Greetings and salutations, Mr. Kippers here and I have great news! Master Kirby and I are ready to launch our all new Classic Kippers’ website.

It has the same general appearance, but navigating will be much easier! We have the collections divided up for smoother viewing and two collections where we can help you with special orders!

It’s true that I am winding down, but I feel confident that my protégé, Kirby FitzKippers will continue my vision and mission to pay forward my good fortune. The Red Bull Herd know that this mission is so very important to me and to those like me, who suffer from abuse, neglect and abandonment.

In perusing our online store, please remember that our pieces are more than just “a purchase”. Yes, you are buying a Classic Kippers’ piece for yourself or a friend, but you are also helping to save the life of an animal, as all of the net profit goes to helping those in need.

Over the past five years, we have seen our products sold for more than just gifts. Cleaver ideas which I will post below. Perhaps you already have my book, a bow tie, a Classic Kippers’ tee, note cards or one of my statement pieces, but below are some clever “out of the box” ideas!

1.Some customers buy Classic Kippers’ products to donate to animal fund raisers.

2.One customer purchases collegiate statement pieces (necklaces) as graduation gifts, which represent the college or university where the high school graduate plans to attend.

3.Another customer purchases collegiate statement pieces for the mother’s of graduates who will be participating in a sport at that university or college.

4.One mother bought collegiate statement pieces for her daughter’s Sorority pledge class.

5. Mom’s of high school students love our mascot statement pieces to wear to their children’s games.

6.Another dear lady bought my book for her animal loving friend who had a long recovery from an illness, which lasted longer than flowers. Just sayin’.

7.One lady, a pilot, who flies transport missions for Pilots N Paws had my team make up a very special piece for her. Her university mascot and colors with the addition of a plane and a dog charm.

8.An energetic grandmother bought a high school mascot necklace to donate to a giant fundraiser at her grandson’s school. Did I have one in stock? No, but my team jumped right on it and made one up~for the same price as those in stock!

You see, helping those animals who were abused as was I, is only limited by your imagination and that of my team. Our pieces are fun and reasonably priced.


Some people are in the trenches rescuing. Some transport and some make donations. My company gives you different ways to give as shown above.

Through those avenues, you are bringing joy to the recipient, but if it is a donation to, for example a school auction, then the school wins, the high bidder wins and the circle is complete. In the end, the animals win and I win because my mission to pay forward my good fortune truly did come to fruition!


That is all~ Mr. Kippers