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King Lear said:
Nothing comes from nothing.
Moi says:
No hunt, no turtles which is basically the same thing.

Miss Sophie Peach and I decided, on this fine Memorial Day that we’ve had enough of the “turtle moratorium” going on at Walker House! After a bit of negotiating, we have been allowed to resume our hunting and it was a banner day indeed.
I am so proud of little sister Sophie Peach, who claimed her first prize of this season, and brought her career total to SEVEN!
Miss Sophie did sustain a small injury from a stick, while diving into the ground cover for her prize , but then again- “No pain no gain”!
Yep! She’s a doozie!

I, on the other paw, brought in my second of the season raising my career total to number 49! And of course we are all aware of what comes after 49- are we not?



And are we not all in agreement that their should be some serious falderal to commemorate number 50 when the time comes?
Let’s hear it for FALDERAL!!!!

That is all!