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Friday the 13th.

My Mom and Dad were married on Friday 13th, so they think that’s pretty lucky date and as of yesterday- it is for me too!

If you were wondering why, and then guessed that I caught yet another turtle, then you would be perfectly correct! I was telling Felix Peach (AKA The Cat) all about it earlier- but he just kept staring into space.

I could see the wheels turning in his furry little orange head. Later he said that he was pondering the possibility for a reality television show. One that sheds a classier light on our state. A true gentleman’s hunting show- “Turtle Boy meets Classic Kippers”! He’s just certain that it would be a hit!

I have now caught a “gracious plenty” and am “dancing in high cotton” or periwinkle ground cover as it were. My day was “finer than frog hair”! I not only caught Eastern Box Tortoise Number 25,

but someone in Botswana is reading my blog which makes Botswana the 58th country on my list.

I DO know where Botswana is, but some of these countries- well “I wouldn’t know ’em from Adam’s off ox” and that’s a fact, but believe you me I am beginning to take my geography studies more seriously. Now “don’t go getting all gussied up” and thinking we are celebrating the last turtle on the grounds of Walker House! No siree- “I have not yet begun to hunt!!!