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The first truck of my “Mr. Kippers’ Flood Relief ” loaded up Wednesday and headed out to South East Texas yesterday. Mom and I supervised.

  1. My Mom, Amanda, is always apprehensive when she heads out because she feels very responsible for the thousands of dollars of precious cargo, in her care, donated by my followers. But she came home last night and although looking like she was in need of rescue herself, she had a big smile on her face. Sometimes I think she’s getting too “long in the tooth” for this, but then I realize she just has big teeth- SHEESH!
    I would like to have been there to oversee the situation myself, but someone has to stay here to oversee headquarters and if the truth be known, I’ve had so many surgeries and other issues that Mom worries about my immune system.
    You should hear the stories coming out of all the flooded areas of Texas. According to infectious disease centers checking the water, there is all kinds of bacteria in the standing water left by the flooding. Not to mention sewage. Since I refuse to wear my little rubber boots, Mom said I couldn’t go!
    According to Mom it was a couple of days of “gifts”. You know, gifts really do come in all shapes and sizes. First, Mr. Earl Ferguson brought his Chinaberry’s truck over so that his crew, Mr Frank and Billy could get it loaded. They loaded us last year, so naturally we consider them part of Mr. Kippers’ Flood Relief! Dad loaded as well as our friend, Veteran Tommy Hollis join us in the loading. Tommy, as I’m sure you’ll remember, helped to unload people’s supplies as they came to Classic Kippers’ Headquarters to donate both this year and last. And then, MR . David Ogwyn appeared carrying the best HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES, made by his ever so thoughtful, fabulously talented, Chicago Cubs loving wife, Miss Mary. She made them last year too. I truly don’t think Mom et al could make the trip without them. Thank you Miss Mary!

  2. As most rescuers know, networking can be and usually is, the key to success and this emergency effort was no different. One of the reasons I believe that Mr Kippers’ followers give so generously, is that they trust that their donations will unequivocally end up in the paws of those who are truly in need.
    Mom already had Beaumont, Vidor, and Orange as the recipients of a truck load of supplies, but between the first wave of Hurricane Harvey and the second wave of flooding, she lost communications with the shelters. Not surprising since the city of Beaumont also shut off the water supply because it had been compromised. Even the hospital in Beaumont had to be evacuated and the NICU babies were airlifted to Shreveport along with other medical patients.
    Mom was watching the donations increase two fold, but was anxious – she needed a contact down there and she needed it fast, as time was running out. “Ask and it shall be given…” It just so happened, that Mom’s friend, Miss Tanya of Paws 4 Life, in Shreveport, has an incredible list of contacts. Through that list, Miss Tanya contacted John Getter from Best Friends Animal Society in Houston. She told him that Mom needed contacts for Beaumont, Vidor and/or Orange, Texas. Within a short period of time Miss Tanya had the number of Texas DPS officer, Sgt. Tamela Snider. Sgt Snider told Mom that the place to deliver was the Cowboy Church in Orange, Texas! It is located next to the EOC (Emergency Operations Center) for that area. She kindly gave Mom the directions and said that if Mom would call when she was on the way that she would meet her in Orange. You could almost see a peace come over my Mom.

  3. On September 7th, 2017 as many of you already know, my Kippers’ Flood Relief Team pulled out. Mr. Frank and Billy were in the Chinaberry’s truck (graciously donated by Liz and Earl Ferguson) with Mom and Tommy Hollis in the Classic Kipper Mobile!

  4. Once they were underway, Mom who was driving, handed her cell phone to Tommy and asked him to call the contact for Sergeant Snider. Tommy had an incredulous look on his face and it turned out that he and Sgt. Snider were stationed at Barksdale Air Force base and were deployed at the same time to Kuwait. I will refrain from saying it’s a small world, but you get the drift.
    As Team Kippers got closer to Orange they began to see devastation. Piles and piles of sheet rock, flooring, carpet and furniture stacked on the street in front of homes and businesses. We also began to see how high the water had been in that area.

