’s a doozie!

I, on the other paw, brought in my second of the season raising my career total to number 49! And of course we are all aware of what comes after 49- are we not?



And are we not all in agreement that their should be some serious falderal to commemorate number 50 when the time comes?
Let’s hear it for FALDERAL!!!!

That is all!



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“Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.”
Apologies to The Bard
And yes! There is method in my hunting and madness in my head when first I scent my turtle prey!
Although my parents have declared a moratorium on turtle hunting, for now, because they fear that we MIGHT have an influx of snakes due to flooding, I orchestrated a strike this afternoon which took my mother completely off guard and nearly off her feet, but in the end, I triumphed! Yesterday, was World Turtle Day (May 23) and it was kept a secret from moi. Seriously! And to add insult to injury one of my special followers, Miss Suzy, from Wisconsin, posted a Happy World Turtle Day message to me. Alas, she was the only one who remembered and this information was kept from me so that I would not feel cheated with there being a moratorium on turtle season.
But, since I prevailed today and captured, numbered and released TURTLE # 48, I shall dedicate it to Miss Suzy for remembering to wish me a happy World Turtle Day.

When Mother finally regained her balance, she got out her cell phone and called Dad to please come out immediately to help. Fortunately, Dad brought out my baby sister, Miss Sophie Peach, so that she could share in my triumph. Yep, as you can see, we were licking our “chops”, but alas, it is uncouth to eat turtle tartare without the proper accoutrement!

Hear me ROAR!!
That is all.

UPDATE- Austin to Boston- “Will & Purpose”!


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For those of us who rescue, knowing that the life of an innocent animal has been saved is thanks enough. It’s an incredibly exhilarating feeling. Each rescue is a small victory in the scheme of things, but to that one animal it’s the world-  often life!
Of course they are all special, but periodically, though not frequently, a very, VERY special dog comes along. I have been fortunate to have rescued two in the past four years. One I kept- my beloved Mr. Kippers whose “will and purpose” has raised thousands of dollars, as well as awareness, for other abused and abandoned animals. We’ve had five English Bull Terriers, in the last twenty two years, whom we have loved dearly, so believe me when I say – Mr. Kippers IS different.
The second English bull terrier was in a situation that would have also ended badly, had it not been for a wonderful woman who was in the right place at the right time and able to get him out. She then called me, but little did I know, as my friend and I headed to Houston to pick him up, that a truly unimaginable story had just begun.
Below is the link to the chapter in Mr. Kipper’s book, where the story of Bruno is told.
It was apparent, just from the short time Bruno was at our home, that he WAS one of those special dogs. The story itself received kudos from not only other rescuers, but from people who enjoy hearing a good story- a good, true animal story. It’s one of those wonderful “feel good” stories about how a group of like minded people can move mountains – and quickly – for the love of a dog.
It’s been a year since that remarkable rescue and just this past week, an update came my way. I’d like to share it.
If you know the story then you might want to skip the link below, but if you haven’t, please take the time to read it before reading the update.

Just thought I’d let you know that the second best bull terrier of all time has totally proven the faith we placed in him. As you so well know-I retire early- and Saturday night, I slunk off to bed about eight. All was well: My husband was in the living room watching TV. I never felt Bruno leave the bed- but I sure felt him land back on me and commence to start digging me out! Leaping off and back on the bed til I awoke enough to realise that I needed to follow him…. To the living room- where my husband was in a heap on the floor! This is a VERY special dog. Thank you.
Her husband was fine, though he has Parkinson’s and had evidently lost his balance and fallen.

Since arriving in Boston, Bruno has trained to be a service dog for this man. He obviously takes his job seriously. This wonderful sweet boy, who came close to losing his life in Texas, has become a beloved and treasured part of a family in Boston. Rescue saved Bruno’s life and Bruno is saving the man’s by improving his quality of life. When they walk, Bruno is there for stability, when he relaxes Bruno is there to comfort. And now, Bruno has proven that if the man is in need- he will be there to get help. He, too, has “will and purpose”.
I think not.
Special providence?
No doubt.


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