It is with a heavy heart, once again, that I must deliver heartbreaking news. My old friend Guinness, from Connecticut, who honored the Shell Shakers Turtle Tag Team by donating a statue of our mascot, has unexpectedly lost his life. I am deeply grieved because this titan of Celtic charisma was one of my earliest and most ardent supporters, as well as my dear friend.

Guinness was born on November 6, 2005. In his eleven years he never met a stranger and was a blessing to not only the family who loved him, but to those whose lives he touched.

Guinness collapsed last night and was rushed to the ER. Sadly, the diagnosis was grim and though Guinness lived large every day of his life, at the end, last night on June 27, 2016, he was where he wanted to be as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge-in the arms of the one who loved him most and best- Miss Sue.

Please join me in raising a pint to my Irish friend Guinness.

Godspeed gentle soul. We shall miss you with all of our hearts, especially Izzie, her mom Helen, my mom and me, but we shall never forget you!

PS dear Guinness-

Once you are settled and have gotten to visit with all those who were there to welcome you to heaven, please find a pup who needs a life of love and care- mark him with your gentleness, add a bit of mischievousness, a double dash of Irish humor, your incredible good looks and an affinity for popcorn and your humbleness. Package up this pup of perfection and send him to Miss Sue. Her heart is shattered and she misses you terribly, but she knows deep down that you would want her to love another wee one, BUT he must be of YOUR choosing.