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img_3173Bless my genes and DNA! I am finding my cloning course to be rather intense, but I’m certainly up for the challenge, as I am hell-bent on cloning “MOI”. Unfortunately, I’ve run into a couple of stumbling blocks. The first was obtaining a library card. Are you aware that only service dogs are allowed in the library? How terribly insensitive to those of us who are trying to further our education. I wasted my first night brooding over how I would ever be able to do research without admittance to a library, but mom reminded me that we have a well stocked library in our home an Internet capabilities. She also gave me permission to use her home office and computer and said that I could take cloning courses online.

Despite having wasted the first 24 hours of my mission, trying to get into the public library, I signed up for my first Internet course on cloning yesterday. It’s called “ME, MYSELF AND I – CLONING FOR BEGINNERS”. Simply fascinating! I spent last night delving into the depths of therapeutic cloning, reproductive cloning, general cloning, embryos, in vitro, genetic defects and fertilization. It boggles one’s mind!

My second stumbling block has been to secure a laboratory. Fortunately, Mom has a friend, who has a friend, who is in charge of a fabulous laboratory in Shreveport. It’s an older laboratory, but one where some of the finest minds in Shreveport have been educated. We are working out the logistics, but I am in hopes that I will soon be able to share good news that I have the use of a laboratory in which to begin my cloning process.

Now, back to my studies.