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To “MOI”, cloning is akin to following a recipe of sorts -only scientific.
At least that’s my theory and this is, after all, my experiment, my story, my blog and MY CLONE. That being said, it’s imperative that I explain, first, what “ingredients” I intend to add to the “recipe” for my protégé. That way, those of you who are following the cloning will have a thorough grasp of some of my most important genetic makeup.
Of course there are clones produced by the DNA from embryos, as well as those produced from an adult cell. The latter is much more difficult than embryonic cell cloning.
The cell will be injected into an unfertilized egg cell which has had the nucleus removed. Then of course WE (I may allow little Sophie Peach to be my lab assistant) will culture it for six or seven days to see if it will divide and develop normally before implanting it into a surrogate mother. Through my studies I have learned that some clones are not entirely identical to the genetic parent. That is because the mitochondria, kept outside the nucleus, can inherit from its egg donor mother. It’s rather complicated, but the Massachusetts Reproduction Institute, from where I am taking my correspondence course, does an excellent job in explanation.

Before I begin the actual cloning work, I thought it would be best to give y’all a peek into what will become my “sanctuary” for the next few weeks.
Thank you again LOYOLA COLLEGE PREP for allowing me to use your laboratory.

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Primarily, I must add the following:

English Bull Terrier Red- (coat color) After all, a Herring when cooked, becomes red in color and is called a Kipper! That would be “MOI”!


English Bull Terrier White- (coat color) It is imperative that my clone have a white “collar”, like I, so that all of my Classic Kippers bow ties show up properly when modeled.


1. SMELL- Eastern BoxTurtle Olfaction- now we wouldn’t want a clone who couldn’t carry on my prowess hunting turtles would we?


2. SIGHT & HEARING- Fox-Fox Gene- those of you who are personal friends are aware of “Fox-Fox”, but for those who do not see me often I must explain. I have long had an obsession with a certain fox tail which Mom keeps in the vestibule closet. When I hear the words “Fox-Fox” my ears go up and I race to the closet. I elicit the same response when I see the fox tail. Whether I see it at a photo shoot or I hear the words “Fox-Fox” I perk up!
It’s the trick to my awesome photos, so naturally it is imperative that the “Fox-Fox” gene be included.


3. HEARING- see # 2
4. TOUCH- “Pay Forward” Gene- the desire to reach out and “touch” those less fortunate. Isn’t that what Classic Kippers is all about?
5. TASTE- Sense of Southern Style Gene-( good taste) you either have it from birth or you don’t. It’s a plain and simple fact. Basically to a Southerner, good taste is the opposite of “Tacky”.
Southerners understand two very important phrases “It’s tacky” and “Bless his/her/your heart” – both are often associated with taste.

Of course these are just some of the genetic materials which will go into the embryo to produce my protégé!