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My Classic Kippers Team is hard at work on my Fall Collection!
Today my Mom really put in some long hours. Of course I periodically checked to make certain that my high standard of quality is maintained, but today she was by herself, so Miss Sophie Peach and I just made ourselves comfy and kept her company all day. She must have either been intimidated by the boss being around or she was just on a roll because she produce a number of pieces!

Also, the 250 piece mark in product production has been achieved! Miss Sophie Peach and I felt this milestone needed to be recognized! Yep, all those old boxes are now storing my brand new Classic Kippers’ fall collection! It will debut in Shreveport on Oct. 10th and at my online store on Oct 12th!

Please consider purchasing something from my new collection for someone you care about this Christmas! Remember, it’s two gifts in one! You get a fantastic item, MADE IN AMERICA, but the best part is that the net profit from the purchase of your gift, goes to help abused and abandoned animals. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? Help others?
My bowties can be purchased at John Pickens Clothier in Shreveport and at Olivine in Houston, TX (Rice Village)!
But, if you are REALLY an animal lover, my autobiography makes a beautiful gift too! The plaid cover even looks like Christmas!

Stay tuned!