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ONCE UPON A TIME there was a very special little girl named Ella and she was special for several reasons. One, because she likes me, which gives her an edge, and secondly she represents all that is good.

Personally, I felt that the beginning of this Christmas season, which is a time of giving, was the perfect moment to present my MR. KIPPERS’ GRATEFUL PAW AWARD.
It is given by yours truly,”Moi”, to a young person who has shown “Extraordinary initiative in the service of animals and for being their voice in the dark.”

This year I presented it to Ella, who is 6 years old and in Mrs. Kennedy’s 1st grade class at Southfield School! She loves her Southfield family. Ella is a member of a Daisy Scout Troop and is taking them to Robinson Rescue in January to tour the facility which is so close to her heart. Ella chose to donate money to Robinson Rescue starting a couple of years ago when she wanted to have a lemonade stand in her neighborhood. Her parents told her she could, but needed to give the money to someone who was in need. She quickly decided that she would give it to needy animals. Did I not tell you? She’s a girl after my own heart!

I’ll bet you were thinking that she donated $25 or $30 to Robinson Rescue. If so, you would be perfectly wrong. My special little friend, Miss Ella, has donated HUNDREDS of dollars from her lemonade stand, bake sales and hot chocolate stand…AND …she always packages up dog treats for her customer’s pets!!!
Is that not the most thoughtful thing? Bless her heart! Ella operates on donations only and contributes her money from holidays and her birthdays as well. In her spare time she enjoys riding her bike, swimming and reading books. She loves spending time with her cousins, grandparents etc. and is so excited to become a big sister in January. She will finally have a buddy other than her border collie, Pace and rabbit, Bun Bun!!!!

Now it is paramount that Miss Ella and I explain a little bit about ROBINSON’S RESCUE. We have found that many think it’s a rescue shelter of sorts. Those people would also be perfectly wrong. In a way, it IS a rescue because through their spay/ neuter program, thousands of dogs and cats will live long, happy lives without becoming breeding machines like I was. That in turn helps to lessen the unwanted puppy/kitten population!

Now, Robinson Rescue has two great fun raisers each year. One is their calendar and the other is Best in Sheaux! (More on Best in Show in another blog)

The calendar is made up of the dogs of people who wish to donate $500 to have their pet’s picture put in the calendar. And that’s how it began-my relationship with Miss Ella. One of Santa’s elves informed me that Miss Ella had raised $500, so that she, too, could put her dog Pace’s photo in the calendar. Now that’s the INITIATIVE that won her my award!
Still, there are a great many people who think that Robinson Rescue is a shelter. And, since a picture is worth 1000 words, Ella and I decided to dress up for a special photo shoot in hopes that people will envision us in the operating room of Robinson Rescue and REMEMBER that it’s a LOW COST SPAY NEUTER FACILITY. Ella will be portraying  ROBINSON’S RESCUE’S resident veterinarian, DR. ANDREA MASTER and I will be portraying ALL of those who need to be SNIPPED & CLIPPED!


Now, my new book, Mr. Kippers’ Rags to Renaissance- The Southern Education of an Abused English Bull Terrier will be wrapped under many a Christmas tree, but it’s paramount that ROBINSON’S RESCUE CALENDARS are in every stocking!


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Robinson’s Rescue provides high-volume, high-quality, low-cost spay and neuter surgeries to dogs and cats in the northwest Louisiana region. The organization began in 2005 as an informal group of concerned citizens who met regularly to research best practices and programs in other communities that successfully lowered and eliminated the killing of healthy, adoptable dogs and cats. Robinson’s Rescue “saves lives through prevention” by performing an average of 35 surgeries per day, five days a week. The spay/neuter team has completed more than 37,000 surgeries since opening the facility in 2008.
Purchase a 2016 Robinson’s Rescue Calendar
This beautiful calendar is now available with a PayPal donation of just $18 ($15 + $3 shipping and handling). To buy yours online, visit http://robinsonsrescue.org/pages/calendar

Calendars can also be purchased for $15 at Robinson’s Rescue, 2515 Line Avenue, or at the following retail locations in Shreveport:

King Hardware and Gift
Rhino Coffee
Akin’s Nursery
Absolutely Abigail’s
Lewis Gifts
C & C Electric
Mrs. McGregor’s Garden
Jaded the Boutique
Maxwell’s Market
Just for Fideaux
Enchanted Garden