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There are humans, though not many, who receive calls in their lifetime from important people. Sometimes to congratulate them on an accomplishment and other times to ask the person to step up to the plate and take on some sort of special assignment. This call might include The President of the United Stars, a state Governor perhaps, or a sport’s great. When that happens, the human becomes elated beyond measure and feels as if they have hit the “motherlode”. Bless their hearts. I guess if it trips their latches, then who am I to tell them that their “motherlode” pales in comparison to the phone call I received today. I am a bit taken aback myself, but terribly honored and I will certainly strive to live up to the responsibility to which I have been entrusted. One would probably think that Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy called, but one would be perfectly wrong. Good grief, who else would it possibly be BUT the Easter Bunny? SHEESH!
He is in dire need of help, due to the recent flooding in our area, and he’s most concerned that he cannot get his list of Easter deliveries made AND hidden in the allotted time. Therefore, he is reaching out to “moi”. He knows me to be dependable and very aware of what an awesome responsibility it is to make certain that his treasured eggs are carefully and properly delivered. At least we are having our annual Easter cold snap! Last week, record breaking 87 degree temperatures sent Mr. Bunny into a tizzy. One can only imagine the difficulty in keeping the cherished chocolate delights from melting!
So if on Easter, my paw prints are seen in the silt residue ( ie mud) left by receding waters or muddy prints on porches where water in yards is still standing, please know that it just “moi”- helping our most beloved Easter Bunny in his quest to bring the joy of Spring to area children.
The “Bully Bunny” has got it together,
He’ll get it done despite the weather!
Beautiful eggs and chocolate galore,
On Easter morning there’s sure to be more.
Mr Kippers will don his tie, a Classic Kippers, to catch one’s eye,
His eggs are loaded in a big ole basket,
He’s praying Sophie Peach won’t sing, “A Tisket A Tasket”!

Of course Mom felt like a photo shoot  to mark the occasion was in order. When has she ever missed an opportunity to take pictures???

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