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This past week we welcomed a 14-year-old, on all fours, to our family- but it’s not what your thinking!
You see, last year Mom decided to downsize from having had SUV’s since 1997 and decided on a crossover.
Big mistake. B.I.G. mistake, B.I.G. MISTAKE! – well, at least for rescue. It does drive like a dream, but who cares when the life of one of my kind is in need of rescue?  Helloooo???
Fortunately for Mom, the first two rescues with the crossover were somewhat polite individuals. (Yes , Becca, one was Georgie.) Georgie’s a really cool guy who was adopted by one of mom’s friends in Massachusetts. Actually, I think both were just so grateful to be rescued that they chose not to eat the car. Mom of course is a proponent of crates because it is the safest thing for an animal to be in when traveling. Many dogs are lost on the road because they are not crated when an accident occurs. And those people who ILLEGALLY allow dogs to stand in the back of an open pick up truck????? – SHEESH!
Mom of course intended to put two crates in the crossover.   Unfortunately,  she found that not even a medium one would fit in the very back, because of the car’s hatchback slope. It was a dilemma indeed ! Mom and Auntie Susan put one bully in the backseat and one in the very back with a partition between them. As it turned out, the “rescuers” were very fortunate, because the “recuees” behaved quite well. I can assure you that some of the rescues Mom has brought home would have trashed the car prior to their arrival in Shreveport!
Dad drove a plush pick up truck, but without a camper top, it was totally unsuitable for rescue. Dad had a chance to sell his truck, took the opportunity and drove the family’s jeep until he could figure out what he wanted to do. It appears that he has been doing some serious sleuthing for a solution. Well, “what to do” popped up on his radar a week ago! Dad and human brother William, headed to Texas to check out a vehicle which Dad thought would be fun to drive and perfect for both bully rescue and horse activities. He also knew Mom had always wanted one. The vehicle is 14 years old and has been carefully maintained. What a find!  Specially since they are no longer made! The only issue was one fog light was burned out. Piece of cake.
Mom knew the type vehicle they were looking for, but it’s hard to find one that has not only been well maintained, but has low mileage. This was indeed a find and when Dad drove in the driveway, Mom met him on the terrace grinning from ear to ear. It was perfect! Well perfect might not have been “school bus yellow”, but when one gets lucky and finds a luxury model, with low mileage on a vehicle that is no longer made, one cannot get too picky about color. Besides it’s happy and it makes people smile!
Shucks, it makes me smile and I have affectionately named it:

“The Classic Kippers’ Bully Bus”

Mom has it decked out for Christmas with a red nose, antlers and a big ol’ wreath on the back. What’s not to like?


It seems that since Dad has been home he has only driven it a day or two. Yep it’s a fact! Mom is terribly smitten with it and is delighted to be back in a big vehicle…and it’s B.I.G.alright. This puppy is on the frame of 3/4 ton dually truck! It will accommodate FOUR CRATES! A shout out to my fellow bullies needing rescue. ***Call 1.555.BULLBUS ***

We’ve already been out delivering books and tees locally. And yesterday, we made a post office run to ship two pawtographed copies of my book, Rags to Renaissance, to Virginia, two tees to California and three of my Classic Kippers bow ties down under. Yep, that’s right! Three of my bow ties are winging  their way to Australia!


Please keep Classic Kippers on your Christmas list!


When you purchase any one of my offerings- a bow tie*a tee or my book- you are not  only purchasing a beautiful gift made in America, but you’re helping to save the life of an abused and abandoned animal, as the net profit of your purchase goes to rescue.

*  my bowties are made in New York for humans, but they can also be worn by dogs who have a neck between 13 1/2 inches and 17 1/2 inches.

Santa Claus is busy & the Elf on the Shelf is in trouble.  We’ve got this handled!