  5. What they did not expect was what they saw at the Cowboy Church. Often, supplies are just dumped off at different places which is what Mom tries to avoid. She knows that people have spent hard earned money on a lot of donations and both the people receiving and the people who donated, deserve that the items are taken care of from the time they arrive with Mom to the time they are in the paws of those in need.
    As we approached the church there was a man in a cowboy hat with a clipboard. He wore a 4 H shirt and a smile. Mom told him that they were Kippers’ Flood Relief from Shreveport and he told us where to go first.
    The parishioners of that church, many of whom are probably involved in 4H, as well as the 4H club itself where there handling every aspect of the donation process. There is nothing that donors want to see more than an organized situation!
    Once inside the staging area, we found Sgt. Tamela Snider waiting for us. I was glad to meet her and she and Tommy were glad to see one another after 13 years. As a military friend told me last night, “Military friendships are long-lasting.”
    First Team Kippers dropped our crates off at the “crate drop”, then they circled around by the big tent in the middle where cleaning supplies were unloaded by both Billy, Frank and Tommy, as well as inmates from that county prison, who were helping to unload donations. The church and 4-H ladies had everything under control and in perfect order. Next the cases of water were dropped off at their location.

  7. While Mom was watching Tommy, Frank and Billy unload, she saw a very disheveled woman picking up a bag of dog food. A woman walked over, clipboard in hand, and very kindly with asked, “May I help you?” The disheveled woman replied that she needed food for her dog and water. The lady smiled and said, “Let me get your name, address, how many dogs you have and what your needs are?” The disheveled lady smiled- tears in her eyes. A far cry from some of the horror stories we have read about online concerning the treatment of those in need.
    Then our truck went to the location where the pallets of dog food, cat food, and litter would be unloaded. Team Kippers crew was very excited when a man told them that our pallets would be unloaded by a tractor.
  8. Those are all our pallets
  9. Soon another woman walked up who had delivered a load of hay. (Not this load)
  10. Oh yes, this wonderful staging area was feeding every kind of animal under the sun from farm animals to domestic pets. The 4-H /church ladies profusely thanked her for the hay to which she replied that it was her pleasure and then said, “I’m going to wait here for a while to see if I need to deliver anything to people who are not able to get here.” I was told that there were a lot of people with big, high water trucks who came to take food and supplies to people who were housebound with their pets or in need of help with livestock.
    For those living in Orange County Texas and it’s environs, you have wonderful neighbors who have organized and worked long hours to make sure that you get what you need in the way of taking care of your animals.
    And to those of you across the county, Canada and even Germany, I want you to know that the items and money you gave are most appreciated. You can rest assured knowing that every single item was needed and received by those desperately in need.
  11. Team Kippers saw humanity today or in this case “fur-manity” – actually both. It’s something not seen often enough, but today, at the Cowboy Church of Orange, Texas- humanity was alive and well!
    We also know what it’s like to send a check to help, but there’s always that little nagging feeling of whether your donation actually made it to those in need. That’s why my Mom goes with the donations and takes pictures. It is my hope that this blog and these pictures will make your hearts feel good because if there’s one thing we know, Mr. Kippers has the best friends and followers in the whole wide world!
    So many dear friends, and people whom we did not even know before last week, have given so much and I do not know which ones would prefer to remain anonymous, so for now, just know that I am humbled by your generosity, blessed by the faith you have in me and grateful that there are still people in this world with heart. Some gave “all they could” others wrote big checks, but in my piggy little eyes, I only saw generosity, love and the beauty of their “just wanting to help”.
    Despite the fact that Classic Kippers is supporting the rescue of ALL dogs and cats, no matter their “lineage”, I would like to say a special thank you to two organizations who are very near to my little Bull Terrier heart.
    The Rescue Welfare Trust Fund of Bull Terrier Club of America and the
    Mini Bull Terrier Club of America who both stepped up to the plate in a big way to support my mission to “pay forward” my good fortune by helping others.
    Our mission is not finished. We load next Tuesday and head to South Louisiana on Wednesday.
    Please, continued prayers for those devastated by Hurricane Harvey and those in the path of Hurricane Irma.
    Thank you,
    That is all.
  12. IMG_8429

Here are some photos given to us by Sgt. Snider of the county:

TOM CRUISE- move waaaaaay over!


