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It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I must tell you that heaven has gained a new angel and I have lost a part of my heart.
I have been remiss in posting this sad news.
Those of you who have followed me these past four years are aware that I am here by the Grace of God, the doctors who worked tirelessly to save me, my parents who refused to give up, the friends who supported them and Miss Amazing Gracie- MY ROCK.
You see, when I faced the most serious fight of my life, a surgery that I had less than a 50% chance of surviving, not to mention the grim complications that plagued me, Amazing Gracie went into action. She and her mom, Jan brought Holy Water and a beautiful crate cross which Mom made sure was with me at all times.

Gracie continued to send me notes of encouragement and prayed for me every night. She wore one of my bow ties to honor me, but in truth, it is I who was honored by her friendship.
You know, Dr Treadwell my Internist, used to sing Amazing Grace to me at the hospital before my bedtime. Back then, I thought she was singing about my friend Gracie and I guess, in a way, she was.

Gracie slipped from these earthly bonds having lived a very long and wonderful life with her beloved people, Miss Jan and Mr. Jay.
To them I send my most sincere condolences.
Godspeed precious Gracie, you will always be Amazing and MY ROCK.