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A week since the explosion, I’d been blown from the lab. Not an embryo stirring, oh boy I felt sad.

The petri dishes, strewn in the grass without care, in hopes that a miracle might soon appear there.

I had recovered somewhat and was snug on the couch, while visions of protégés made my heart “ouch”.

Sophie in her pearls , and I in my bow, I could not get settled and tossed to and fro.

When out in the vinca I heard a strange sound, I “hucklebutted ” from the couch and spun all around.

(I am an EBT you know)

I raced to the window I saw only haze, you know I’m height challenged, was I just in a daze?

The sun it was shining on the ground cover below, yet I saw faint images which gave off a glow.

There in the vinca through the haze did appear, two “turtlish” creatures though I could not see clear.

What were these creatures appearing slow and inept? One was the Galapagos with a side kick I’d bet.

It had an egg head and it started to moan, I knew in a moment it must be my clone!


More rapid than snails by legions they came. I whistled, and shouted, and call’d them by name:

“Now! Turtle #1, now! Turtle 2, now! Turtle 3 and Four!
“On! 26, on! Thirty, on! Forty and more;
“To the depths of the vinca ! To the depths of the yard!
“Come see this miracle I found with a card. Come quick, come quick, come quick one at all!

When I got down the stairs and out in the yard, my turtle friends had appeared and were surrounding the card.

The Galapagos sadly, had just disappeared, but the note that she left–music to my ears.

…………………Apologies to Clement Clarke Moore




Mr. Kippers,

I was sent here from the islands for a purpose. That’s why you saw me, I was not a dream. I witnessed the explosion and after you left, I searched for surviving embryos. I found only one intact. Because of your kindness to my fellow turtles, by implementing your catch and release program and all you do for animal rescue in general, I guarded and nurtured this wee one and became its surrogate. It’s obvious that he is a survivor, like you, to have lived through so much and thrived. I dressed him in the camouflaged colors of my clan to keep him safe from predatory hawks. He is our gift to you. He has all of your attributes and should be able to follow in your paw prints one day to take the helm of Classic Kippers. We have named him Kirby FitzKippers. Kirby an old English name meaning church village. A blessing he is and we shall be his village and watch over him. Fitz of course means “son of” and he is most definitely your son. My time here is finished. Teach him well.

With great respect,