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Swamp Roy was safely delivered yesterday to Glenna Wright , head of our BTCA National rescue. Glenna tirelessly works rescuing , orchestrating /overseeing and showing top standard bullies, as well as working in their veterinary clinic where her husband is the veterinarian. She keeps a schedule which would wear out most people!

Glenna’s husband, Dr. Tom Wright, bull terrier vet extraordinaire, will take over Swamp Roy’s care. His wounds will continue to be monitored and treated, he will be neutered and he will be evaluated, so that he will end up in the perfect forever home.

This picture was taken several years ago with Glenna. My only regret is that we didn’t take a pic of us with each rescue that we’ve been involved with together.

Yesterday was a quadruple day of dog swapping. Four ladies met at a restaurant in Arkansas where we had lunch together and then used their parking lot for the “swap meet”. 😉😊

Mary Holsen’s own personal bully had a minor surgical procedure and was being returned to her, by Glenna, to take back to a Houston.

From Houston, Mary brought a bully to Glenna for Blue Ridge Bullterrier Rescue. That bully will be picked up from Glenna and then taken to her foster home in Kentucky. Classic Kippers along with others pledged the gas money to get “Athena” from Little Rock, Arkansas to Versailles, Kentucky.

Glenna also brought “Mr. Wilson”, a bully whom Susan Young and I rescued from S. Louisiana some time ago, and who is now ready for his forever home. It was good to see him again and meet his new owner who drove over from Ft. Worth, Texas to pick him up. Mr. Wilson’s new owner was positively beaming.

I had Swamp Roy who eagerly jumped into a Glenna’s van and into a crate, as if he knew he was one step closer to a beautiful new life.

To the untrained eye, we were just four women- possibly appearing crazy to some – taking bull terriers out of cars and putting them in different cars, but what we really were doing was making happy Christmas miracles happen.

I may have been the only one returning with an empty crate, but I had a full heart. Three more lives saved and to those three, what better Christmas Miracle could there be?