HAPPY 2017 and Baby New Year has arrived!


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It all began when my baby sister, Miss Sophie Peach, was complaining about having to play nursemaid to  Master Kirby. I felt rather sorry for the little waif, but I have been busy with Classic Kippers, this IS the holiday season you know! That left entertaining Master Kirby to Miss Sophie Peach. She has been trying to tell him that he could NOT be the 2017 Baby New Year, true he is a baby, but NOT Baby New Year! Despite being told that repetitively, he insisted on being Bully Baby New Year! SHEESH! Even making his costume fell to poor Sophie Peach.  Granted it was just a diaper and a hat, but putting a Tasmanian Devil, named Kirby, in a diaper is not an activity which I would relish. Naturally, all of this made me feel particularly sorry for Sophie Peach. So, like a good it brother, I bit the proverbial bullet and ask her if she would like for me to take her out to dinner on New Year’s Eve. She was so excited! So much so that I knew I had made the right decision. Sometimes one must give up one’ s personal enjoyment for the benefit of another.
I made a reservation for two at Bullitoires. A fabulous new restaurant with ambience that just screams, NEW ORLEANS! I must admit that I ask for a corner table because part of me hated the thought of being out on a “date” with my baby sister. Being magnanimous only goes so far. After all, I had no idea how she would behave. In the almost two years she’s lived with us I have seen her go from SOUTHERN BELLE to A RED HAIRED HELLCAT in a matter of moments. It’s NOT pretty!

I told her that we would leave the house at about 7 o’clock, I was definitely going to make it an early evening, so that I might later meet up with some of my friends.
I waited for Sophie in the entrance hall when lo and behold she descended the stairs looking like Alice in Wonderland gone amok. Either that, or she was trying to pick up another galaxy with her new “radar” headgear. She was so proud of the way she looked that I didn’t have the heart to say anything to her.
It was obvious that I would just have to tough it out, knowing that Sophie Peach thought she looked beautiful and wanted me to be proud of her. Which basically I was… but I do have my limits.
We arrived at Bullitoires and were escorted to a beautifully appointed table for two.

I immediately ordered a nonalcoholic bottle of champagne in hopes of, well, you know.
Since dogs don’t drink, or shouldn’t, and because our champagne was nonalcoholic, it was permissible for Sophie Peach to have some. But, I think the bubbles went straight to her head! Jumping Jehoshaphat! The next thing I knew she was IN the champagne bucket! How does one spell E M B A R R A S S I N G?

I wondered if there was enough champagne in the restaurant to get me through the dinner. I ordered another bottle and had them put the bucket by me so I could keep an eye on it!


Sophie Peach did get up to go to the ladies room which gave me a moment to compose myself.


Interestingly, when she came out, she had traded her ridiculously big bow, with someone else, for an adorable fascinator.

The evening was looking up.

img_9641 img_9655 img_1747

Well, at least until she started singing “Auld Lang Syne” and it was only 8:30!

Unfortunately for me, the kitchen was very slow which made our dinner terribly delayed.  And if matters could get much worse, Miss Sophie Peach’s cell phone started dinging. Instead of unasumingly turning it off , she committed a terrible faux pas- she actually pulled it out of her purse and put it on the table! And, just as I was getting ready to admonish her for this social blunder, the clock struck midnight.  I looked down to see pictures  of ” Bully Baby New Year” popping up one after another on her screen.



enlight1 enlight1

It seems that Master Kirby got his wish and is the 2017 Baby New Year after all- and I……

well, I have a sick headache.


Happy 2017!




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Mr. Kippers here with the story of our 2016 Christmas Miracle.


People are always saying “small world” and indeed it was proven, once again, on Thursday, December 22, which is where our Christmas Miracle begins.
It would be an understatement to say that Mom has an easy job with her email. It was once “normal” until I came along and now she handles mine, Classic Kippers, Angel Annie’s and now Kirby’s. Actually, Kirby doesn’t get so much just yet, but all private messages and comments on these FB pages flow into her email and it was no different on December 22.
Among hundreds of emails one particular Private Message shone among the others like the Christmas star ⭐️!

