Yes, Elvis has left the building and my heart is heavy. It is my sad responsibility, as Captain of the Shell Shakers, to announce that we have lost one of our own.
Elvis Ketner played the position of “Forward Sniffer” for three seasons on our turtle tag team. Elvis’ talent was such that he earned his “red shell” from the beginning.
Elvis was a natural sniffer despite being a brachiocephalic breed, and led the Shell Shakers to many victories!
I have visited the family and they are deeply grieved, but grateful for the 12 years of unconditional love given them by this incredible canine.
To honor his passing, I am requesting that all Shell Shaker team members wear black tie in mourning to show solidarity.
RIP Elvis and may you run and sniff freely, unencumbered by pain, over the Rainbow Bridge and into your first season as a heavenly Forward Sniffer! Our loss is heaven’s gain.
That is all.