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Many of you know that one of my seven surgeries was to correct my elongated palate four years ago. Granted it is usually seen in brachiocephalic dogs, (you know, the smushed faced variety), but then again, the nose on an EBT is the other extreme. That being said, Mom was told that it might be best if I ate from an elevated bowl. Truth is, I get choked sometimes whether the bowl is on the floor or elevated- really choked, so for the last four years- my mom and dad have fed me by hand. I eat with zest when my neck is stretched out. Of course, most dogs who have the surgery have no problems at all, but I also have other issues. It really doesn’t matter because Mom said she would do whatever it takes to keep me healthy and Dad feels that way too! It’s just another of the special times we share together.
Anyway, yesterday I was getting ready to eat my breakfast when Mom had to get up to go to the door. She put my bowl down on the sofa and I thought, “Hmmmm, I think I’ll try to help out today by stretching out my neck and eating by myself. I have a special way of doing that which mom and dad have seen and it always makes them laugh, but it doesn’t seem like they’ve ever gotten a really good shot on camera… that is until yesterday. Dad had an inkling I might do it, so he had the camera ready!
Lo and behold, from across the room, he zoomed in and got me stretching out my neck -which involves quite an interesting body position. Yep, I just walk my hind legs up that back of the sofa, stretch out and chow down.
That is all and all gone!