February 15th marked Mr. Kippers’
“Gotcha Birthday” and, according to his veterinarians, (all five) he is probably 16.
We had planned to have a party, but have found that too much fun and frivolity is confusing to him these days.
Of course with a milestone of this magnitude we couldn’t let this special day go by unrecognized.
Special friends, Pat Keel and Bill Keel, came over for a bite and a visit with the Red Bull Herd. After dinner, Mr. Kippers was presented a cake and in his party hat, we serenaded him with a round of “🎵Happy Birthday🎵”, after which he enjoyed a plate of fat free whipped cream!



He was a bit lethargic on Friday, but much more chipper today, so we wanted to do more.
Gordon and I thought about the things which have brought him the most pleasure over the last six years and besides his mission to pay forward his good fortune, there have been three. Most of you know he was an avid tortoise hunter, his favorite being the “Terrapene carolina” of which he has caught, tagged and released 56.
Then there was “Fox-Fox”. A stuffed fox that was always the best catalyst for getting him excited. But since he is now blind in one eye and his hearing is impaired, a game of “Fox-Fox” sadly no longer gets a response. His third favorite thing being “Show Time”. Granted it must be said much louder than in the past, but it still elicits the same desire from Mr. Kippers to pose for photos. Sometimes, in the past, we would find him on the sun room sofa just waiting for the camera!

Gordon thought that letting him have a photo shoot for his birthday would make him happy. We decided to mark the occasion by taking pics of all four of the Red Bull Herd, especially since they all step up to the plate to help with Classic Kippers!