It began, “Hi Amanda, I got your name from Barbara Dove Keck, as I am a fellow old fox hunter. I’m reaching out to you for any leads or if you can help. I have two hounds in a high kill shelter in Minden, LA which need to go to Augusta, GA or Aiken, SC or I might even be able to drive to ATL if needed. I’d be a foster mom paying all their fees and keeping them until they are fattened up and when ready, they have been accepted by Second Chance Rescue up North. Problem is I’ve tried Operation Roger (truckers) , Pilots n Paws, and bunches of others and no one is willing to drive or fly and be paid for gas or time to get these two hounds further east and closer to GA. The Minden animal control officer is ready to euthanize them on Tuesday. Any ideas or leads? I was hoping there was an underground railroad and I posted to LA Transport, but no takers. Any help is much appreciated as the clock is ticking on their lives.
Thank you,
Susie Huiet

Mom had only to read “fellow foxhunter” to know she had to read that message immediately.
She knew it must be important because no one would “just want to chat” three days before Christmas no matter what they had in common!


My mom has been a mounted foxhunter since the early 1970’s, so when a new Internet group called “FOXHUNTER’S ONLINE began, she joined. It was a great way to share foxhunting stories, keep up with old friends and meet new ones. One of the “new” she met many years ago was the administrator of FOL- Barbara Dove Keck. Barbara is not only a foxhunter, but a lover of all animals and has been keeping up with Mr. Kippers and Angel Annie through the years.
Barbara knew that Mom was not only a foxhunter, but was also the coordinator of rescue for English Bullterrier’s in Louisiana.
This was Thursday night the 22nd of December – less than three days before Christmas. Mom feared that their only chance was to find someone headed east for Christmas, but that was a stretch since it was already the 22nd and most people would probably be leaving on the 23rd, if they had not already left, to visit family.
She also knew in her heart that was a slim chance since these dogs are large. Miss Biscuit, our resident fox hound, weighs in at around 100 pounds and though these dogs are malnourished, they are on large frames.
Mom, with tears streaming (poor Dad was alarmed when he saw her feverishly pounding the keys of her laptop) put out a few feelers on both her Facebook page, my Classic Kippers Facebook page, and our Angel Annie’s Rescue FB page.
She knew it was a long shot, but she’d try. Then Mom had an idea, one of my most ardent, Classic Kippers, supporters is a wonderful woman named Margaret Lockenvitz- Gabhart, who is a trucker out of Las Vegas. She and her husband team drive with their English bullterriers, Bruno (brindle) and Boris (both rescues)!  I’m not sure Bruno has a drivers license but he certainly likes to get behind the wheel ! 

img_3669 img_3670

Margaret was kind enough to put out a help request to other truckers who might be headed east down the I 20 corridor.
This was going to be a quiet Christmas for us this year, so Mom figured -worse case -we could drive across Louisiana and Mississippi if another party, or parties, could take the Alabama, Georgia legs of the trip.
While Mom waited to hear from Miss Margaret, she got a message from a professional photographer who had taken the most awesome pictures of me, which appeared in The Shreveport Times when my Classic Kippers line was first launched four years ago, and then again at my book launch last Christmas. The message consisted of the sweetest words a rescuer can ever hear:
“Hi Amanda, saw your post needing someone to transport two dogs to Augusta, Ga. I might be able to do it. I’ve got a van and plenty of time. Give me a call as I have a couple of questions.”
Mom called, and when the questions were answered, he said “YES”!
Thus making “photographer” Doug Collier, “Christmas Angel”, Doug Collier!
I’m most certain that one could hear the cheers all the way from Shreveport, Louisiana to Aiken South Carolina!
So the plan began to unfold.

Another rescue angel and dog groomer, Sydney Edwards, who is in Minden, Louisiana, put a hold on the hounds and then picked them up from the shelter on Monday Dec 26th.
She took care of getting their papers in order and then took them to be groomed.
As a former rescue from the streets, I know the unusual, but wonderful feeling of a warm bath and a loving hand. It’s a memory forever etched in my mind, as well as getting food on a regular basis and not just scraps or food from garbage cans …real kibble!
Miss Susie has appropriately named them Dasher (tri color) and Dancer (black and tan). Not only because it is Christmas time, but because if you know hounds they can definitely do some serious dashing and dancing!
Dasher was adopted as a pup from the shelter and later found as a young dog chained to a trampoline.


I’m not certain of Dancer’s story, but soon you will all know the rest of this marvelous Christmas Miracle!


At 8:03 this morning Christmas
Angel Doug put Minden, Louisiana in his rear view mirror and headed East with his precious and grateful cargo. And you know what? He’s not taking them to meet the nice lady, Miss Susie in Augusta Georgia as originally planned, this wonderful, kind hearted  man is driving them all the way to Aiken, South Carolina to Miss Susie’s farm!


