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My mom and dad have had a rough week. Mom had a trip to the ER and Dad had dental surgery. It was looking like it was also going to be a mighty sad Easter since granddaughter Alex wasn’t going to be here this year for the holiday. Then I got a scathingly brilliant idea. I couldn’t stand seeing them sad, so I decided to host a “Bunny Ears & Cupcakes” party. The magic of children works well every time!

I invited my two biggest fans, Miss Ella and Master Andrew, as well as my baby sister Sophie Peach and cousin Dudley. Both Ella and Andrew sit in chairs with lovely manners like “moi”–Sophie Peach and cousin Dudley –not so much.
Sophie Peach actually has the most regrettable manners while eating, but I’ll give her credit, she will stay in her chair. As one can tell from her countenance, she enjoys her treats.

Naturally, I set a charming table and had “bunny ears” for my guests and particularly tasty cupcakes.


Ella had on an adorable Easter frock and that Andrew was sporting seersucker pants and white bucks! Those of you who know me, know that I am terribly partial to both human and canines turning out properly dressed for all occasions.

Miss Sophie Peach wore her pearls and I was “spit spot” in a Classic Kippers, perfectly pink, bow tie.

We sat down for cupcakes and lemonade and afterwards I gifted them both with little Easter baskets filled with a plethora of Easter goodies including some sumptuous chocolates. Sophie Peach, Cousin Dudley and I enjoyed fat free whipped cream atop homemade dog biscuits. Ella, Andrew and I were “Emily Post Perfect” as we enjoyed our delicious treats-one would expect nothing less from the three of us!

I imagine that you think the party ended when the treats were eaten, but you would be perfectly wrong.
I’m here to tell you that the fun had just begun!
When one combines cupcakes and chocolate candy, along with a few jelly beans for good measure, well, can one then say, “PARTY ON!” ????

It took about fifteen minutes for what I call the “sugar fuel” to kick in. I, yours truly, was feeling my oats too, as were Sophie Peach and Cousin Dudley. While we reached speeds of Mach 5 around the dining room table,


Miss Ella and Master Andrew roared with laughter.

I may be partial to those two, but there is no sweeter sound (no matter how loud;) than the laughter of children playing with animals!
I doff my cap to the parents of these two children. Instead of being consumed by the constant accompaniment of technology, they are encouraged to delve into other creative avenues where they enjoy the blessings of this earth -including loving & caring for their pets and less fortunate animals.
Animals teach children kindness, respect, love and compassion.
We need more like Ella and Andrew!
I knew that having an Easter function, which involved children, would lift Mom and Dad’s spirits and it most certainly did! It was a rip roaring, egg-cellent afternoon and when it was over, it was definitely over!


May the Blessings of Easter be with you and yours!


That is all!
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