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Miss Sophie Peach and I are taking a break from working on my


Excitement is building, energy is at a pinnacle and adrenaline is flowing!!!

So join us in shaking a leg…




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My Classic Kippers Team is hard at work on my Fall Collection!
Today my Mom really put in some long hours. Of course I periodically checked to make certain that my high standard of quality is maintained, but today she was by herself, so Miss Sophie Peach and I just made ourselves comfy and kept her company all day. She must have either been intimidated by the boss being around or she was just on a roll because she produce a number of pieces!

Also, the 250 piece mark in product production has been achieved! Miss Sophie Peach and I felt this milestone needed to be recognized! Yep, all those old boxes are now storing my brand new Classic Kippers’ fall collection! It will debut in Shreveport on Oct. 10th and at my online store on Oct 12th!

Please consider purchasing something from my new collection for someone you care about this Christmas! Remember, it’s two gifts in one! You get a fantastic item, MADE IN AMERICA, but the best part is that the net profit from the purchase of your gift, goes to help abused and abandoned animals. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? Help others?
My bowties can be purchased at John Pickens Clothier in Shreveport and at Olivine in Houston, TX (Rice Village)!
But, if you are REALLY an animal lover, my autobiography makes a beautiful gift too! The plaid cover even looks like Christmas!

Stay tuned!



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It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I must tell you that heaven has gained a new angel and I have lost a part of my heart.
I have been remiss in posting this sad news.
Those of you who have followed me these past four years are aware that I am here by the Grace of God, the doctors who worked tirelessly to save me, my parents who refused to give up, the friends who supported them and Miss Amazing Gracie- MY ROCK.
You see, when I faced the most serious fight of my life, a surgery that I had less than a 50% chance of surviving, not to mention the grim complications that plagued me, Amazing Gracie went into action. She and her mom, Jan brought Holy Water and a beautiful crate cross which Mom made sure was with me at all times.

Gracie continued to send me notes of encouragement and prayed for me every night. She wore one of my bow ties to honor me, but in truth, it is I who was honored by her friendship.
You know, Dr Treadwell my Internist, used to sing Amazing Grace to me at the hospital before my bedtime. Back then, I thought she was singing about my friend Gracie and I guess, in a way, she was.

Gracie slipped from these earthly bonds having lived a very long and wonderful life with her beloved people, Miss Jan and Mr. Jay.
To them I send my most sincere condolences.
Godspeed precious Gracie, you will always be Amazing and MY ROCK.




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Avast Ye!
Captain Kipp here with the bonnie lass Peaches O’Malley.
Crack open the barrel so I can wet me pipes and serve ye up the rest of the grog for we have much to celebrate! The Krewe of Barkus and Meoux will sail the high seas this fair Mardi Gras season as “Pawrets of the Cattabean”!! And there’s more!
The Jolly Roger is flying high; the booty was plentiful on the HMS Revenge!
There will be no hornswaggling on this ship or the bilge rat will be keelhauled!
Give me my spy scope. Sail ho! (Ship of unknown intentions approaches)
Lad! Tell that ship to strike her colours! What’s that you say?
Walk the plank? Sir Kirby?
Hard to starboard!
Lads, we shall rescue me
swashbuckling mate.
Aye, Aye Captain Kipp!
There will be no quarter given!
Send them to Davy Jones’ locker!
Now mates!!!



