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Mr Kippers here. As you are aware, I am in the middle of a new campaign to raise awareness to STOP the chaining, tying of ropes and in my case, baling wire, around the neck of animals. My new campaign also launched my new line of neck adornment.

It is NOT jewelry! They are “STATEMENT” pieces because I am making a stand and “STATEMENT” against this atrocity!

“Please join me, Mr. Kippers, by making certain that the only ropes or chains ever used on one’s neck are those of adornment!
Classic Kippers stands united against all animal abuse!”

Soon my everyday “STATEMENT” pieces will soon be available for purchase at my online store, but my “collegiate” pieces are already divided into Pop Up Shops  and can be found on my Classic Kippers Facebook page. FRIEND ME!

PLEASE purchase a ‘’STATEMENT’’ piece for yourself or a gift and let’s save the animals!

Remember all net profit goes to helping abused and abandoned animals.

I can also be emailed at:  mrkippers@classickippers.com

Because of the incredible response to our ladies collection, we were able to make our first donation to a poor dog who fell victim to this insidious practice just this week.

I am including pictures within this post, but WARNING that they are GRAPHIC. I am not one to hide from these things, because I know the pain of abuse.  IT IS REAL!         I think EVERYONE should just take a look and I think you will see why our new line is so important. Buy a “STATEMENT” piece and help us to help abused and abandoned animals.

No animals were injured in the public relation photos which were taken of Miss Sophie Peach and me, but sadly the other photos are real.