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Sadly, I have not been able to bask in the glory my latest turtling success. SHEESH, that’s because my Mom has been preoccupied with another project and has been hogging the iPad. Can you believe it? Something is actually usurping my being the center of attention! Excuuuuuse me???? I think not! Only my closest friends know that, since posting the capture of turtles #26 & 27 a couple of weeks ago , I have caught (and my parents have released) #’s 28, 29, 30 and 31! I feel very strongly that there should have been some sort of celebratory function to honor my remarkable accomplishments in the field of turtling, but NOOOOOOO, not even an “Atta boy”!
So, this afternoon I did something rather rash. I caught and crunched turtle # 32! Thinking back on it, I am pretty sure that it was a poor move on my part, but I really WAS caught up in the moment and she WAS so small.
Actually, the smallest in my collection! Dad pulled her from my mouth and Mom raced her inside and called a turtle rehabber.
image After a few minutes, her wounds were cleaned and the proper antibiotic and bandages applied. The rehabber said that her wounds must be cleaned and redressed daily. Mom didn’t want the required bandages to come off, so she used hot pink duct tape to secure the gauze. imageimageNow this delicate and savory morsel is at the rehabber’s.
Yep, she’s in a lovely private room getting excellent care…


…while I sit here with a dumb sign around my neck.