Mom has officially rained on the 2016 turtle season. It’s true and I am pleading with anyone who has any influence on her to please step up to the plate and plead my case.
Turtle season was off to a dynamic start when I caught number 47. My form and style were that of a dog half my age.
Dogs are NOT supposed to be able to smell cold-blooded animals and yet I am a pro. Mom says it is the rank stagnation on their skin and shells that I pick up.


Today we started out and I immediately hit a line on the driveway. I kept my head down and followed the scent until I caught up with a Thamnophis elegans terrestris right there on the concrete about 40 feet from where I hit the scent line.
That word sounds better than “snake” don’t cha think?
I thought you’d agree.(snort, snort, chortle, chortle)
Now every one needs to chill because that’s the scientific word for GARTER snake.
NON poisonous.
I am absolutely indignant and frustrated because Dad removed said snake without allowing me Fifth Amendment rights!
For those of you who are not familiar with the Fifth Amendment it says… no one shall be “deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.”
I was totally denied my property and due process!
In almost 2 decades, Mom and Dad have never found a poisonous snake in the yard at Walker House, but this year everyone in South Highlands is talking about finding copperheads. I think it’s a ploy to rain on my turtle hunting season, but nevertheless turtle season 2016 has been suspended until further notice.image


I am indignant!
That is NOT all!