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This is MY dad and you better believe that he is one happy camper! I not only gave him a Father’s DAY gift, I gave him an awesome Father’s Day WEEKEND!

Yep, I doubled his pleasure and doubled his fun! I took him on a turtle hunt yesterday AND today. First Class! Only the best for my dad and I was in rare form!

I was determined to make it a memorable hunt and I always keep my word! Not only did I nab TWO turtles, (numbers 26 & 27 respectively) but I actually caught NUMBER 25 twice -AGAIN. Please note that the “fluid” on the front steps is my drool. I just go all “Pavlov” when I get around these guys!



Unfortunately Mom won’t let me take credit for duplicate catches which I think is entirely unacceptable. We live on two acres. Mom and Dad released number 25 on the back property line and he navigated back to the front yard. I KID YOU NOT! And, just for the record, if any of you are under the assumption that the tortoise is extremely slow, then you need to think again. They may not be fast compared to the hare, but when prompted, they can truck along at a pretty steady clip.

Numbers 26 & 27 were particularly lovely!

Number 27 never came out of his shell for a photo-op, but number 26 did and he looks like THE JOKER! Check it out!


Both have been properly NUMBERED, MEASURED and RELEASED! The third part was NOT my idea. Personally, I thought that a spot of cold turtle gazpacho might just be a nice touch to add to a Father’s Day brunch! No one agreed.

Hope all the Dad’s out there had a glorious day!

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