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The vibrant pink, purple and white hues, of our azaleas, in all their glory, herald Spring in the South!
And, here in our town in Louisiana, we celebrate with a wonderful festival which we call Holiday in Dixie. In its 68th year, this multifaceted festival offers a Grand Ball with a King, Queen, Princess, Prince, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court and a Royal Order of Jesters who bring frivolity and merriment to the evening.


An HID Treasure Hunt, A 5K Family Run, A Carnival, A Barbecue Cook Off where proceeds go to sponsor scholarships for local children, Barksdale Air Force Base hosts an Air Show and there’s continual nightly music on both weekends at Festival Plaza! And then there is the parade! It is masterfully orchestrated by my friend, Miss Madge.

There are bands, dancers, clowns, elaborate floats carrying royalty, representation by the Sheriff’s Dept, ( they were in an awesome armored vehicle) and a big ol’ fire truck! However, if one was looking for a particularly classy, creative float, then one had to look no further than my Classic Kippers’ Library float!


The most important feature is the sofa which I borrowed from the tack room at our farm. It’s comfy and particularly luxurious with my signature tartan blanket!


Dad pulled my float to the staging area at four pm because drivers had to check in for a breathalyzer test.

Of course he passed with flying colors because he would never drive “moi” and baby sister Miss Sophie Peach inebriated! That of would be a faux pas of the highest order!

As the parade rolled, Mom and Auntie Susan threw my signature beads and candy  to parade goers who lined the streets of downtown.

Let me mention here that I was not offered one single piece of candy, and when I did try to choke down some double bubble gum, which fell in front of my paws like manna from heaven, Mom actually pried my jaws open, in from of God and Country, and reached into my throat to get the piece of wrapped gum. It was seriously embarrassing! SHEESH!


People shouted out my name throughout the parade and it touched my piggy little heart deeply. You could tell that people , especially pretty ladies, were tickled pink to get my signature beads!

Miss Sophie Peach started out well, but there was a bit of a worry as to whether or not she would jump off the float after a throw, consequently she had to sit in the cab of the truck with Dad. The good news is that she behaved perfectly in the passenger seat.
It’s true, I’m proud of her!


As the parade came to an end, I leaned on the arm of the sofa and contemplated the day, as well as my next project. Yep, I have a  scathingly brilliant idea…