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In the days to come, each member of my “red herd” team will be introduced to you through video technology on my Facebook page, as I cannot post regular video here. However, if you don’t follow FB , I will make certain that the posts here are infused with enough adjectives to bring them “alive” in your minds.

After all, our Southern charm, ability to accessorize and love of our Southern and British roots will hopefully endear each and every one of you to not only our cause, but to our breed! You will see each of us as we really are- we gloss over nothing! For example, I have worked hard to educate myself in the ways of a Renaissance bully. I am epitome of a Southern gentleman. I enjoy curling up in our library with the likes of Shakespeare, Chaucer, Churchill, Walker Percy and Lyle Saxon, as well as to study French and The Arts.

Miss Sophie Peach on the other paw is somewhat of an ingenue in her pearls,


while Master Kirby FitzKippers is, how can I say this NOT in the vernacular? Peut-être en français, oui, c’est tout! Le jeune garçon est plein de pisse et de vinaigre! I kid you not!

We are looking forward to the launch of our new collection this fall for women!

Some of this post may be redundant to you who have loyally followed me for the last four years and know my story from its grim beginning, but for those who are new to Classic Kippers and to me, Mr. Kippers, it will help you to enjoy this journey, my journey, to pay forward my good fortune in helping others who have been abused and abandoned. The net profit from all of my sales goes to helping animals who are in need.

This blog covers my life since my book was published in 2015 and it also will explain why our launch began with bow ties! The years prior can be found in my autobiography,”Rags to Renaissance, The Southern Education of an Abused English Bull Terrier” which can be purchased at my online store,  ClassicKippers.biz  along with my bow ties and tees. As always, all three can be purchased at John Pickens’ Clothier in Shreveport, Louisiana and Olivine, Rice Village, Houston, Texas.

In 2013, Classic Kippers was launched with the introduction of my bow ties and tees- all American made!
In 2015, my autobiography was published with the first printing selling out in 33 days. My book is now in its third printing, which of course is…published in America!

One review stated: “Rags to Renaissance” is a delightfully gentle and inspiring read with a bit of southern color. Mr. Kippers, an English Bull Terrier, is a clever writer with an amazing vocabulary and an affinity for the Classics.”
In the Fall of 2017, Classic Kippers will introduce my ladies line of _______?????
And you thought I was going to slip and giveaway my secret! Not happening just yet, but the line is also American made- boy is it American made!

As CEO of Classic Kippers I will continue at its helm for the near future. I am diligently working on designs for my Fall Collection.


Miss Sophie Peach will be taking a major roll in sales this fall, as she is the only female team member, and the new line focuses on women. Miss Sophie Peach envisions herself a cover girl in pearls!

Master Kirby FitzKippers, my adopted son and protégé, has grown entirely too big for his britches. And, since Classic Kippers was founded on humility, gratefulness and the desire to pay forward my good fortune after having been abused and abandoned, Master Kirby has been sent to the mail room to begin his career in Shipping and Receiving.

Please remember in purchasing from Classic Kippers, you are getting two gifts for the price of one. First, something wonderful for yourself or a friend and the second gift is that the profit garnered from your purchase will help to save the life of an animal.

That is all…