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Dear Family & Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I announce another “boo-boo” in the cloning lab. Truthfully it should be labeled a “major oops”. I am beginning to think that the turtle olfactory is an unstable component. It was no doubt the catalyst for the first explosion and I believe that it was for this one as well. Fortunately, I have Rent-A-Lab insurance to cover damage to the lab, which was thankfully minimal.


Unfortunately, this time all of my petri dishes, containing the embryos, as well as my DNA samples, “MOI” and the laboratory window just blew out of the lab.


I’m afraid that I was left dazed amid the smoke and slime of the disaster. Of course, I’m certain that anyone would be dazed having landed on one’s bum after being jettisoned, unceremoniously, out of a window. I just stood there in disbelief! I was so close to my goal.


EMS said that I lost consciousness for a few moments, but I’m not certain  that they were correct. I kid you not, I know I saw a Galapagos tortoise walking around me. Seriously! Or was it just a bizarre dream? I mean I DO know what a tortoise looks like!


I sat in the ground cover, next to the lab window, covered in cloning residue, while trying to decide what to do next.  All of my little “mini-me” embryos scattered around me. What I need is a miracle!

I do want to thank baby sister Sophie Peach for racing over when she heard the news flash. She is an intuitive little scamp and knew that it was most likely the lab in which I was working. On the other hand, she really didn’t have to bring Mom’s camera to document the disaster. SHEESH!

The part that hurts the most is that the embryos were ready to be implanted into a surrogate. Now they are strewn all through the ground cover. Yep a miracle is what I need. A “bone fido” miracle.