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It is my distinct privilege to announce the newest member of the Shell Shaker Team. Veteran turtle hunter, Riley Feeferlump Anderson, who will be assuming the position of turtle tackle. She’s a real “bully blocker” if you will.
Riley hails from Las Vegas-which is from where she gained her experience, as well as the moniker, “Desert Darling”. Don’t let that nickname fool you! This perfectly, packed, panoptic, power house of perfection has other accomplishments and nicknames.
If one has any doubt of her ability to move skillfully down the field with finesse, then one has only to know that she is an “agility bulldog” & no it’s NOT an oxymoron. With the nickname “Velco” it’s apparent that she’ll have great “sticking” power when it comes to turtles!
Now, without further ado, please join me in welcoming
The Shell Shakers new tackle –
Miss Riley Feeferlump Anderson!