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Most of you know that my dad, Mr. Kippers, has a propensity for quoting Shakespeare. And yes, he has me studying “The Bard” too, as part of my Renaissance Bully education!
You also know that he worked very hard in his lab to make sure that I would have all of his best attributes.
If you’ll remember, there was that little explosion in the lab and it was purported that he added too much Eastern Box Turtle Olfaction. Personally, I don’t think one can ever have too much EBTO (Eastern Box Turtle Olfaction) not to be confused with EBT (English Bull Terrier). HARK! Could that be a coincidence or a harbinger of things to come?
Definitely the latter because…..
This morning, while the dew was on the vinca, I, with extreme grace and finesse, captured (and released) my turtle #3! Dad is right,
A TURTLE BY ANY OTHER NAME WOULD STILL SMELL SWEET. (another apology to Shakespeare)




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In the days to come, each member of my “red herd” team will be introduced to you through video technology on my Facebook page, as I cannot post regular video here. However, if you don’t follow FB , I will make certain that the posts here are infused with enough adjectives to bring them “alive” in your minds.

After all, our Southern charm, ability to accessorize and love of our Southern and British roots will hopefully endear each and every one of you to not only our cause, but to our breed! You will see each of us as we really are- we gloss over nothing! For example, I have worked hard to educate myself in the ways of a Renaissance bully. I am epitome of a Southern gentleman. I enjoy curling up in our library with the likes of Shakespeare, Chaucer, Churchill, Walker Percy and Lyle Saxon, as well as to study French and The Arts.

Miss Sophie Peach on the other paw is somewhat of an ingenue in her pearls,


while Master Kirby FitzKippers is, how can I say this NOT in the vernacular? Peut-être en français, oui, c’est tout! Le jeune garçon est plein de pisse et de vinaigre! I kid you not!

We are looking forward to the launch of our new collection this fall for women!

Some of this post may be redundant to you who have loyally followed me for the last four years and know my story from its grim beginning, but for those who are new to Classic Kippers and to me, Mr. Kippers, it will help you to enjoy this journey, my journey, to pay forward my good fortune in helping others who have been abused and abandoned. The net profit from all of my sales goes to helping animals who are in need.

This blog covers my life since my book was published in 2015 and it also will explain why our launch began with bow ties! The years prior can be found in my autobiography,”Rags to Renaissance, The Southern Education of an Abused English Bull Terrier” which can be purchased at my online store,  along with my bow ties and tees. As always, all three can be purchased at John Pickens’ Clothier in Shreveport, Louisiana and Olivine, Rice Village, Houston, Texas.

In 2013, Classic Kippers was launched with the introduction of my bow ties and tees- all American made!
In 2015, my autobiography was published with the first printing selling out in 33 days. My book is now in its third printing, which of course is…published in America!

One review stated: “Rags to Renaissance” is a delightfully gentle and inspiring read with a bit of southern color. Mr. Kippers, an English Bull Terrier, is a clever writer with an amazing vocabulary and an affinity for the Classics.”
In the Fall of 2017, Classic Kippers will introduce my ladies line of _______?????
And you thought I was going to slip and giveaway my secret! Not happening just yet, but the line is also American made- boy is it American made!

As CEO of Classic Kippers I will continue at its helm for the near future. I am diligently working on designs for my Fall Collection.


Miss Sophie Peach will be taking a major roll in sales this fall, as she is the only female team member, and the new line focuses on women. Miss Sophie Peach envisions herself a cover girl in pearls!

Master Kirby FitzKippers, my adopted son and protégé, has grown entirely too big for his britches. And, since Classic Kippers was founded on humility, gratefulness and the desire to pay forward my good fortune after having been abused and abandoned, Master Kirby has been sent to the mail room to begin his career in Shipping and Receiving.

Please remember in purchasing from Classic Kippers, you are getting two gifts for the price of one. First, something wonderful for yourself or a friend and the second gift is that the profit garnered from your purchase will help to save the life of an animal.

That is all…



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I have begun my studies to become a Renaissance Bully like my adopted dad, Mr Kippers. That means time must be spent in the Walker House library.

