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Avast Ye!
Captain Kipp here with the bonnie lass Peaches O’Malley.
Crack open the barrel so I can wet me pipes and serve ye up the rest of the grog for we have much to celebrate! The Krewe of Barkus and Meoux will sail the high seas this fair Mardi Gras season as “Pawrets of the Cattabean”!! And there’s more!
The Jolly Roger is flying high; the booty was plentiful on the HMS Revenge!
There will be no hornswaggling on this ship or the bilge rat will be keelhauled!
Give me my spy scope. Sail ho! (Ship of unknown intentions approaches)
Lad! Tell that ship to strike her colours! What’s that you say?
Walk the plank? Sir Kirby?
Hard to starboard!
Lads, we shall rescue me
swashbuckling mate.
Aye, Aye Captain Kipp!
There will be no quarter given!
Send them to Davy Jones’ locker!
Now mates!!!