At 10:32 The three D’s (Dasher, Dancer & Doug) crossed into Mississippi. Unfortunately they have hit driving rain and will probably be in it until they get through Alabama.



Stopped for gas, water  and a walk!


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This past week we welcomed a 14-year-old, on all fours, to our family- but it’s not what your thinking!
You see, last year Mom decided to downsize from having had SUV’s since 1997 and decided on a crossover.
Big mistake. B.I.G. mistake, B.I.G. MISTAKE! – well, at least for rescue. It does drive like a dream, but who cares when the life of one of my kind is in need of rescue?  Helloooo???
Fortunately for Mom, the first two rescues with the crossover were somewhat polite individuals. (Yes , Becca, one was Georgie.) Georgie’s a really cool guy who was adopted by one of mom’s friends in Massachusetts. Actually, I think both were just so grateful to be rescued that they chose not to eat the car. Mom of course is a proponent of crates because it is the safest thing for an animal to be in when traveling. Many dogs are lost on the road because they are not crated when an accident occurs. And those people who ILLEGALLY allow dogs to stand in the back of an open pick up truck????? – SHEESH!
Mom of course intended to put two crates in the crossover.   Unfortunately,  she found that not even a medium one would fit in the very back, because of the car’s hatchback slope. It was a dilemma indeed ! Mom and Auntie Susan put one bully in the backseat and one in the very back with a partition between them. As it turned out, the “rescuers” were very fortunate, because the “recuees” behaved quite well. I can assure you that some of the rescues Mom has brought home would have trashed the car prior to their arrival in Shreveport!
Dad drove a plush pick up truck, but without a camper top, it was totally unsuitable for rescue. Dad had a chance to sell his truck, took the opportunity and drove the family’s jeep until he could figure out what he wanted to do. It appears that he has been doing some serious sleuthing for a solution. Well, “what to do” popped up on his radar a week ago! Dad and human brother William, headed to Texas to check out a vehicle which Dad thought would be fun to drive and perfect for both bully rescue and horse activities. He also knew Mom had always wanted one. The vehicle is 14 years old and has been carefully maintained. What a find!  Specially since they are no longer made! The only issue was one fog light was burned out. Piece of cake.
Mom knew the type vehicle they were looking for, but it’s hard to find one that has not only been well maintained, but has low mileage. This was indeed a find and when Dad drove in the driveway, Mom met him on the terrace grinning from ear to ear. It was perfect! Well perfect might not have been “school bus yellow”, but when one gets lucky and finds a luxury model, with low mileage on a vehicle that is no longer made, one cannot get too picky about color. Besides it’s happy and it makes people smile!
Shucks, it makes me smile and I have affectionately named it:

“The Classic Kippers’ Bully Bus”

Mom has it decked out for Christmas with a red nose, antlers and a big ol’ wreath on the back. What’s not to like?


It seems that since Dad has been home he has only driven it a day or two. Yep it’s a fact! Mom is terribly smitten with it and is delighted to be back in a big vehicle…and it’s B.I.G.alright. This puppy is on the frame of 3/4 ton dually truck! It will accommodate FOUR CRATES! A shout out to my fellow bullies needing rescue. ***Call 1.555.BULLBUS ***

We’ve already been out delivering books and tees locally. And yesterday, we made a post office run to ship two pawtographed copies of my book, Rags to Renaissance, to Virginia, two tees to California and three of my Classic Kippers bow ties down under. Yep, that’s right! Three of my bow ties are winging  their way to Australia!


Please keep Classic Kippers on your Christmas list!


When you purchase any one of my offerings- a bow tie*a tee or my book- you are not  only purchasing a beautiful gift made in America, but you’re helping to save the life of an abused and abandoned animal, as the net profit of your purchase goes to rescue.

*  my bowties are made in New York for humans, but they can also be worn by dogs who have a neck between 13 1/2 inches and 17 1/2 inches.

Santa Claus is busy & the Elf on the Shelf is in trouble.  We’ve got this handled!














