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It’s over.
Loyola is beginning its 2016 fall term, which means they need their lab back. The contractors will finish repairing the damage by Friday and the lab will be good to go by next Monday.
I am indebted to chemistry teacher, Laura Woolbert for allowing me to use the Loyola College Prep Lab, to Coach Bill Keel for setting everything up and making the introductions and to Dr. Aloysius Vaughn Braatenhorst, MD, DVM, BTCD for his invaluable guidance in cloning.
Together Dr. Braatenhorst and I figured out that the turtle/tortoise olfaction was definitely the culprit of both explosions. It was not in anyway, terrorism, but rather the unstableness of the component.
I have been in an absolute green funk since this last explosion. I knew that I added a smidge too much bull terrier white. Ok, it was more than a smidge, but the only effect of adding too much white would be the clone’s coat color. But the green turtle olfaction – completely another story. My Waterloo.
The travesty is that the embryos were ripe, so to speak, and ready to be implanted into a surrogate. I was THAT close.
By the way, I told y’all that I saw a Galapagos Tortoise walking around the area where the embryos and I landed. Some tried to convince me that it was a dream. Well it wasn’t! Look what I picked up on the Animal Cam this morning . What does one suppose this creature of islands is doing in Louisiana? Hmmmmm…..