Dear God,

I prayed for someone who simply would care,
As I lay heartbroken -filled with despair.
My ribs were cracked, my teeth filled with infection,
The rain pouring down, my soul awash with rejection.

I prayed for a family who would see me whole,
Back then I looked ugly, frightened and cold.
I scrounged for morsels that no man would eat,
But to this dying dog, it was truly a feast.

My last owners tied me with wire used to bale,
The pups I produced were for “bait” and for sale.
One day when the “mean man” let down his guard,
I chewed free and escaped his hellish backyard.

A car speeding by, slowed and changed my luck.
Two hands reached out and gently scooped me up.
Then into other hands I was passed in a week,
Little did I know I was theirs for keeps.

I may be infirmed and my muzzle is graying,
But it was for this family You knew I was praying.
My love and devotion I gladly give,
To all of these people who helped me to live!

I want to help those who still hurt and wait,
Those on the street who know not their fate.
Please let “Classic Kippers” help in some way,
To change the life of a hopeless stray.

Please bless my friends who support my cause,
May they always keep heart for those with paws.
Next Thanksgiving I hope that all will see,
I have “paid it forward” with my ties, statements, book and tees.

Please know I am grateful this life without stress,
For all I’ve been given, I feel truly blessed.