Cicero said it best, “”If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”

Well bless my Mama! That is as true as the fact that the moon glows at night! Maybe there IS something to all of this library reading. I’ll have to hand it to Cicero, he “gets it”- especially about the garden. And that is what brings me to the subject of this blog post.

Mom was working on the sofa with Miss Sophie Peach and Mr Kippers by her side when I got the urge to go potty. There is a three minute window from the time I bark to get me outside or the next thing they hear is “clean up on aisle 3”. Sometimes I bark just to see how fast I can get my people to move!

Today I sounded the alarm loudly and Dad came running! We immediately went outside where, after I took care of my personal business, I alerted and started to track. Dad called Mom to hurry and come out with camera ready because he said I had either found a turtle scent or feral cat poop. The first one is acceptable, the second is what a foxhunter would call riot*… of sorts.
*Riot – When hounds hunt anything besides intended quarry, it is called riot.
No riot today! When Mom got outside Dad let my lead out and I hit that line like a strike bully!

Yep, I nabbed my second turtle 🐢 🐢!
Mom not only got me on video in “capture mode”, but she took my turtle inside and indelibly marked him with the appropriate information.


She then brought him back out so that he and I could visit. Mr Kippers has caught over 50, Miss Sophie Peach about a dozen and though I have only two to my credit, Mom said this was the most beautiful turtle of all the turtles that have been captured at Walker House! And he’s my favorite color! I have “Baton Orange ” and now “Tortue Orange”!


T. S. Eliot said, “Home is where one starts from.” I’m not certain about Mr Eliot, well that being a big quote of his and all. Of course one starts from home. I mean my crate is in my home and I do have to start from there in order to get to the garden to hunt for turtles! SHEESH!



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My Dad is quite a guy! He actually bought and put together this white Adirondack chair, which I believe involved “hundreds” of screws, just so I could showcase these beautiful pillows made by the artists of Evergreen, who are challenged. They work very hard and do such a nice job making these delightful patriotic flag pillows!

I know these look like me, but this doesn’t have any connection to me nor my fundraising for Classic Kippers, but after all, we should always help others, should we not?

Remember, JUNE 14th is FLAG DAY and then there is THE FOURTH OF JULY!
After all, Southern hospitality is the lifeblood which courses through our veins.

So picture this-

A few of these beautiful handmade and hand painted pillows lovingly placed upon a wicker settee or a porch swing, a cold pitcher of lemonade and some warm ginger snap cookies on a table nearby to welcome a gathering of friends on a sultry summer afternoon. Gracious ladies, elegant in straw hats, gauzy linen dresses- always in their pearls- these Southern Belles on the arm of gentlemen, impeccably turned out in seersucker suits, white bucks and the appropriate Classic Kippers’ bow ties!

Make your summer a feel good summer – for yourself and for the artist, who despite his or her challenges, has created a lovely patriotic piece for your special place.

Show your patriotism and your love of animals!

The Evergreen artist’s AMERICAN FLAG pillows
can be purchased in their gift shop at:
2101 Highway 80
Haughton, LA 71037
You can give them a call at
(318) 949-5500



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That being said, I was still given a very cool party. It was just for immediate family though.

Something about no others guests until I’m three. At that point I’m supposed to be “socially acceptable”. As if some magical button is going to be pushed and I’m going to turn into Mr Perfect. You really believe that… right? (snort, snort , chortle, chortle)
I was slightly late for my luau, but Papa Kippers and Her Royal Highness, Miss Sophie had some hors d’oeuvres and frozen pineapple drinks while they waited. Sophie cannot hold her pineapple juice and drank so fast that she kept having “brain freezes”!

When I did arrive, Sophie Peach’s pearls were askew and she was bobbing and weaving, giggling and singing.

Papa Kippers looked slightly mortified, but we feasted on banana slices with fat-free whipped cream and pumpkin biscuits, as well as those little pineapple drinks.

Let me interject that all those trips to Sonic made me a pro at drinking from a straw!

I kid you not!


And now on to year TWO!