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Who needs an Elf on the Shelf, when one has a Bull in a Pen?
For those unfamiliar, Englishman James Hinks is credited with developing the English Bull Terrier as a “Gentlemen’s Companion”.
My Mom has long felt that the phrase “Bull in a China Closet” actually came from a person who owned an English Bull Terrier.
I of course, am not only a companion of the highest repute, I show no bullish tendencies when going into the pantry where some of Mom’s china is kept.
Unfortunately, I think we have a problem NASA,
and its name is Master Kirby! He considers everything a target rich environment.
What many of you may not know is that he broke his toe digging in his car crate four weeks ago. He is supposed to have been taking it easy for the last for weeks in either his X Pen or his house crate. (Interestingly,  he doesn’t dig in his house crate)
Now, as you will see in this video, my parents have had to place four cinder blocks around the XPen in order to keep Master Kirby from moving it. My parents have had five bullterriers and involved in the rescue of scads more. One would think that by now they would know that four cinderblocks would keep the XPen in place about as well as letting a fox guard a henhouse. SHEESH!
He’s thirty pounds of packed pig and let me tell you- he’s solid! Whenever one goes into the kitchen, one never knows what one is going to find. Yesterday he pulled off quite a coup.
Please notice the cross metal straps on the top of the XPen. They were put there to try and keep the XPen square. Yesterday, evidently, he pushed hard enough to get the XPen to go into a narrow position, so that he could force it through the door from the kitchen to the mud room. That meant he manipulated it around the cinderblocks as well. But somehow he miraculously “squared” it back up once it was in the mudroom !
Here is video proof of where it ended up and the way Mom and Dad found him last evening. And let me tell you, they were not amused!
I bet I know somebody who’s not going to get anything but coal for Christmas!




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Mr Kippers Here. I’m afraid I’m going to have to interrupt your Christmas season to bring you this VERY important message.


It will be in the 20’s tonight in the SOUTH, with a WICKED windchill in the teens!  If you are one of my readers in some other part of the country, it is probably going to be worse. But here in the South we are not accustomed to these temperatures.

I cannot imagine how many dogs and cats are still out there- all over the country. Winter is HERE and it is more brutal than usual. Some animals will freeze to death and some will just wish they were dead.

PLEASE if you have a crate, a shed to leave open, a box you can cut a hole into for a door, please, please PLEASE do it. Do it now! Please! You may not like feral cats and dogs, but no living being deserves to freeze to death or suffer in such a horrible way.

Our dad is putting a crate out as we type Filled with old towels . Atta boy Dad. Good job!

Yes, it’s cold, but you don’t really want to get into your warm bed tonight knowing that you could have made a difference with a box or crate and some crummy old towels- though monogrammed are nice too…

SERIOUSLY, they are the voiceless, who need our help. I made a pledge to be the voice of the voiceless, so followers….I AM MR KIPPERS…HEAR ME ROAR!!!

Love, licks, meows and grateful thanks!
Mr Kippers, Felix Peach, Miss Sophie Peach and Master Kirby


PLEASE CONSIDER the following cold weather safety tips for pets:

Do not leave pets unattended when the temperature drops below freezing (32 degrees F)
Low temperatures, winds and precipitation can lead to illness, hypothermia and death.
Signs of hypothermia include: weak pulse, dilated pupils, decreased heart rate, extreme shivering, pale or blue mucus membranes, stupor and unconsciousness. If you believe your pet is suffering from hypothermia, call your veterinarian immediately.

The salt and other chemicals used to melt snow and ice can irritate the pads of your pet’s feet. Wipe paws with a damp towel before your pet licks them and irritates his/her mouth.
Antifreeze is a deadly poison, but it has a sweet taste that may attract animals and children. Wipe up spills and store antifreeze out of reach.

Warm engines in parked cars attract cats and small wildlife, who may crawl up under the hood. To avoid injuring any hidden animals, bang on your car’s hood to scare them away before starting your engine. My mom knows someone that happened too and it’s beyond horrific!

Routinely check your pet’s water dish to make certain the water is fresh and unfrozen.
And it can refreeze quickly.

Use plastic bowls rather than metal; when the temperature is low, your pet’s tongue can stick and freeze to metal.

If your dog is sensitive to the cold due to age, illness or breed type (small or short-haired), take them outdoors only long enough to relieve themselves. Puppies do not tolerate cold as well as adult dogs.

Feral and outdoor cats need to stay warm as well! Because blankets, towels and pillows can get wet and freeze, straw is the best insulation against the cold and weather. If you can leave a shed or a crate out for feral cats it would help. In those you can use towels.



