Mr. Kippers’ Incredible Story

22 thoughts on “Mr. Kippers’ Incredible Story”

  1. Valerie said:

    Hang in there! Cannot wait to follow!!!!

  2. Anne Pugh said:

    I am sunk…hook, line and sinker…Amanda why am I not surprised! Perfect!

  3. Mary Ann Morris said:

    I look forward to reading more stories and admiring the bowties.

  4. Auntie Susan said:

    What a wonderful story! Mr. Kippers is so lucky to have found such a loving & creative family! Can’t wait for more episodes in his now illustrious life!

  5. Caroline said:

    Nice photo, Mr. Kippers. Amanda this is wonderful

  6. What a beautiful story, Mr. Kippers, Amanda and Gordon! Thank you for all that you have done and are doing! 🙂

  7. Am looking forward to the continuing saga of “Mr. Kippers” and wish him great success!

  8. John, Angelique and Harley (a rescued dog) said:

    Every rescued dog is lucky. Now we have to help those still out there.

  9. Izzie is honored to post Mr. Kippers story on her facebook page, with over 3,500 followers! WoofWoof!

  10. Sheryl, Tom, and Lady said:

    As the mother of a rescued sweetheart we named Lady we all think this is fabulous and send best wishes for a huge success,

  11. Valerie said:

    Proud to share Mr. Kippers’s story on my FB page!

  12. Mr. Kippers could not have found a better home! Looking forward to sharing his adventures though this blog. I know that his story, and Classic Kippers will help many other deserving animals! Congratulations, Amanda & Gordon! Best wishes for much success!

  13. laura grafton said:

    All rescued dogs are lucky dogs, but Mr. Kippers might of won the jackpot!

  14. Momma Rose said:

    I’m proud that you have your own blog, Mr. Kippers, you very lucky little gem. Look forward to more from you and your talented Amanda and Gordon

  15. Carol Hutchinson said:

    Good luck and looking foward to following this adventure!

  16. Team Kippers@ ❤

  17. Shannon said:

    Congratulations on your new blog, Mr. Kippers. What a lucky little man you are to have found such a wonderful, loving, “forever” home. Looking forward to following you as this is my very first “blog” experience. Thanks for making me a “techie.” Best of luck!!!

  18. Hello kippers. This is so exciting.

  19. Ky Ellen Shaw Mason said:

    Mr. Kippers,
    This is a very cool and so deep southern gentlemanly way to “tie one on”! Hip, hip, hooray for this home team!

    Can’t wait for ties to start all the guys in our family on a new collection of these fine classics!

  20. Bettie Jane said:

    What a wonderful story! Looking forward to more. Love the bow ties. B.J.

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