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There are Super Bowl Ads and then there are Classic Kippers’ Ads.

Needless to say, Classic Kippers does NOT have a spare 5 million for a 30 second TV spot. We actually have no budget at all for advertising, but Mom works hard to keep me out there through clever photography. I wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings, but I really think it’s my debonair, classic style that keeps interest up. But to her credit, the sets she pulls together, on a shoestring, certainly make things more fun! Until today anyway, but it wasn’t her fault, it was Kirby.

You see, I am doing all of the PR for the awesome dog and cat bowls which have been made by the talented artists at Evergreen’s Matters of the Art, while locally owned Cuban Gift Shoppe is selling these awesome pieces for the artists, with proceeds going to Robinson’s Rescue. These artists are developmentally challenged, but they work very hard at their craft, take great pride in their work and are thrilled when their pieces sell! We are definitely a WIN-WIN team!

Since it’s Super Bowl weekend, why not plan to spend it with your best friend- man’s best friend that is- your dog- or cat – whatever your fancy. You can buy an awesome doggie dinner dish and fill it with some of Cuban’s snack mix for you, but don’t forget to throw in a few choice “Barkery Bites” for Fido from a pet shop. Oh and Cuban’s cheeses- they definitely have the best “paws up” selection in town! Grab a six-pack or two of your favorite brew, wine if you prefer, or one of Cuban’s really smoooooooooth single malt Scotches. Don’t forget a bottle of water for Fido! After all, someone needs to be the designated walker during half time!

I had a scathingly brilliant idea! Our Classic Kippers’ Super Bowl ad needed to showcase the dog and cat bowls by Matters of the Art along with Cuban’s incredible snacks and delicious libations!

Mom created a fun set for us. One side would be the colors of the New England Patriots and the other the Atlanta Falcons. I chose the New England Patriots because two of my foster brothers live just outside of Boston and then there’s that bonnie “Irish” lass who lives in Maine….

The idea was that surrounding the photo would be the two palm trees synonymous with the Cuban Gourmet Shoppe, as well as the Super Bowl LI team’s logos. On set would also be the dog bowls filled with all the accoutrement necessary for a fun evening  while watching the Super Bowl! And of course, Kirby and I would be seated on our designated sides supposedly watching the game on television. That WAS the plan…

May I say that this was the absolute WORST photo shoot on record?!

At one point I tried to hide my head in a “deflated” football and when that didn’t work  I just closed my eyes!



If it had been the game itself, Kirby would have put himself right out of the game due to penalties.

He was dancing in the end zone, he was face masking the bags of treats and he even tried a quarterback sneak although, he’s more of a sneaky quarterback.


Dancing in the end zone 


Face masking the treats


Quarterback sneak!

Call them penalties, call them bloopers- you decide!

Needless to say, where we were once looking forward to watching the game together in harmony, we are now a house divided! Things got so bad on the set that I just turned my back and looked the other way! It was humiliating.


But don’t let our discourse ruin your Super Bowl! PLEASE consider running to the Cuban Gourmet Shoppe for your Super Bowl snacks this afternoon and while your there, buy Fido or Felix a bowl and make a difference in the life of a person with disabilities, as well as the life of an abused and abandoned animal.

No matter who wins the Super Bowl, a purchase from Matters of the Art will help the artists and the animals be the TRUE winners!



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