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❤Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Classic Kippers has gifts,

especially for you.

Rags to Renaissance, my beautiful book,

And bow ties to give you a savior faire look!

The day of hearts is two weeks away,

Please change the fate of a heartbroken stray.

We need to sell books and my “Classic” bow ties,

To raise funds for animals , we can’t let them die.


❤February 14, Valentine’s Day, is a time for hearts and expressions of love. This year our family shares a first Valentines’ Day with a very special heart, my protégé, Master Kirby.


❤Many of you are aware that I really didn’t create Master Kirby in a laboratory as my clone (for those of you who fell for my ruse I say -“GOTCHA!”).

❤Master Kirby was a gift, actually two gifts, just like my books, ties and tees!! When you purchase one of our gifts you’re buying something made in America that will bring happiness to the recipient. But it’s also a second gift, in that you are helping save the life of an abused and abandoned animal.

❤Master Kirby was born after our beloved Annie took her last breath and as you will see, he also has been two gifts in one.

❤Annie, for those of you who aren’t aware, was our precious red and white bullterrier who had lived 8 1/2 years of her life in a cage, as a breeding female for a back yard breeder. When her horrible owners moved, knowing that they no longer had use for this spent old girl, they just left her in the cage- no food, no water. A neighbor heard her crying. Mom and Auntie Susan did not know if she would even make it home from Houston when they picked her up. Thankfully, rescue vet extraordinaire, Dr. Keith Ratcliff, worked tirelessly to save her.


❤For 10 1/2 months this precious bully girl knew love from people across the world who followed her journey! She also knew exceptional veterinary care. Her hair grew back and  her tail was ALWAYS wagging. Despite that abuse, she loved everyone. Annie even walked the runway at Best in Sheaux, in the name of all who have suffered by the had of man. She didn’t just walk that runway, she rocked it! People clapped and cried! Her life had purpose!!


❤Sadly, her lungs were so damaged that they were never able to heal and on a beautiful blue sky day in June, “OUR ANNIE” the people’s Annie, took her last breath in my Mom’s arms.

❤What we didn’t know, was that when Annie took her last breath, a life elsewhere took his first. You see, there was a baby boy bully born to some of Mom’s friends in Texas. After all, when God closes a door he opens a window.img_5025

❤The first puppy, out of an almost all brindle and white litter, had arrived. He was big, red and white and had Annie’s paw of approval stamped right on his back. I kid you not. Annie’s signature was her heart and right there, in the middle of the puppy’s back, was a little white heart!


❤The friends knew that this puppy was meant to become a part of the Classic Kippers’ Team. They knew that I would need a protégé and what better one than a red and white pup, who looks a lot like me AND with Annie’s paw of approval on his back! TWO gifts in one!

❤Even though it took two photo shoots and 246 pictures to get a few, I have to say that Master Kirby is getting better every day! If only he would stop trying to taste test the props! Those little red “petal” hearts scattered about the set were his Achilles heel!


❤Master Kirby is only seven months old and where other dogs are beautifully trained at seven months, one must remember we are English bullterriers! I give Master Kirby a “B” for Photo shoot behavior (there is always room for improvement), but unfortunately he is still a “D-” the rest of the time.


❤As we say in the South, he’s just a “HOT MESS”!

❤I will, however, give him an “A +” for his exuberant and affectionate attitude toward people who are brave enough to get near his whirling dervish self, as Mom and Dad walk the halls of Lowe’s trying to socialize him.


❤By the time he’s three years old he will come into his own. And, as of the writing of this blog, we only have two years, eight months, two weeks, six days, 24 minutes and 10 seconds until he will hit that magic GOLDEN age of three!


❤Our gifts maybe purchased at John Pickens Men’s Clothier in Shreveport, LA, Olivine, Rice Village in Houston, TX and on our website, ClassicKippers.biz
Show your heart and please think of us this Valentine’s Day!