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Most of you know that my dad, Mr. Kippers, has a propensity for quoting Shakespeare. And yes, he has me studying “The Bard” too, as part of my Renaissance Bully education!
You also know that he worked very hard in his lab to make sure that I would have all of his best attributes.
If you’ll remember, there was that little explosion in the lab and it was purported that he added too much Eastern Box Turtle Olfaction. Personally, I don’t think one can ever have too much EBTO (Eastern Box Turtle Olfaction) not to be confused with EBT (English Bull Terrier). HARK! Could that be a coincidence or a harbinger of things to come?
Definitely the latter because…..
This morning, while the dew was on the vinca, I, with extreme grace and finesse, captured (and released) my turtle #3! Dad is right,
A TURTLE BY ANY OTHER NAME WOULD STILL SMELL SWEET. (another apology to Shakespeare)