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It all began when my baby sister, Miss Sophie Peach, was complaining about having to play nursemaid to  Master Kirby. I felt rather sorry for the little waif, but I have been busy with Classic Kippers, this IS the holiday season you know! That left entertaining Master Kirby to Miss Sophie Peach. She has been trying to tell him that he could NOT be the 2017 Baby New Year, true he is a baby, but NOT Baby New Year! Despite being told that repetitively, he insisted on being Bully Baby New Year! SHEESH! Even making his costume fell to poor Sophie Peach.  Granted it was just a diaper and a hat, but putting a Tasmanian Devil, named Kirby, in a diaper is not an activity which I would relish. Naturally, all of this made me feel particularly sorry for Sophie Peach. So, like a good it brother, I bit the proverbial bullet and ask her if she would like for me to take her out to dinner on New Year’s Eve. She was so excited! So much so that I knew I had made the right decision. Sometimes one must give up one’ s personal enjoyment for the benefit of another.
I made a reservation for two at Bullitoires. A fabulous new restaurant with ambience that just screams, NEW ORLEANS! I must admit that I ask for a corner table because part of me hated the thought of being out on a “date” with my baby sister. Being magnanimous only goes so far. After all, I had no idea how she would behave. In the almost two years she’s lived with us I have seen her go from SOUTHERN BELLE to A RED HAIRED HELLCAT in a matter of moments. It’s NOT pretty!

I told her that we would leave the house at about 7 o’clock, I was definitely going to make it an early evening, so that I might later meet up with some of my friends.
I waited for Sophie in the entrance hall when lo and behold she descended the stairs looking like Alice in Wonderland gone amok. Either that, or she was trying to pick up another galaxy with her new “radar” headgear. She was so proud of the way she looked that I didn’t have the heart to say anything to her.
It was obvious that I would just have to tough it out, knowing that Sophie Peach thought she looked beautiful and wanted me to be proud of her. Which basically I was… but I do have my limits.
We arrived at Bullitoires and were escorted to a beautifully appointed table for two.

I immediately ordered a nonalcoholic bottle of champagne in hopes of, well, you know.
Since dogs don’t drink, or shouldn’t, and because our champagne was nonalcoholic, it was permissible for Sophie Peach to have some. But, I think the bubbles went straight to her head! Jumping Jehoshaphat! The next thing I knew she was IN the champagne bucket! How does one spell E M B A R R A S S I N G?

I wondered if there was enough champagne in the restaurant to get me through the dinner. I ordered another bottle and had them put the bucket by me so I could keep an eye on it!


Sophie Peach did get up to go to the ladies room which gave me a moment to compose myself.


Interestingly, when she came out, she had traded her ridiculously big bow, with someone else, for an adorable fascinator.

The evening was looking up.

img_9641 img_9655 img_1747

Well, at least until she started singing “Auld Lang Syne” and it was only 8:30!

Unfortunately for me, the kitchen was very slow which made our dinner terribly delayed.  And if matters could get much worse, Miss Sophie Peach’s cell phone started dinging. Instead of unasumingly turning it off , she committed a terrible faux pas- she actually pulled it out of her purse and put it on the table! And, just as I was getting ready to admonish her for this social blunder, the clock struck midnight.  I looked down to see pictures  of ” Bully Baby New Year” popping up one after another on her screen.



enlight1 enlight1

It seems that Master Kirby got his wish and is the 2017 Baby New Year after all- and I……

well, I have a sick headache.


Happy 2017!