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JUST RESCUEDHELLO! My name is Mr. Kippers and this IS my story…

I wore baling wire for a collar and I had broken ribs. I was dangerously anemic. My X-rays bear out these facts. I was 90% deaf because of a horrific ear infection. My teeth carry the erosion marks of my trying to chew through the wire and I was terribly thin and malnourished. I had a birth defect, an elongated palate, which made it hard for me to swallow when I ate and even worse, difficult to breathe. Yet I was being used as a stud dog.
Then one day I got away. I was free, but sadly afraid, lost and confused. What had I done to deserve these grim circumstances?
I found myself standing in the middle of an intersection of a four lane highway in South Louisiana-terrified. Then fate intervened. A car drove up, the door opened and hands reached out and pulled me to safety. This had to be a dream- not everyone will pick up a starving stray, let alone a bull breed. Happily a lady named Tammie, who loves dogs was the person at the wheel. Because I was almost deaf and couldn’t hear the cars I surely would have been killed in the traffic. I didn’t know what would happen next, but it had to be better than the hell I was living. Tammie took me home and called my now adopted mom, Amanda, who is the Louisiana contact for BTCA Rescue (Bull Terrier Club of America). The paperwork was begun and I was put into the “system”. My age and physical infirmities were going to make my adoption difficult, but by the time we rolled into Shreveport, after the four hour ride from South Louisiana, Amanda and her husband Gordon said that I wasn’t going into foster care. I WAS home!
Initially I went to the veterinarian for a physical, to have my teeth cleaned, to be neutered, vaccinated, chipped etc. An operation was required to correct my swallowing and breathing issues. The recovery time was about six weeks. The antibiotics I received for my severe ear infection gave me back most of my hearing. My anemia is under control and I have gained 17 pounds. I will always carry the scars on my teeth and on my neck, but I am one of the lucky ones …for the scars on my heart have been healed by receiving unconditional love!