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I have begun my studies to become a Renaissance Bully like my adopted dad, Mr Kippers. That means time must be spent in the Walker House library.

Cicero said it best, “”If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”

Well bless my Mama! That is as true as the fact that the moon glows at night! Maybe there IS something to all of this library reading. I’ll have to hand it to Cicero, he “gets it”- especially about the garden. And that is what brings me to the subject of this blog post.

Mom was working on the sofa with Miss Sophie Peach and Mr Kippers by her side when I got the urge to go potty. There is a three minute window from the time I bark to get me outside or the next thing they hear is “clean up on aisle 3”. Sometimes I bark just to see how fast I can get my people to move!

Today I sounded the alarm loudly and Dad came running! We immediately went outside where, after I took care of my personal business, I alerted and started to track. Dad called Mom to hurry and come out with camera ready because he said I had either found a turtle scent or feral cat poop. The first one is acceptable, the second is what a foxhunter would call riot*… of sorts.
*Riot – When hounds hunt anything besides intended quarry, it is called riot.
No riot today! When Mom got outside Dad let my lead out and I hit that line like a strike bully!

Yep, I nabbed my second turtle 🐢 🐢!
Mom not only got me on video in “capture mode”, but she took my turtle inside and indelibly marked him with the appropriate information.


She then brought him back out so that he and I could visit. Mr Kippers has caught over 50, Miss Sophie Peach about a dozen and though I have only two to my credit, Mom said this was the most beautiful turtle of all the turtles that have been captured at Walker House! And he’s my favorite color! I have “Baton Orange ” and now “Tortue Orange”!


T. S. Eliot said, “Home is where one starts from.” I’m not certain about Mr Eliot, well that being a big quote of his and all. Of course one starts from home. I mean my crate is in my home and I do have to start from there in order to get to the garden to hunt for turtles! SHEESH!