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To the many of you who attended, visited and or bought my bow ties, books or tees, I am very grateful. John Pickens is glad y’all came too! And if you’re one of the ladies who kissed my big nose, I’m REALLY grateful!
Merry Christmas!
Love, licks and woofs!
Mr Kippers




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img_2756 img_2758

Dear God,

I prayed for someone who simply would care,
As I lay heartbroken -filled with despair.
My ribs were cracked, my teeth filled with infection,
The rain pouring down, my soul awash with rejection.

I prayed for a family who would see me whole,
Back then I looked ugly, frightened and cold.
I scrounged for morsels that no man would eat,
But to this dying dog, it was truly a feast.

My last owners tied me with wire used to bale,
The pups I produced were for “bait” and for sale.
One day when the “mean man” let down his guard,
I chewed free and escaped his hellish backyard.

A car speeding by, slowed and changed my luck.
Two hands reached out and gently scooped me up.
Then into other hands I was passed in a week,
Little did I know I was theirs for keeps.

I may be infirmed and my muzzle is graying,
But it was for this family You knew I was praying.
My love and devotion I gladly give,
To all of these people who helped me to live!

I want to help those who still hurt and wait,
Those on the street who know not their fate.
Please let “Classic Kippers” help in some way,
To change the life of a hopeless stray.

Please bless my friends who support my cause,
May they always keep heart for those with paws.
Next Thanksgiving I hope that all will see,
I have “paid it forward” with my ties and tees.

Please know I am grateful this life without stress,
For all I’ve been given, I feel truly blessed.


CITY LIFE MAGAZINE, Master Kirby & “Moi”


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Greetings everyone, MR.KIPPERS here. I normally wouldn’t put out anything concerning Christmas this early because Mom is a stickler about that- NO DECORATING -our house before Thanksgiving!!!!
BUT, she didn’t say I couldn’t decorate the December cover of City Life magazine!
That nice man, Mr. Jay Covington, who is the magazine’s publisher, asked if the magazine might send a journalist out to interview me. I was so excited , but never dreamed we’d would be on the cover too! I am humbled and flattered, but Master Kirby is just not old enough to understand the positive impact of this honor! Right now, he only gets excited about a big ol’ meat bone or a new tennis ball!
Here is a sneak peek of the cover.
Want to see more? City Life  Magazine will
be on the stands by Wednesday.




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It’s that most marvelous time of the year. The leaves are turning , the weather has a nip in the air and the holidays are fast approaching.

Wait! Whoa Nellie….I am not one who likes to commercialize the holidays, but like others who are in the retail business, I must sell my wares.  And for me, that means raising money  to help abused and abandoned animals.  Therefore, I propose that we all shop early and then enjoy the “Reason for the Season” whether it be Christmas or Hanukkah  (December 24- January 1st)

With that in mind…

are proud to share a VERY LIMITED amount of 100% SILK CLASSIC KIPPERS’ CHRISTMAS bow ties. They can be purchased online at:


img_2491 img_2492 img_2493 img_2494 img_2495 img_2496


img_2487 img_2488

img_2485 img_2486

img_2479 img_2480 img_2483 img_2484

img_2481 img_2482


Remember it’s two gifts in one. The tie for you to give and the net profit of your purchase will go to help ABUSED & ABANDONED animals like our beloved Annie, whom we will miss terribly this Christmas! Her beautiful light now shines brightly in the heavens.










Annie,  and those like her, are the reason that I work tirelessly to raise funds. I know the feeling, as I was one of those animals. It is my mission to pay forward my good fortune since having been rescued. So please check out my website:


A purchase will be helping to save lives- what greater gift can one give?

With Love and a grateful heart,

Mr Kippers


My SIGNATURE TARTAN TIE, which I am wearing in top photo, can be purchased at John Pickens Clothiers in Shreveport, Olivine in Houston or online as well.

Classic Kippers’ Signature Cocktail


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As the holidays approach, both Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is important to keep up one’s spirit. Literally and figuratively!
That’s why I have created a most refreshing signature libation which I have named,
The Classic Kipper.
As one peruses my website, ClassicKippers.biz in search of the perfect gift,
I would suggest enjoying my signature drink which is made with Generation’s Organic “Chai Berry Burst”  from Noble Juice or create your own with any
of the wonderfully healthy organic juices by Noble Juice!

(Please note that this cocktail may be made with or without the vodka.)

1 1/2 oz of your favorite vodka
1/2 oz Cointreau
1 oz Generation’s Chai Berry Burst
“Shaken, not stirred”,
Pour over shaved or crushed ice
and strain into a martini glass