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English Bull Terriers are proof that God has a sense of humor, as well as those who own and love them. That is certainly lucky for us! Actually, I am a rare bullterrier, as  I do not eat anything but my food.  I cannot say that for baby sister Sophie Peach  and other bullies who have passed through the doors of my mom and dad’s home over the last twenty-three years.  Needless to say,  there are four bottles of hydrogen peroxide in our kitchen along with a big ol’ oral syringe. Evidently the stuff loses its potency in a short period of time, so mom always makes sure she has brand-new bottles on hand.

You will not find an inexperienced bullterrier owner who does not keep bottles of hydrogen peroxide on hand. ⭐️This is NOT something one needs to do without checking with one’s vet if one is a novice, ⭐️but then again, if one owns a bullterrier, one becomes a pro in a very short period of time.

The trick is to catch the bully while the “foreign” object(s) is still in the stomach so that said object(s) can be vomited up before getting into the intestinal tract and causing a blockage which will require surgery. For that reason we are often called the “zipper breed”.
Yesterday, an 11 month old standard bully named Audrey, ingested almost an entire box of surgical gloves and a piece of her blankie. Miss Audrey was lucky in that she belongs to Glenna Wright, wife of veterinarian, Dr. Tom Wright. who herself is experienced with such situations having been a breeder of these “three-year-olds in a dog suit” for decades.

I really need to send Audrey a copy of Emily Post. It’s never too early to work on one’s manners. I mean after all, not only did she ingest something that is not edible, but it was certainly unladylike of Miss Audrey to eat the entire box! And then if that were not enough, she loudly and vehemently demanded dinner of those who had worked to save the little minx from surgery. How gauche!  Most of you probably think it is very gauche of “moi” to post such unpalatable pictures, but please understand this is a public service announcement and I am doing it  for the benefit and safety of those who are not in the know.


Mr. Kippers

Below is a photo of the “debris” which was vomited up by Miss Audrey, as well as a picture of her later that day demanding her dinner. Good job and good call Glenna and Dr. Tom! 

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