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Dad was correct, after four days of collecting supplies for the refugee dogs and cats of south Louisiana, we needed a bigger truck.

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Especially when K.C. Stone at KTBS Channel 3, put my message on their channel via an interview with my mom. THANK YOU KTBS!


Of course, not to be outdone, Miss Sophie Peach decided to put out a public service announcement on behalf of my flood relief. She’s a doozie!

Unbeknownst to Mom and “Moi”, Dad had already called the truck rental place and reserved a big box trailer to be pulled behind William’s truck.
William is my “human brother” who was going to drive Mom down in his pick-up, but now, Dad and William concurred that a big box truck was needed. Dad called the rental place back to unreserve the trailer and get a 20ft box truck instead. The company was sorry, but  unfortunately they had no available trucks. Within an hour Dad found that there were no trucks to be had anywhere-not here, not the neighboring cities of Ruston nor Monroe either. As we say in the South, what we had on our hands was a “fine kettle of fish!” (an awkward, difficult, or bad situation; muddle; mess)
We had over 9,000 pounds of goods and no way to get them into the hands of those in need. After Mom, and her friend Miss Allie, spent the afternoon running down leads for possible trucks, mom decided to put it out on Facebook.  After all, she had promised Miss Giselle that she would be there on Tuesday. Miss Mary Ogwyn saw Mom’s plea for a truck and magic began to happen! Miss Mary knew that her friends, Earl & Liz Ferguson, who own Chinaberry’s in Bossier City, were looking for a way to help flood victims. It was because of this incredibly wonderful lady that the connection was made. Introductions began the next morning.


Gordon, Amanda, Mary and Earl 

Not only were Miss Liz and Mr. Earl willing to loan Kippers’ Express Flood Relief their truck, but Mr. Earl said that he would be supplying a driver and people to load the truck! It was decided that we would load Monday and then head out Tuesday to meet Miss Gisele’s team in south Louisiana.
First of all, I must put in a good word for Chinaberry’s. Not only do the Ferguson’s walk the walk and quietly do things to help others – like loading, driving and supplying the truck to get my Kippers’ Express Flood Relief donations to south Louisiana, but their store –CHINABERRY’S– is the most phenomenal place to buy gifts and interiors! Now I know that they wouldn’t toot their own horn , but I will!  WOOF, WOOF AROOO! I’m not only grateful for what they have done to help the animals of south Louisiana, but what Chinaberry’s does everyday to help beautify homes in the Shreveport Bossier area with their lovely interior appointments, as well as making people happy with their array of fabulous gifts! You can check them out on Facebook, but better still go see them at 1011 Chinaberry Dr., Bossier City, LA 71111. 

Just tell them the Mr Kippers sent you  and please thank them for their generosity in helping us get our supplies to south Louisiana !

As promised, Monday morning came and with it came the Ferguson’s, their truck and their crew. Within two hours the 20′ Chinaberry box truck was loaded! My “human brother” William, who was going to drive Mom down, loaded his truck as well and we were ready to roll the next morning at 7AM.

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At 6:30 AM we were getting ready to pull out for south Louisiana when Mary Ogwyn arrived with her fabulous homemade – “the best ever “chocolate chip cookies. A box for each of those going. Talk about generous! Famous Amos just thought his were the best!

Just as we were ready to roll, Channel 12, KSLA arrived to film our send off.
You can see/read about it on this link below:

Thank you KSLA

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Almost four hours later the Kippers’ Express arrived in south Louisiana with over 9000 pounds of goods to help Denham Springs rescue. So many people were fostering dogs who would have drowned had they been left in the shelter. But those people also needed supplies to care for the animals until the shelter could be cleaned, put back together and resupplied. We had enough donations to take care of shelter needs and for supplies i.e. food -to be dropped off to those who were fostering shelter animals.


MARIO                                               BILLY

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             (yep they even look good all sweaty!)



This is our Shreveport Team, Mario, Billy and my ” human brother ” William along with the South Louisiana Team after unloading over 9,000 lbs of supplies!

The one story that we heard when we were collecting was that many people had tried to help during Hurricane Katrina and had either been turned away or felt that those things that they donated did not get to people who were really in need. My mom made a promise that she would personally escort the donations to south Louisiana and that the supplies would go into the hands ( or paws ) of those who were in need.


Most of you who donated are either animal lovers, people who rescue in some capacity, or foster. The people to whom we  took our supplies are animal lovers, people who rescue in some capacity, or foster.  I cannot say that we are just Louisianians helping Louisianians because in truth,  in my quest to pay for my good fortune, my company Classic Kippers and I have picked up followers from all over the world.  Your mark specifically for the  Louisiana flooding, we have received checks from people in Washington state, Wyoming, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Nevada, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, Virginia,  Connecticut. If I have left anyone out, please let me know because it was not intentional!


And finally the smiles and faces of those who volunteer at the Denham Springs shelter. And let me introduce you to Miss Gisele, mom’s rescue contact. Yep, that’s Miss Gisele, in the bright pink, smiling so big. God bless you and your team Miss Gisele for your selfless and tireless work!


Next blog post will be “Tails” of the Flood Relief for St. Landry Parish!